Please help me with your wise wisdom!

With the force of a runaway freight train coming straight from hell, it hit me yesterday that I would soon be in charge of a newborn human. Up until that moment I’d been living in a euphoric bubble, a hazy, soft cocoon of excitement and denial. For some reason my brain had not fully penetrated the reality of the situation and only been surface diving on the topic.

The catalyst for my realisation was going shopping for a cot.

The last time I gave birth, John Howard was Prime Minister, the very first iPhone was announced, and Avril Lavigne was still a thing. If I’m being honest, I’m completely bewildered with the new equipment, lotions and rules that seem to have sprung up in the past twelve years. So as Scott and I were trying to pick a cot that was safe – one with non-toxic paint, correct spacing between the railings and without the appearance of a glamorous Scandinavian jail cell – it hit me: I don’t think I remember how to fucking do this. I turned to my husband, wildly gestured to the all of breast pumps, muslin wraps and baby carriers in front of us, and said: “Scotty, I don’t think I remember how to fucking do this.” Suddenly I wanted to seal the opening to my womb and have my son live in there until he was at least five.

Last night when I attempted to fall asleep, my mild panic converted itself into three hours worth of sticky thoughts and worries. It was a conscious stream of mental vomit. Here is a disturbing breakdown of the things that were going on in my head at 3am.

On the topic of a newborn:

They’re so tiny, I can’t remember how to do it, the newborn thing. Do you still wrap them like a human burrito or is that a no-no now? Do I need white noise? Where do I buy white noise from?! Will I be able to get anything else done or am I in for a complete handover of my life?

On the topic of Breast Feeding:
Will breastfeeding be as hard as it was with Chella and Odie? Will my tits ever recover? Are there new pumps and storing techniques I should be aware of? Is it every two hours or three? Can you even still get formula? I remember reading about a baby formula black market situation! How do I find the black market? Is it on Google Maps?

On the topic of parenting:
What the fuck am I going to do with a boy?! A BOY! We need to make sure he is a good human, we need him to be who he is, place no expectations on him. Barbies, trucks, ballet, footy – WHATEVER! He needs to respect women and also himself. Em, relax. The kid is still a foetus and the other two have turned out pretty great so far. THE OTHER TWO! Will I still be able to be a good Mum to them? Probably not! Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuck.

That’s only a sample. Some of the other things should never be put in writing. I woke my husband up and told him of my fears and he said ‘Why don’t you ask your people?’. He meant YOU GUYS! Yes Scotty! Yes I will! I remembered that I have hundreds of thousands of Mothers who follow me online! You lot are wise, fabulous and full of new information.

So what I want from you is your TOP FIVE products that you couldn’t live without when your baby came. I need the new school info y’all, I will carefully scroll the comments section over the weekend and hopefully come out the other side feeling a little more prepared.
At the very least, I may be able to decide on one fucking cot.

Go forth and impart your wisdom!



P.S Speaking of comments section, if you’re yet to read the comments from Monday’s blog (relationship commandments) you need to settle down with a nice wine and do yourself a favour. It’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. Seriously, well done to all who contributed.

P.P.S My community pins are back in stock and selling fast – this will be the last run of them for a while so get in quick!

P.P.P.S I wrote the opening number for next year’s live show this week, I WISH I could play it for you… The show is going to be my finest work, the tour will be the first thing I do after having the baby so I’ll be ready and raring to go. All I’m saying is: keep August free!

435 responses to “Please help me with your wise wisdom!”

    • All you need to do is show your little man love and affection and he will be a beautiful human being. If I can suggest following
      1. Epsom salts for warm baths as you recover from birth
      2. Good coffee
      3. Love to dream swaddles they are amazing and make your baby look angelic
      4. Kippins swaddle blanket your choice and you can tie dummies to it so they don’t get lost if you chose dummies (make u well I recommend too for dummies)
      5. Pram clip/ carybina to hold shopping bags to your pram!

    • 1- love to dream swaddles, much easier than wrapping and anyone can do a zip up,
      2 – a good monitor that reaches afar , so you can keep gardening or whatever and keep an eye on bubs
      3- wondersuits with zips… screw buttons at 2am ??‍♀️
      4- don’t be afraid of asking for help… from anyone
      5- you’ve got this! I love watching and listening to you. Your fab! X

      • -LOVE TO DREAM swaddle will save you at 2am wake ups.
        -White noise machine or app on iPad (I used an air purifier)… then you can be as loud as You want and they don’t hear it.
        -Don’t worry about the massive nappy bags, just a nappy satchel to chuck in your bag and you are right to go (don’t forget to pack Zip Lock bag or wet bag for dirty blow outs when you are out and about)
        -A nice soft light for room when feeding baby (I use salt lamp)
        -second time round I got a cosleeping bassinet and it was amazing! If Baby would cry I just put a hand on them/stick dummy back in and off to sleep she went! And she was safe in her own bed!!! All while I stayed in my own bed! Winning!
        But really do you have to do, every baby is different and you just roll with the punches! You got this!

    • Breastfeeding- Medela freestyle pump- awesome
      Must get a Halas pump – silicone pump you suck onto your other booby whilst feeding or pumping from the other side- best $30 spent to catch the let down- that extra 60mls was exactly what my baby needed when comp feeding from a bottle as he always fell asleep on the boob because it was so exhausting for him to suck.
      Baby carrying is the bomb dot com! I bought a Tula free to grow and is from birth to roughly 20kg. Amazing fabrics and you can really get caught up in the rabbit hole of buying baby carriers because they’re all so pretty and funky looking!! My bub is still in it now and falls straight asleep in it!
      Love to dream swaddles were a lifesaver- straight to sleep
      Stokke newborn seat and high chair- such a life saver to rest baby in and obvs feed from.
      Cot- we got the Troll sun cot- stylish but practical and safe !

      • Yes agree with the love to dream swaddlesuits for sleep, bonds wondersuits or any that have a zip that works from either direction, saves stripping them to change a nappy. If you’re breastfeeding use lanolin cream and hydrogel discs (sweet cooling relief) and your nips should be a ok. Spectra are the most amazing pumps, 10mins total for both boobs to be emptied! Lol i can still buy formula, i don’t think Nan is an in demand one?
        Good luck with your rainbow baby, you’ll smash it!

    • Don’t be overwhelmed by all the ‘contraptions’
      Good old fashioned ‘your village raising children’ approach will help you get through.
      – breast feed if you can, use facilities in your community to help you (ie. lactation consultant)
      – zip up onesies is all you need for the first few months
      – feed when your baby is hungry not by the clock.
      – allow your daughters to help you, your very lucky to have older children to help, they’ll be wonderful.
      – take in the moments at 3am they go by so quickly

  1. 1. Forget the cot buy a co-sleeper crib.
    2. Love to Dream arms up swaddles. Forget the muslin burritos.
    3. If Breastfeeding feed on demand, not to a schedule. Even if the kid is attached to you permanantly.
    4. Ergo Baby carrier. Life saver.
    5. Snacks. Lots of.

    • 1. A red night light, saves everyone’s sleep (bring it to the hospital!!)
      2. Love to dream sleep bags (7 months old and still LOVES them)
      3. Co sleeper, so convienient when BFing
      4. Car capsule pram adapter, worth it’s weight in gold!
      5. SRC recovery shorts, to make you feel fab

    • Yes! I have a seven week old and this is exactly what I was going to say! I have a “my baby” white noise machine for my little guy which works a treat (which is on catch, in those baby shops and now in chemist warehouse) and I normally breast feed but overnight bottle feed (breast milk if I have pumped more then 60mls or formula- most cases it’s the formula so dad can feed and I can try to sleep).

