Well Hello!

Hey there, you magnificent humans!  

Welcome to the wide web of my world. I love that you’re here because this is now our place. Think of it as the cyber Peach Pitt (cue the sexy sax of the 90210 theme song playing in your head) only without creepy middle-aged Nat and his bung eye. To be fair to Nat, Andrea Zuckerman was about his age playing a high school student and lord knows Dylan was at least forty-five.

This website has been quite some time in the making. To be perfectly honest (and am I ever not?) it has been a herculean task to get it to this point. I’m talking a whole year of negotiations and e-blackmail, laptops smashed against walls, entire IT companies set on fire… But here we bloody are!

There’s a bit of everything here. Merchandise, where you can buy things with my face on them, or things I have written, or things I have helped to design just for you, you fabulous jerks (and I’ll constantly add more. I have SO many ideas). You can Read my weekly blogs, Listen to my songs and audiobook, and learn how to stay tuned for all the f-bombs I almost drop on air every day. Watch all the videos, from clips of my past shows to me becoming best friends with P!nk (whatevs, no biggie). And whenever I have a show with tickets on sale or an announcement to make, this is where it’ll happen.

Also, if you click the little Owl at the top of the page, the whole website goes into DISCO MODE. You heard me. Confetti rains over the page, everything looks shinier. It all gets even more fabulous. It’s like my head has exploded all over your screen. 

But there’s more to it, as well.

This website is my place to be me. No boundaries, no parameters, no expectations. I wanted a place that wasn’t Facebook or instagram who try to squash our fun with their filthy algorithms. Think of this page as a sexy hub where my community can come together and get to know one another. 

This is where I will come to unleash my rage, or jump for joy, or talk rubbish. Somedays I’ll be irreverent, some days heavy, some days ridiculous. Because that’s human nature; we are all about everything. No one is their exact label 100% of the time, it’s exhausting. I reserve the right to be contradictory and complicated. Everyone is like that, I’m not going to pretend to be anything else. 

I’m here to be myself. Join me. The first thing you should do is go HERE and sign up to be a part of the gang. You’ll get everything first, and it’s hard work to start a cult guys so you need to help me out ‘kay?

Click on, glorious ones.


Thanks to the wonderful SeeSaw who saved my website and built my dreams, and to Frida Las Vegas with her loud, colourful hectic designs that reflect my inner mood perfectly.


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