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Em Rusciano Takes Emsolation Independent


Australian comedian, singer, radio host and podcaster Em Rusciano has announced that her popular podcast, Emsolation, will move to independent production with a subscription-based opportunity after two years of success with global podcast giant Spotify.

Em has been a trailblazer in the podcasting world and has made the decision to embrace the subscription model, signalling her commitment to producing high-quality content for her subscribers. Her production company, Down the Hill Studios, will also expand to create new and exciting shows, providing listeners with even more engaging content.

“The podcasting space is currently going through serious expansion, and this move gives me the freedom to build my own corner of that universe, and to hopefully continue to grow it into something wildly successful and influential in the media landscape,” Em said.

Em expressed her gratitude to Spotify for supporting her over the past two years, and she is excited about the possibilities that the subscription model presents.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our time collaborating with Em over the last 2 years. Em has been a wonderful partner, friend and advocate for our work together and we are excited for Em’s new chapter and look forward to working closely.” Said Prithi Dey, Strategic Content Partnerships Lead, ANZ.

As part of the transition, the last Spotify exclusive episode of “Emsolation” will air on May 11th. Starting May 23rd, subscribers will have access to a new regular Tuesday episode. Em will continue to produce the highly successful, free-to-access “Emsolation” episode on Thursdays, which will be available for listening on all podcast platforms. More information about the podcast and its subscription model can be found at www.emrusciano.com/emsolationpodcast.

Em Rusciano is a well-known figure in the podcasting and broadcasting world, and her decision to embrace the subscription model is another testament to her innovative approach to content creation.

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[04 May 2023]

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