  2. Angel care breathing monitor- this let me actually sleep. Before I bought this I was staring at my sleeping baby all night long just in case they stopped breathing.
    Huh a bug wrap- for the baby that will not be put down. Awesome product! Good for the dad’s too
    Swiss ball- to gently bounce bubs to sleep
    And a cot that allows one side to be fully open, so you can put it right next to your bed so you can co-sleep but also have them in their own space when needed.
    Everything else will come back to you and really, babies haven’t changed, so you’ll be good!
    Oh! Boys are a bit harder to clean after poos, a lot more skin and wrinkles.. you get it right?

  3. A baby carrier is my absolute number one. My babies both decided I was a bed for long stretches, and a carrier meant I could function (sort of) while they slept. Either an ergo or one of the stretchy wrap type ones.

  4. Em!! You do you! You’ll be great. And since when do you follow all the rules?!

    Some tips:

    1. Try the sleeping bags. Just buy a couple at first. They’re expensive & he might hate them.

    2. Try a cot that converts to toddler bed. The round cots are GORGEOUS but not overly practical

    3. Just make sure your pump is electric & you’ll be fine

    4. Breathe. You’ll be amazing!!

    5. Don’t forget to look after mumma in the early days too 😉

  5. 1. Baby swing (for when they just won’t sleep)
    2. Button onesies initially then zip onesies from 6months on (cause they bloody wriggle then)
    3. Formula – because it’s hard to keep up with demand
    4. Muslin wraps (yes still burrito but loose around hips)
    5. Sudocrem (cos raw butt will happen)

    • Fuck the cot. I’m 36 and just had my second boy (7 year gap between the two) and I had the same freak out. The baby is now 7 months old and is still sleeping in our bed and I love it. I wish I had done the ‘co-sleeping’ (why does everything need a catchy title) thing with my eldest.

      As for everything else you will be fine. Boobs and Brevity are all you need. Although a Medela freestyle breastpump comes in handy if you’re a working mum!

      You got this. And when those middle of the night terrors come again, tell them to GGFd.

      P.s Boys are great. Hot tip: point the penis down when you put the front of the nappy up to avoid them pissing up the nappy and into their suit. You’re welcome ?.

      • 1. Love to Dream arms up swaddle bags – ain’t nobody got time for swaddling
        2. Bonds zippys. Ain’t nobody got time for press studs on clothes.
        3. Don’t worry about an $$$ baby video monitor. Get a security camera – does the same thing for half the price
        4. Catch-it bibs when on solids. Ain’t nobody got time to pick up food off the floor.
        5. Wine and cofffee. We all have time for wine and coffee.

  6. Definitely need to buys!! 1. Love to Dream Swaddles 2. Glow Dreaming (this gem SAVED my life) after no sleep for a whole year my little one now sleeps through the night because of this machine! 3. I swear by my change table, my back is completely Jeffed after having him, he is now 1.5 and I use it daily 4. Our cot isn’t full size it’s small enough to fit through a door way (amazing)! 5. Mumasil breast milk saver, I got one off eBay for $3, the best to catch let down when feeding and pumping See here

    You got this Mumma you’re super woman!!

    • Agree with the mumasil milk saver. You can catch your other boobs let down while you feed. Great start to a little freezer stash of milk.

      Love to dream swaddles or ergococoon pouch thingos

      A gazillion maternity pads- u by kotex are the best. And maybe reusable breast pads as disposables are scratchy and annoying

      Bassinet attachment for the pram- boom! Portable bed for your baby to sleep anywhere.

      Millions of cloth nappies (towel squares) to mop up milk spills etc.

      All the best. I have two boys, one is just 4 weeks old so I’m in the thick of it. You’ll be great!

    • 1. Agree with the milk catcher that slips over the other boob while you’re feeding – don’t waste that goodness! (And makes less mess) My parents lived in the UK and bought me my set from Boots Chemist (this was 15 years ago so I don’t know what’s on the market now). They were awesome and I just poured it into a bottle for later.
      2. If you get given cloth nappies, use them for spew rags; I never used mine as nappies. Keep one at the change table too – little boys love freedom from their nappy and the fresh air will cause fountain-like projectile peeing!! An extra 10 points if they get it in your mouth. Have something nearby to place over the “hose” while changing 😉
      3. A light muslin wrap to drape over you and bub while breastfeeding. I appreciate our God given right to breastfeed in public, but I didn’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry seeing my boobs, and I had a bit of decorum in the Shopping Centre.
      4. A strap on. I mean, a baby carrier. My boy became very clingy for a while and I couldn’t put him down, so I was vacuuming, washing dishes and everything else with him strapped to my chest.
      5. A caribiner/D-clip (just get them from Bunnings?). I was able to clip grocery bags and other things that didn’t fit in the pram basket to the pram handle. Just make sure you don’t overbalance the pram!

  7. Babies haven’t changed since your first two Em – keep doing what you feel is right is the best advice anyone gave me!

    But I love products and gadgets, so here goes:

    Cocoonababy – awesome sleeping thing, expensive and can only be used for first 4-5 months but our baby loved it

    Baby Bjorn Carriers – I found the rest all too bloody complicated

    Baby Brezza- like a coffee machine for bottles if you end up formula feeding – indulgent, yes; fucking awesome, yes (especially for night feeds or if you don’t know if they’re bloody hungry or not)

    Manicare cuticle clippers to use as nail clippers – for some reason they’e the easiest

    Weinmeister silicone bibs – not newborn, but they’ll be eating soon enough

    Sending love and anti-anxious vibes your way!

  8. Oh my top products are:
    Milk bar nursing pillow (will save your back).
    Ergo 360
    Love to dream swaddle
    Aden and anais swaddles
    A great chair for feeding/settling

    And if you get stuck on cot choices, let me know! I’m an interior designer specialising in children’s spaces! I’d love to help you

  9. Top 5 newborn survival products:
    1. GOOD Coffee.
    2. Love to dream swaddles (take them to the hospital).
    3. Camera. Take selfies of you and bub even when you look like crap!
    4. Netflix.
    5. Did I mention coffee?

  10. 5 best products ? Would be nothing for the baby. ? I went crazy shopping with my last baby who then slept in my bed – instead of his co- sleeper or cot. Hated to be swaddled in his lovely bamboo organic cotton swaddles!! Who hated his whiz bang swing. Didn’t like dummies & wasn’t a fan of a bottle so the breast pump pretty well accumulated dust. So turns out I just need me and the basics ?

    So I vote plenty of nice food & snacks for yourself. Netflix and a phone charger at every convenient feeding location lol.

  11. Darling Em! This is all so familiar to me! I found pregnancy and anticipating bubs so much more stressful than actually having a newborn. They sleep, they eat, they poop, they cry. That’s it. You and the fam will be totally fine. If you’re looking for product recs, the Love to Dream swaddle up sleeping bags were a hit with my girl and much easier than trying to perform fabric origami in the middle of the night.

  12. 1. Love to dream swaddles worked great for my recent babe. They weren’t such a thing when I started having babies but ate a big thing now and he’s loved it.
    2. Get your placenta encapsulated! Did this with #3 and it aided recovery and milk supply hugely! I’m only a try hard part time hippy and I still went there. Found it great for hormone health and managing the baby blues etc
    3. Love a capsule. Makes life easier on the go.
    4. A good baby carrier like ergo or manduca. Dads look ?? In them too ?

  13. My top five with my last baby were; Riff Raff & co toy, Ollie the owl from Gro, tommee tippee dummies, love to dream swaddles and baby love nappies

    • Em I’m a first time mum at 46 and my top five are:
      1. Love to dream swaddle arms up – my Bub was trying to break out of her wrap swaddle by 4 weeks and so I got one and she’s been sleeping through the night since she was 8 weeks old.
      2. Double breast pump – I only got a single pump which now that I’ve returned to work part time I regret
      3. Feed on demand which leads to a happy Bub and follow to wake, feed, play, sleep cycle. They tend to fall into a schedule.
      4. Ollie the Owl – this plays both white noise, lullaby and a heart beat. It also has a light which I found good to be able check on her but I also found she didn’t want it being pitch black when she went to bed
      5. Netflix or Foxtel on Demand find a good series to watch while feeding. I watched Scandal with each episode being 40 min which was about time it would take to breastfeed in the early months (quicker now)

  14. I just gave birth to #3 & my first boy so I am going through a whole other set of anxiety in regards to raising a boy.

    My 3 things for you to get are:
    1) Love to Dream Swaddles- they zip up like a pouch & so much easier than swaddling.
    2) Kinderling radio app, I use this more for my older girls & their meditations but they have great sleepy time soundtracks & white noise for Bub.
    3) something for you, bath salts, a book, a bottle of wine, a new batch of tea. Whatever your creature comfort is. It’s easy to get lost in the newborn & I am a person who has always struggled with self care, but it’s important or have something for you.

    You will do a bloody good job as a new mum, you have already raised two amazing fierce young ladies who will be there to help you every step with this journey

  15. I discovered the life changing, world saving Hug-a-Bub wrap with my 3rd baby and it proved just as if not more valueable with my 4th!! To be able to have my baby close and snuggly yet still free to move about as needed (especially with baby 4 as I had the threenager smiling assassin to deal with). I don’t know how anyone survives those first few months without it!!

  16. I am currently 10 days into the newborn bubble (third baby).
    Babes don’t need much (especially summer babes) Just boobs and swaddles really. But in saying that the things that have become my besties are:
    Spectra pump
    Love to dream swaddles
    Moogoo nipple cream
    Side cart bassinette
    Baby carrier (look at an Ankalia swift or up. It’s aussie made and owned)

    Babe has barely been in her pram as she’s attached constantly. Learning to feed in a carrier has been a game changer.

    You got this Em!
    You’ve raised 2 magnificent daughters, you and Scott going to do an amazing job raising this boy!

    Just remember, when changing his nappy, point his doodle down. I learnt that the hard way ?

  17. 1. Onesies. (They spit shit like a sprinkler and you’ll be changing his clothes 3 times a day)
    2. High High High top undies (holds the jelly belly and pillow pads in nice and snug)
    3. Hydrogel breast pads if your nursing these are a MUST for sore cracked nipples.
    4. Food. ALL THE FOOD.
    5. Some form of wind relief. For the baby. Not you. Although, you could probably use some too. ?? goodluck gorg. You got this. X

  18. I’d say the breastfeeding thing will be the same! But get yourself a medela swing Maxi double pump and you’ll be set! Get some storage bags too! Get love to dream swaddles, so much easier than wrapping you babe like a burrito. Also if you still want to be able to get stuff done get a Tula or Ergo carrier! You’ve got this!

  19. Firstly – you’ve got this mumma. Try not to doubt yourself 🙂 Mum guilt and worries are the bloody worst and can go and jump off a cliff. You’re growing a HUMAN. If you can do that you can do anything.

    Secondly, products…

    1. Nail snail. Never again will you have to worry about cutting those little scratchy fingernails again. Google them.

    2. “The Motherhood” – go back and read it all again. Including your chapter. It’s a relaxing hug of a book for when you need it most. X

    3. Mult-man breast feeding nipple healing amazing-ness

    4. Cocoonababy if you get a little one who wont be put down for naps. And yes snuggly cuddly naps are the best thing in the world but this might help you to have a shower or get dressed without a screaming baby.

    5. Love to Dream sleeping bags. So much easier than swaddling (because who can do that st 3am?). Depends on the kid but if they are like my little one and want their hands up then these are a lifesaver.

    You’ve got this x

  20. 1. ABA breastfeeding class. I went to my first one pregnant with my second child and learned SO MUCH. You won’t know if it’s goibg to be easy until he gets here and gives it a go, but I felt like I had the theory before the practical started

    2. Ergo baby carrier. Genius invention, and I was still carrying my heifer child to pick up how older sister when he was 3.5-4 and falling asleep in the car every afternoon

    3. I had some baby wraps that were 1.2m square and stretchy. Best thing ever when you have gigantor Houdini babies, who also can’t/won’t sleep without being wrapped. I can’t remember the brand, but those 90vm Muslims weren’t big enough and didn’t stay put

    4. Comfy chair for middle of the night feeds. And a boxed set of your favourite tv shows (or Netflix, but that wasn’t a thing 8 years ago). Keep the remotes and a bottle of water for you handy

    5. Supportive partner, but you have Scotty so YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE. No really, you’ve got this <3

  21. Sleepyhead bed/ Dockatot bed- lifesaver of epic proportions with my second and will be using for my third.
    Haakaa breastpump- have bought for my third (due March) havent used before but the reviews are amazing and I hated my big clunky electric one last time. Also going to use their silicone bottles
    Love to dream swaddles- nothing to say… you NEED these inyour life.

  22. 1. SNACKS
    2. Various subscriptions to streaming services
    3. A Bubnest – my little guy lived in his during the day!
    4. Love to Dream swaddles
    5. Ergo carrier/Chekoh wrap

  23. 1. Love to Dream swaddle. The BOMB.
    2. If you have some music you’ve been listening to that you find baby reacts to now, it can also work when they’re born for settling. Firstborn loved Sigur Ros, second born loved calming piano stuff and my third born loves The Weeknd (go figure). Sigur Ros Valtari and Moby’s Long Ambients 1 are great to use. Also Brian Eno’s Music for Airports.
    3. For you, nipple balm. For the breastfeeding prep. Start now. Check out Basik Organics. I’ve used alllll the balms and this lady knows her stuff (I use their baby products too). She’s also local so bonus!
    4. Baby carrier. Life saver! Pram great but baby carrier so useful (especially infirst few months). Wrap carriers like Hug a bub or chekoh or a soft carry like a Manduca.
    5. Terry towel nappy squares. You can get them at Target etc. multi purpose and so used – for feeding, putting under baby when changing, using as a tent for baby boy when doing nappy (yes, so you don’t get peed on!), cleaning up spills, tucking under your top when feeding so you don’t leak all over your top etc.

    Hope that helps! You’ve got this – most of the stuff they sell you don’t need. Just trust your gut xxx

  24. There will be a bad hour every day, a bad day every week and a bad week every month.
    You are his mother and you will know what is best for him. Listen to your instincts – they will be right.
    The best memories of my newborn son are when I lay on the couch with him every afternoon while he slept on my chest – I treasure those memories!
    Boys love their mothers with a love you have never known before ?

  25. 1. Forget the capsule! Get one of the car seats that does 0-8 years old. Bubba will most probably grow out of it in 6 months, and they are SO HEAVY even with a new born!
    2. Breastfeeding was an epic fail with my three kids, so I recommend you get some formula “just in case”. If you don’t use it, there will be a Mum out there who needs it.
    3. I found a backpack/satchel was the best nappy bag.
    4. Zip up swaddles are amazing!
    5. Enjoy your little man! Boys are so much easier than girls. No idea why, they just are!

  26. My top 5 baby must haves this time have been my 1. Chekoh baby wrap/sling 2. Haakaa pump 3. Infants friend on hand from the get go 4. Heat pack because the afterbirth pains from my third were hella intense! 5. Portable baby shushed/white noise machine.
    There’s 4 yrs between my middle & now youngest. In all honesty my now 4 month old doesn’t even have her room set up yet, yes we are about to move but still. I really only worried about the stuff that would come in handy from the very get go this time & the rest we get as we go along. Also as for feeding the nurses/midwives were concerned about my little one going 6 hours between her feeds. It’s definitely more frequent now but she feeds when she’s hungry.

  27. Sweetheart, take a deep breathe. You have already done this twice and they have turned out perfectly, and think, now you have 2 more helpers than before because I imagine they are both very excited to have a baby brother.
    Loving you, look after yourself xx

  28. Oh Em! I am a first time boy mum at 31 and I spent the last weeks of my pregnancy freaking out just the same. To compensate for knowing nothing, i just bought everything…and needed like 5% of the shit in the end. Some stuff has been golden though, here is my top 5:

    “Snuggle me organic” Snuggle pillow- expensive, but a life saver. Bub lays in the pillow and feels snug and safe, giving you more hands free time (for supervised day naps). I take it everywhere

    “Snuggle hunny” muslin wraps- they are light weight and huge. My little guy wouldnt sleep long unless he was swaddled but he is also super sweaty. These wraps are brilliant (Bondi beach baby and Popyatot also make lovely swaddles)

    Literally any onesies with the double way zipper- press studs at midnight is criminal. Note that Bonds wondersuits are suprisingly oversized compared to other brands

    Electric breast pump, because honestly..
    Manual? Nope

    A decent pram caddy (hangs off the pram handles) to throw in nappies, wallet, phone, wipes, kitchen sink etc Beats lugging around the entire baby bag, u just dont need it. Bonus points if it has a coffee holder.

    White noise definitely, baby bath nope. Cheap fragrance free wipes do the same job as expensive brand name wipes. They literally clean up shit. Enough said.

    Good luck with everything!

  29. Love to dream swaddles ?
    Spectra S1 breast pump ?
    Pure lavender oil & a diffuser (lavender for soothing effects & diffuser provides some white noise)
    Nappy Goo for a sore bum.
    Multi-man Compress for sore nips. These are actually the best things ever created.
    And if you really want to splurge; The Mumaroo. Oh my god. I had one when I had twins & it saved my sanity. 110% worth the money.

  30. You will be fine! You have done this before and it is no different now than it was back then except for all the gadgets which in my opinion most are useless and gimicky anyway. BUT some of the things I would recommend are…

    1. If breastfeeding, the Medela Swing breast pump was by far the best for me, and I have tried a few!
    2. Love to Dream Swaddles. Just put the baby in, zip it up and you’re done. Nobodys got time to try and wrap a baby at 2am when you’re already sleep deprived.
    3. Burp rags. Lots and lots of burp rags.
    4. A baby swing. Got me through some tough times and will forever be greatful to its magic of keeping the baby asleep for that tiny little bit longer.
    5. A good pram. This one is optional. But for someone like me who walks alot, I wanted something comfortable, great power steering, great suspension and practical for me. It was like buying a car, and almost as expensive, but worth every penny.

    I hope this helps 🙂

  31. 1. Get a Hakka pump (you can only get them online) it’s like a suction cup/bottle that you put on the opposite boob while your feeding bin… it catches milk that leaks out you can then use it in bottles later on.
    2. Grobag cozy baby sleeping bag… so much easier to zip them into a burrito then worry about wrapping.

    3. The best brand breast pump to get is spectra (also only online). They have one with a rechargeable battery, I’ve even used it driving home in the car after a night out ?

    4. A download SleepySounds onto an old phone for white noise if you need it. Don’t bother buying a machine in case it doesn’t work ?

    5. A comfy chair rocking/bouncy chair for baby’s room. You’ll need it for night feeds… make sure the back is high enough to rest your head on for when you doze off at all hours.

    Good luck

    • Hi Em… do yourself a favour and buy an owlet monitor. It is the best money you will spend. They bring such peace of mind and enable you to actually sleep. All the best xo

  32. I have 3 boys and 1 girl, by far the boys were easier to clean(not as many places for poo to go)!! Also when changing nappy make sure you point his manhood down otherwise wee will come out the top of his nappy? and always have a towel on hand to stop any surprise sprays when changing. Good luck ? you will be fine. If I can manage to raise good boys I’m sure you can?

  33. Ok, so I have twin boys (nearly two now.. help!) so I’m going to cheat a little and go over your list of 5 items

    1. Love to dream swaddle ups. One of mine was a little houdini and no matter how tight we wrapped him, those little hands came peeking out within minutes which stopped him from sleep. Hard no. So we bought these swaddle suits, which have a 2 way zip (great for middle of the night changes) and voila! No more escaping, and much better sleeping.
    2. Moogoo baby products – The bubbly wash for the bath, and their eczema cream if bubs is unlucky
    3. White noise machine. Almost everywhere stocks them, you don’t need the most expensive one, but don’t do what i did and try and use a white noise video from Youtube, because it will start blaring an ad at 2am and scare the crap out of everyone
    4. Double make the cot. Mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector, sheet. That way if there is leakage in the middle of the night, all you have to do is rip off the top layers and put baby back down. No one wants to make a bed in the 25-30 minutes you should be sleeping..
    5. I wasn’t very good at breastfeeding (and neither were the twins, TBH) so we formula fed from 3 months. The tip i can give you if you end up down that path, don’t warm up the formula. Babies will happily drink room temperature formula (boiled water, and then cooled) but it means you don’t need a bottle warmer and you can just keep the measured out water in the bottles, and the formula measured in those little containers (kmart) for the overnight feeds – Makes it easier for whoever is doing it! Plus, you aren’t wrangling a flask hot water everytime you leave the house.
    6. QV Barrier (nappy rash) Cream – easier to spread than sudocrem and seems to last longer

    Best of luck! He’s a lucky little fella to be joining such a lovely family xx

    • A baby monitor with music – we bought the angel breathing pads for under the mattress piece of mind but more hassle when it goes off randomly.

      The good old hand pump (electric was shit) but attach it to the freezing bags. Then can attach straight to a bottle ( no loosing milk)

      Wrap that lil bubba like you did with your other 2. It will all come back to you. 12 years difference between my 2 babes I thought I would forget but it all came back. All the new gadgets are pretty much a waste of time! You will work it out! Go mumma!!!!

    • I was going to say the same thing as most.
      1) if you formula feed DONT heat up the bottles. Put the water in the bottles in the morning and then as you go about your day at the formula to the bottle, shake and then feed. I never breastfeeding fed any of my 3 and I never heated a bottle ever ?
      2) A pram that is light and that you can push with ONE hand is a must!! So you can have your coffee, keys or phone in the other hand and a pram that’s easy to push will save your sanity.
      3) ergo cocoon sleeping bags or love to dream swaddles save my life. I got one when my second baby was 8 weeks old and he slept thru the night every night in it for 13 months! Yes even on his tummy and he could stand up in it. They were stretched to the crap house by the end but as soon as we zipped up that swaddle he new it was sleep time and would go to sleep. The same with my third baby.
      4) find a loved one you can leave bub with overnight when they are a couple of months or so old so you can sleep with hubby for 8hrs in a row. Just every now and again to save your sanity.
      5) I loved my ergo 360 carrier for quick visits but my babies tended to get big really fast and HEAVY so always take your pram everywhere and put them in it at home or work or the shops. The more they get used to the pram the better your back will be.
      Love and hugs to you guys!! I’m hoping so much for a safe arrival or a beautiful healthy baby for you all. Xoxoxox

  34. 1. Highly recommend an electric pump (Medela was the winner for us) and some bottles (Pigeon were great) if nothing else it’ll let you have the occasional break during the night / day when you need it.

    Oh! And a pumping bra let’s you pump hands free ? so you can have a beer while you pump. Beer is good to help boost lactation.

    2. If you have any drama breastfeeding contact a lactation consultant. Even if you do it before you leave hospital. I wish I’d done it sooner.

    3. Snacks – they are life savings at 2am.

    4. A baby wearing wrap / carrier. When you want to be on the go but Bub won’t let you put them down these are amazing.

    5. Embrace the bassinet on the pram, I used to just wheel it around the house if I couldn’t get Jess to sleep any other way.

  35. 1. Feed on demand. Look at your baby boy not your clock.
    2. You now have 2 sensational assistants in the form of teenagers. Cooking, cleaning, holding the baby, entertainment. I’m jealous.
    3. Look up the Snoo bassinet.
    4. You are in such a better place. Emotionally, financially, marriage, mothering. It is always hard but imagine if 21yo em could know what you know now.
    5. He will be the luckiest little boy in the world. With the family you & Scotty have prepared for him.

    • Oh Em, Well I am a gadget person and so was my husband but these are my must haves; Love to Dream Swaddle Bags easier than the swaddle wraps if you have a bub who likes their hands up. This saved my sanity my daughter was a startler and woke herself up all the time, these swaddles stopped that. Also IF you end up on Formula for whatever reason it may be I LOVE the Bottle Prep Machines, Babby Brezza Formula Pro it makes the Bottle up to the perfect ready to drink temp for Bub saves my sanity no dicking around with bottle warners and microwaves. Had one like this for both my kids. Take a couple of different styles of dummy to hospital if your that way inclined the big cherry ones as babies can suck on them better than the fancy orthdontic ones. Get a swing when you got other kids, a career and animals always good to have a safe place to put bub safely for a little while. Oh and FInally a Latex Play Mat from Munchkin & Bear these things are the soft wipe clean when they have a vomit and easy as hell to clean ! Your going to do GREAT

  36. 1. Wipes- you need wipes handy at all times. They come in handy for so many things even if it’s only to wipe the spew/poo/foreign object from your shirt /arm/face when out in public or at home for that matter.
    2. Electric breast pump. I was one of the luckier ones when it came to breastfeeding and both of my boys took to it straight away. When I returned to work however and had to pump, the manual breast pump and I did not get along. I even tried a regular electric breast pump and no go. I had to go for the more serious of the electric pumps (spectra) to get any milk flowing. It got me through two babies though so it was worth the investment and eased the stress (I hated pumping!).
    3. Cot that coverts…. I bought a cot that can convert to a toddler bed when the time comes. You just take off one side and install a smaller rail type side instead. I found it helped the transition to bed a bit easier as it’s not completely new at first. Once he was happy with that we moved to a big boy bed. It’s currently serving my second son well at the moment also.
    4. Back back style nappy bag- I tried the over shoulder, leather, fancy nappy bag with my first and to be honest it was just too big and bulky and uncomfortable especially trying to juggle your bubs at the same time. I ended up getting a good quality backpack that served the same purpose and its much easier to carry around!
    5. Night Light- Both boys needed dim light in their rooms in order to sleep soundly. My oldest (4yrs) still likes it on. I didn’t use white noise but you can get all sorts of apps these days which will help you out should you need one.

    Good luck and I’m sure it’ll all come flooding back in no time.

    P.S I’ve only got two boys so can’t compare parenting a girl but they are so much fun! I thought I would miss out on being able to dress them up etc but my eldest loves a good outfit and my youngest is already a shoe lover so I haven’t missed out on anything! They both love to tell me if my outfit works or not…. while playing ninjas or booting a soccer ball at me then finishing it off with a mummy cuddle. My days are a mixed bag LOL.

  37. Not a mother but a teacher and have worked with a bunch of kids and parents. I can’t help with the baby stuff but if you are worried about general parenting stuff – I can guarantee that you have got this. The kids that have been the best behaved and happiest have parents that listen to their stories at the end of a school day and ride bikes with them on the weekend. Your son’s respect for women will come just as easily as the way that you have taught your daughters to be independent – its the type of mother you already are.

    Something that I have researched and always recommend to people is to read lots of books with your baby/child (I’m an English teacher so maybe I’m biased lol) but seriously books and library visits build relationships, increase empathy and feed the mind. Books haven’t changed in years, neither has talking to your kids. Take a breather and realise that you can do this!

    Good luck with everything! Sorry I can’t be of more help <3

    • Don’t be bamboozled by all the crap out there. But the same things you did with your girls and you’ll be right!
      Having said that, if there is something out there you wish you had access to when your girls were born but it just wasn’t invented, snap that little sucker up!!

  38. O! Also highly recommend downloading the Wonder Weeks App and Book. It really helps with the different stages buns go through so quickly

  39. 1. White noise machine
    2. Tizzie Hall comforter (those fabric squares with an animal head on them) my kids love theirs on their face ??‍♀️
    3. Baggy tops/jumpers. I’d rather whip my boob out under my top than over it (hated my cleavage out)
    4. Formula in the cupboard. Nothing worse than the kid screeeaaaaming at 2am and your milks not in and your boobs are empty and you have no alternative and the shops are closed ?
    5. Love to dream swaddles, I always used medium cos I had big babies and didn’t like just how tight a small was despite the weight indication ?

  40. Also expecting my first boy after two girls, so I can’t help you with anything penis related! But, my must have items.
    1. A nifty little product called a Mumasil. It’s legit amazing. It’s just a little silicone bottle that suction cups to you other breast while you’re feeding to catch all the runaway milk in let down. I was storing 100ml of precious milk a day just by catching the stuff that was usually swallowed up by a breast pad.
    2. Still burrito the baby but I personally prefer stretchy cotton jersey wraps over muslin ones.
    3. Stretchy wrap for newborness. I had two Chekoh wraps for #2 and they are the bees knees.
    In my humble opinion the two greatest wastes of money related to care of tiny infants are;
    1. Change tables. I put a mat thing on the drawers and used that for the early months and then typically change them wherever I can pin them down.
    2. Nappy bins. Just put them in a regular bun.

  41. Oops forgot a good one
    6. Mandela baby carrier. Saved my life. My babies both hated the pram so it kept my hands free while bubs snuggled in.

  42. 1. Love to Dream sleepsacks- as he grows move to a 50/50 so he can sleep with his arms out once he starts rolling.
    2. Haakaa silicone breast pump- so much easier than a normal manual pump and much less expensive than an electric one. I just whack it on the other boob while my boy is feeding and over the course of a day I have enough to fill a bag for the freezer.
    3. White Noise app on an old phone- my boy loves the vacuum cleaner noise but there are heaps of different ones to try to see what works.
    4. Baby Bjorn One air carrier- don’t have to worry about fiddling with clips behind your back (my hubby has little t-Rex arms and wide shoulders and he loves this carrier!) and it’s nice and cool for summer. Also no need for a newborn insert.
    5. Something for you to eat during night feeds- I make batches of lactation cookies as I am starving at 3am!

    You got this doll x

  43. My 5 must haves
    Love to dream swaddles
    Infents friend
    Baby Panadol
    Dummy’s (all different shapes to start with as every baby is different
    And just keep trying till u find one he takes)
    Nipple cream!!!!!
    In the end as u probably already know everyone will have there opinions on what you should do
    Follow your gut and do what works for you
    Whether it’s co sleeping cot sleeping
    Breast feeding formula feeding
    Dummy no dummy
    Everyone will want there opinion to be the only option but in the end it’s what works for you
    You are a awesome mum u have your two beautiful girls which proves that
    You will be awesome and raise a amazing glitter loving beautiful boy
    You’ve got this!!!!!!!!

  44. I’m in the trenches with a two week old son – it does come back to you, even if it takes a day or two (or ten). You’re in the awesome position of having three wonderful humans who can help you find your groove – my two and a half year old eldest boy is more of a loving and delightful distraction.
    In terms of top 5 things:
    1. Hydrogel breast discs for when your nipples get torn up – or multi mam
    2. Baby carrier – I’ve got an ergobaby and several ring slings – the ring slings are the easiest once you get used to how to use them
    3. We have our bub sleeping in a bassinet in our room so don’t stress too much about a cot. Give yourself time on that as he’ll fit a bassinet til 3 months at least (my 4.675kg-at-birth behemoth had to move to the cot around then)
    4. Those old school bouncers that used to be crocheted in the 70s/80s are totally useful – pop bub in it and pop it in the bathroom so you can still see him and have a shower before lunch!
    5. My Brest Friend feeding pillow helps me with feeding. It’s still damn hard – my boobs are still swollen and we need to use nipple shields but they say in the first few weeks every 3-4 hours.

  45. 1. Love to Dream swaddles! Way better than baby burrito style wrapping – especially if you have an escape artist like my 2 were!
    2. Old school cloth nappies to use as spew rags – $25 at Big W for a pack of 12!
    3. A baby swing. Was a sanity saver for
    4. Double ended zip up onesies – zip open from up the top for when complete outfit changes are needed, but also zips open from down the bottom for just freeing the bottom half for nappy changes – way better than buttons, especially with a wriggly baby.
    5. Easy to open/access/eat with one hand snacks, especially if breastfeeding.

    • Okay so I had my first last December so it’s all pretty fresh.

      1. A bouncer, one that vibrates you can manually bounce with your foot, nothings special, $40 fisher price from target will do.

      2. A tommee tippee (or alike brand) nappy bin, you don’t want to have to put those nappies that make you question everything in the household bin. They’re amazing and trap the smell!

      3. Big muslin wraps (baby bunting have them) they’re thing and we were still wrapping. Him when he was 5 months old and they were still a great size.

      4. All of the snacks! Fuck fancy food, you want one handed snacks for when you’re trapped and dying for a feed.

      5. Hug a bub wrap

  46. Being responsible for a tiny human is terrifying, what’s more terrifying is that we can accidentally make another! You would think for something so precious that some training would be a pre-requisite however it seems more funny to just watch women flail and flounder! Alas I found these things to help me a bunch as a first time worry wart anxiety suffocated hot mess.

    1. Baby shusher- it’s a portable speaker that plays white noise in a “shush” sound for an option of 15 or 30mins and has a volume control. Was great to put in the pram when out and about to drown out the other noises. And helps with sleep association.
    2. Genuine lambs wool skin- I used this in the bottom of the bassinet and for the pram, granted my daughter came home from hospital in June so it kept her cosy and warm, but also wrap a used T-shirt of yours and bubs melts into a mummy smelling cloud of sleep. (Not guaranteed but my daughter definitely settled quicker on it)
    3. Hakaa or milk saver. If you plan to breastfeed/pump this saves precious milk and helps with the opposite letdown and avoids wet spots, can also be used to start a freezer stash
    4. Love to dream arms up swaddles- has double zip so you don’t have to take the whole thing off for mid night nappy changes
    5. Cheekoh stretchy wrap. Was great for the first few months when bub is little and you want to go out but not have everyone touch him. Really helps create that bond and promotes milk supply!

    But you do you, I think the proof you’re pretty amazing at the human raising thing is clearly evident in those gorgeous girls you have!

  47. 1. Tubes and tubes of lasonil or something similar for your sore, bleeding and cracked titties.
    2. A tee shirt with print that reads “Thankyou for your opinion but I’ve done this twice before.”
    3. Wine for Scotty to help with your hormones.
    4. Baby bjorn carrier
    5. Ear plugs.

  48. 1. Love To Dream swaddles – range of thickness and superncinenient for bubs that love arms up to self soothe
    2. Ergo baby carrier – I love the Omni mesh 360 so babe doesn’t overheat. I’ve had m 3week old in it nearly every night and my toddler was in it till he was 18 months
    3. Know your local Lactation consultant!
    4. Co sleeper bassinet – soooo much easier for babes that NEED to be near you
    5. A good feeding pillow to save your back!

  49. 1. Baby swing – let that rocker rock your little babe whilst you drink coffee or poop in peace!
    2. Ergo – so much easier then getting out a massive pram every time you need to go somewhere.
    3. Love to dream swaddle – you can even put them in their capsule / car seat /pram whilst asleep in the swaddle
    4. Rocking chair – a nice comfy one for you and baby time at God only knows what hour.
    5. Medela electric pump / or for bottles I LUV ❤️aby glass bottles – so pretty and so many colours ?

  50. Em, every month since my first was born, I have done a ‘top 10’ checklist of things that are useless/fantastic/things I learnt in the 4th trimester ect which I have been lucky to have received a lot of positive feedback on from friends and family! It’s all raw and original! Please feel free to read over them for more things but here are the top 3 things I needed for the first 12 weeks – depend undies (yep! FASTASTIC FOR BELLY SUPPORT!!) a beville kettle to select exact temps for bottles and a nappy bin so your house doesn’t smell like poop! ❤️

  51. 1. Baby Carrier – stretchy wrap to start. Ergo, hugabub, chekoh whatever just get one. It will save your life and sanity through those “I just want to be held” days. See here.
    2. Zip onsies – aint no one got time for press studs at 2am.
    3. Nappies – if old mate starts turrentially peeing durring the night and soaking through clothes and bed sheets, BUY THE NEXT SIZE UP NAPPY!!! Its a boy thing and yes those nappies will look enormous just double over the sticky tabs. Plus always make sure his penis is facing straight down, not slightly point to the side, STRAIGHT DOWN. Or you will pick him up from a soaking mess only to find a bone dry nappy.
    4. A Maud N Lil comforter – they are THE BEST and they last forever. See here.
    5. Lactation Cookies and/or Consultant. Get someone to make the cookies or you can buy them online. There are these ones or one called “Booboe Bikkies” See here

  52. 1. Love to dream swaddles
    2. Ergo baby carrier
    3. Hydrogel Breast discs…. your nipples will thank you!
    4. A comfy chair to feed in
    5. Wine glass holder for the shower…. for when you need to escape!

  53. * Love to Dream Swaddle Up – my little ninja got his hands out of the muslin burrito wraps and woke himself. Plus, 2am wrap swaddling can be replaced by a simple zip item!
    * Baby Swing/Rocker – you can go pee and feel comfortable. Plus you can bring it in to the bathroom and have a shower with eyes on bub.
    * White Noise – we got a battery powered portable one. Chews through batteries but means we can take it out and about with us or when we stay somewhere else for a night.
    * Night light that has a red setting – doesn’t inhibit melatonin, plus you can see what you’re doing pretty well even when it’s super dim.
    * SRC Recovery Shorts – helps all your bits/c section and swelling.
    And ENJOY! They’re so little for such a short period of time!

  54. Em, I had a baby at 46. My big kids were 16 and 12 when I had him and I was like you..the world has changed completely. hasn’t:

    1) The love to dream sleeping bags are the best, forget swadding they reckon it does things to hips and don’t recommend it now
    2) Can’t help with breastfeeding, I was complete failure and have done formula. Yes you can buy it – the Aldi one is cheaper than a bottle of Sav Blanc!
    3) You already know what to do and this time you have the teenagers to help. My now 17yo has bonded so closely with the now 13mo that they have their own languaage (its a series of ear splitting squeals). You will have MORE time to enjoy him than you did with the girls, just because you have so many arms willing to hold him
    4) Don’t buy expensive prams that require an engineering degree and a car boot big enough to hold a family of 5.
    5) Consider second hand – there are loads of people who buy the most beautiful clothes for their babies and the wee buggers outgrow them and so they have no choice but to try and recoup their money by reselling them – recycling is a great idea
    6) Don’t listen to what the internet says – a 4month old boy will laugh with pure joy if he spends 20 minutes in a jolly jumper. Don’t leave him there for an hour for sure, but don’t be afraid to let him feel the joy of jumping!

  55. The thing that got me through the last few months of pregnancy when my anxiety was crippling was visualising…how long I could make my husband suffer post birth. I knew that a front row centre seat at the birth would buy me a solid few months of him thinking I was the bravest warrior goddess alive. It’s ten months later now and my goddess glow is just now starting to fade, but I had a good run.

  56. Ok I am a Paramedic with PTSD who was hugely triggered when I cam home with my newborn baby. I mean seriously how do any of them survive??? My tiny 5 pound baby boy is now nearly 5 loves to fart and pee up the wall in the shower but he also loves to cuddle and says I am his favourite person in the world so I am doing ok at the moment. Here is my must have that helped keep my anxiety and crazy arse thoughts in my head at bay

    1) get a bloody good movement/sensor monitor pad for the cot. These are the pads that go underneath the mattress and if there is no movement the alarm will go off. Recommended by all NICU nurses. This was only way i was able to leave the side of the cot every time he had a nap. Make sure it has a good clear screen on the camera as well then you can watch them from the kitchen
    2) love to dream baby swaddles. Wraps are great but my kid was hudini and would get out of them and then wake himself up. these are great and you can get summer weight and winter weight ones so you are not stressing about too many layers or too much weight on the kid.
    3) ergo baby carrier. these are great fro your back and shoulders as well as being amazing for babies hips and spine. you can get a newborn insert so they are safe to use from newborn to toddler, and yes you can pee whilst baby wearing with this on.
    4) Doterra Essential Oils. These are amazing not only for my mental health but also for baby. With proper dilution guides and education you can assist with most common ailments using natural alternatives and remedies. Even now with my PTSD I use them to ground myself and stabilse during panic attacks and keep my everyday anxiety at a liveable level.
    5) CONDOMS FILLED WITH WATER AND PLACED IN THE FREEZER. Trust me these make handy ice pack that you can shove in your knickers and give your vagina a treat. you will still “stretch a mile before you tear an inch” but your vag needs to recover
    6) keep a towel within reach on your change table. Baby boys have a penis and they will pee in your face, eye, mouth and nose if you are not quick enough changing the nappy. so trust me either cover the doodle or have a wipe down towel ready as you will be peed on

  57. 1. Baby carrier — saved my sanity! You can do things with 2 bloody hands!!! Used a soft wrap one when bub was a newborn then an ergo when she was 6months old (because sore back)

    2. Sleepy suits – easier than muslin wraps, especially at 3am. I like ergo pouches (can usually transition them from hands in to hands out when they start to move around)

    3. We co-sleep. So I don’t know why I bothered buying the bloody cot (the super expensive Scandi looking one *cue face palm* Depending on what you wanna do – maybe buy a baby “nest” so bub can sleep anywhere and keeps them safe and not rolling off the edge!

    4. Haakaa – it essentially suction’s onto your breast (no need to hold it on- super handy) and catches the milk! Super handy in those early days when boobies are super full and you have an overflow of milk!

    5. A shitload of onesies – cos you and bub will live in pjs for the first 6 weeks. Also – baby poo. POO. POO. POO. That’s all I can say haha

  58. 1. Haakaa pump…amaze balls
    2. Kmart bra section has the best breastfeeding singles ever!!
    Lived in mine, they have molded cups so keeps ya boobied feeling secure
    3. A side table or organizer beside your designated feeding
    chair so everything is easily within reach during feeding or when you
    get your sweet gremlin to finally sleep in your arms.
    4. Cheapy old school cloth nappies…the greatest spew rags out there
    5. Microwave steriliser kit, so much easier.

    • 1. The Love to Dream zip up swaddle ????
      2. Riff Raff & Co Toy comforter – plays lullabies or white noises and was an absolute godsend for my 2nd daughter who wouldn’t settle
      3. Burp rags!
      4. Monitor
      5. Netflix and wine

      You’ve got this!!!

  59. I admire that you are asking. Better than being the mum that screams later “Why didn’t someone fucking tell me!”
    I suppose we never really knew what we were doing with baby #1, and then baby #2 comes along and is completely different to said baby #1, so I just say go by instinct. Keep it simple. Day to day. The stuff they have now looks unreal, and I always wished it had of come out at the time of my pregnancies, but the reality is you can get by without it as too much overwhelm will stress out your mum brain and you may forget about half the baby shit you own until you find it one day and it’s too late coz bub’s has outgrown it in the quick few months since that babyshower! Do babyshower! I think it is real important to celebrate each impending arrival. Do it your own way. Hey, I made lasagne for all of my friends with bub #2 and bub #1 had one of those Lorraine Lea Linen “party” things where everyone bought the baby something.
    But you asked for product, not “unsolicited advice” so I would make sure you invest in:
    1. Breast pump that you can go hands free.
    2. Baby carrier for more hands free (bub sleeps on your chest and you can do some light housework). Go as simple as possible with this. You need sonething that you can put on quickly. Slings just stressed me out big time and gave me panic attacks when baby was pressed against mu body.. Were they breathing?! And those wrap things are fucking crazy to put on when you are too tired for that crap!
    3. Ergo pouches, sleeping bag things. No more wrapping like burritos!
    4. Change table. Everyone told me not to bother, just use the floor. Excuse me people, but my back muscles feel like they are tearing just from leaning over so I NEED waist height, thankyou very much!
    5. Nappy caddy. For those times you do wish to use the floor. At least some small part of you will triumph for being somewhat organized in the nappy department (say 5 nappies, talc, nappy rubbish bags, lotion and wipes go in this mobile thing) when everything else around you could be chaos!

    All the best beautiful! Xx

  60. These comments are great for me too as my child is 7yrs old & im going through ivf for another….am I mad?! Maybe…probably!
    So much has advanced now! My friends have these machines that you put the baby bottle under & it makes the water come out the perfect temperature for formula feeding! Yes please I am getting one of those!

  61. 1. Chat to a lactation consultant in the first few days and have the number for the breastfeeding hotline handy!
    2. A carrier will save your life! I love my Ergo, but try a few on first. There will be a baby wearing group in your area.
    3. Borrow whatever you can from friends. Inevitably bubs won’t care how much everything cost! My second hated her gorgeous organic sleeping bag ☹️
    4. You are never alone. You have an awesome family on this ride with you! It will all work out just fine.
    5. Breathe. Just breathe

  62. I too recommend the Love to Dream Swaddles, but also love to wrap in a nice stretchy blanket, definitely depends on what kind of baby you have. I love sleeping bags too, so much easier than blankets. I have used both an ergo 360 carrier and a stretchy wrap, which is great for a newborn, they are easy to use and have some really great colours! They are great if you have a baby that wants to be with you 24/7. For breast feeding a milk bar pillow and a comfy chair. I also had a bassinet that had wheels on it so I could move it around the house with me, this was so handy especially when I wanted to have a shower. One more thing I have is a salt lamp which is great to have on at night, its not bright enough wake your little one but just bright enough so you can see. Good luck!

  63. 1. Lanisoh ointment for your nipples after every feed
    2. Pigeon breast pads for leaking boobs
    3. A good water bottle you can use hands free (Camelbak for me!)
    4. Burp cloths and plenty of them (cloth nappies work great!)
    5. Spectra breast pump
    I sit here feeding my 5 week old surrounded with these very items.
    Listen to your babe, you have totally got this x

  64. Must haves!
    1. The ‘pee pee tee pee’ google it.
    2. Sophie the giraffe – a classic and always well loved and used non stop.
    3. For when/if you switch to formula the tommee tippee perfect prep machine saved my life, it’s essentially a coffee maker but for milk. Amazing.
    4. Pinot Grigio – for you.
    5. Nuna leaf baby rocker. Brings peace and sanity.

  65. Ok so… I’m 29 male happily in love with my girlfriend and last year we got our little girl.
    1. Baby proof everything!!! Like the windows
    Dishwasher, stairs, even your own feet at some point.
    2. Work out a sleep roster with your partner.
    This will save your life trust me.
    3. Feeding roster is a must to keep your house in perfect sanity.
    Otherwise you will be up all night listening to the song of their people.
    4. …… never stop listening NEVER!!!
    That moments rest you think you can get, haha funny not.
    If you don’t hear something and they are not asleep fucken worry.
    5. Finally you made it they just turned 1, congrats you survived, but your not out of the woods yet!
    Know you have to worry about boys or girls coming over
    And pissing on your front door and the screaming at night
    The strange looks they give at all hours of the day and night
    At the fucking wall!! This isn’t the shining for fuck sake.

    But I wouldn’t change it for the world I love my little cat.

  66. 1) Bouncer!! This was/still is a godsend!!
    2) Baby carrier/sling – perfect for those days and nights of unsettledness. We had a clingy fourth trimester and purple crying for this week first three months; nightmareish at times! ?? babywearing!
    3) Infants Friend or Gripe Water
    4) Dymadon over Panadol – tastes waaaay better
    5) invest in a good double pump. I have a medela borrowed from a friend and has been excellent.
    6) swaddle wraps or love to dream swaddles – our LO hated arms up, so swaddle wraps were our fave thing to put bub in for sleep.
    7) Hydrogel Breast discs- ? for those sore/cracked/bleeding nipples you’ll no doubt have
    And lastly, not a must but definitely a thought…. make some padsicles (look on Pinterest), for after birth. Great for a sore vag that just popped out a baby ?
    I could prattle on, but those are definitely much top tips!

  67. Hi Em, I’m going medical – infacol wind drops, sudocrem and fabric dummy clip (for down the track). No fancy creams or baby washes – just QV wash. Loved the bouncer to break up the monotony of the baby always having to lay down. Also the angelcare Erganomic baby bath. Just goes into an actual bath not an eyesore all on its own. My kids never slept with the love to dream zip ups but loved the tizzy hall double wrap, no escaping that one! Best of luck you’ll nail it as always x

  68. Ergo360 baby carrier – a godsend if you have a clingy/colicky babe

    And I brought a second hand Fisher price my little lamb swing. My second born spent so much time swinging to sleep in it as she loved momentum!

    Mumma you will be ace!!

  69. 1 – you will never get everything right , you will never get everything wrong.
    1a – there is no right or wrong its whats works for you.
    2 – be kind to yourself. Dont compare yourself, the baby, the situation to someone else. Your not someone else, this is you, your baby, your life.
    3 – do what you can , dont stress on the things that didnt get done.
    4 – nipple sheild are ok to use. So is bottle feeding. You are not a loser if you need help to protect the titties or the titties are not working as you thought.
    5 of course you can do this. Even when you feel your not doing it, take a deep breathe, you got this.
    6 – so what if your not “perfect” or the baby not “perfect”. Gee you didnt get the washing done, teas take out again. Baby still not sleeping through. Yes he got a dummy……so what! Making a human, raising a human is not text book.
    Again be kind to yourself, what will be will be. Go with it.

  70. 1. Love to Dream Swaddle (get the one with the zips to transition to no swaddle)
    2. Ergo carrier
    4. Hydro gel breast disk’s
    5. Jolly Jumper

  71. Love to dream swadIe! I can wrap a burrito but not a baby!
    Capsule pram – kid stays asleep when moving from car
    to pram or car to house!
    Baby carrier – I had an ergo, I could never work out the
    Cool hip chiko cloth wraps.
    A portable white noise machine

  72. Cannot go past an ergo baby carrier, sooo comfy. The love to dream swaddles are amazing life saving sleeping bags so much easier than trying to swaddle!

  73. I’m sure we all have those thoughts. I mean, we are responsible for raising essentially a small blob into a decent member of society with good morals etc.
    My top 2 items were:
    1. Some sort of swing/bouncer/contraption with a vibration mode. Best purchase we ever made, we all got sleep.
    2. Doc-a-tot. Again, we all got sleep, so excellent purchase.

  74. Hi Em
    Please rest assured that you are definitely not alone in your fears.
    I can guarantee you will have many more questions.
    A couple of quality research based websites cover a lot of parenting questions such as,,, and
    Lots of people are going to tell you lots of info and give you lots of advice. The best I will give is to pick what works for you and your family. You will be amazing x

    • Hi Em

      Zip onesies are fantastic, so quick and easy. My husband hated the button up onesies. Especially after the third nappy change at 4am!!

      Baby carrier. Was the only way to get anything done in the early days. Bub was happy when close to Mum.

      A pack of those old fashioned terry toweling cloth nappies you can buy at Big W – very handy burp/ spew rags.

      Mirror for baby capsule in car – so Bub can see Mum in front seat. Car journeys were a nightmare from 3 months until we got a mirror.

      Something to treat wind – there are even special cushions you can get for babies now.

      Good luck

    • 1. Angelcare breathing monitor
      2. Ergo Cocoon swaddles
      3. Medela swing breast pump
      4. Aden and Anais Muslin swaddles
      5. Bonds zippy wondersuits
      You’ve got this and I’m sure you will be awesome at being a Mum again ?

  75. Start from day one to avoid wipes! And get your hands on some french inspired Aussie made Baby Bum Care Liniment. Your baby’s bum and the planet will thank you ?

  76. 1. Sudocream & Weleda Hypercal cream
    2. Love to dream swaddles
    3. Ergo baby carrier

    I’ve only had 1 but it’s the hardest but best thing to just trust your instincts, they are generally right
    Every baby is different so each child experience n outcome is different so fake it till you make it lol

  77. An infant bathing glove from The Baby Bathroom Co!
    She’s a Monty girl Em, local to you! A mumpreneur start up.
    It really is a genius idea and so useful with a newborn.

  78. Start from day one to avoid wipes! And get your hands on some french inspired Aussie made Baby Bum Care Liniment from Petit Kiddo. Your baby’s bum and the planet will thank you ?

  79. 1. Love to Dream Swaddle Ups
    2. Yessss, bonds zippys.
    3. Riff Raff – sleep comforter with white noise or a lullaby which won’t drive you batshit crazy.
    4. Oricom breathing mats for the cot.
    5. Co sleeper bassinet.

  80. So excited for you Em. I have a 12 year old and a 4 year old and went back to work when both were 3 months old. So 8 year gap and I freaked a little having my second at 41 then settled down knowing I did a good job with number one. You’ve got this. Your girls are awesome. I believe that if mum is happy and well rested then everyone is happy so my tips are a bit more mum focused. Babies learn to fit in to a family pretty quick even though everyone adores them.
    1 plain old cot in his room. When he’s hungry you’ll hear him and in the meantime you’ll get a good night’s sleep not waking up for every snuffle. And a comfy chair in the room for feeding with a V pillow, a nice mattress on the floor so you can pat him to settle him back to sleep in his own bed so you don’t get caught carrying him around to juggle him to sleep five times a day.
    2 a Baby Bjorn to go for a nice walk or hold him while doing stuff during the 5pm cranky time
    3 a nice sporty ish pram to go for a nice walk to keep you sane and sporty
    4 I used Avent hand pump and all the extra bottles and stuff? Find a good local lactation consultant.
    5 two friends nearby to ask for advice with the same parenting style as you so you can ask them questions.
    Excited to see photos of this already loved baby. What a lucky boy. He is eavesdropping on all your conversations and is delighted to know he’s coming into such a funny sporty feisty hilarious talented loving family.
    Ps during the first few crazy months when the baby is confused about whether to sleep or not in the middle of the night, I sang lots of calm songs and told my baby how loved and wanted she was and about how delighted we all were for our dream baby to come true. Big comforting hug for you. xo

  81. I have a 6 week old boy after having 2 girls. Congratulations on your little boy xx

    1. LTD Swaddles
    2. Baby carrier, I’ve just purchased an Ergo Omni 360 and it is an absolute godsend!
    3. Hydrogel breast discs
    4. Nappy caddy ( this is refilled each day with all the essentials and kept on the bedside table over night
    5. Extended rear facing car seat ?? (We have the Britax Millenia)

  82. The best and most needed thing for surviving a newborn is having an amazing support team in place!
    Next from that breastfeeding is hard work for sure but if you had latching problems with the girls it’s worth while finding a local internationally board certified lactation consultant
    They are a world of knowledge with breastfeeding and can help get you settled and on the right track don’t fall for the hospital LC’s as they tend to be glorified midwives with an extra tag but no extra training or certifications. Also join The Australian Breastfeeding Project group on Facebook we have thousands of mums who are getting ready to breastfeed and thousands of mums who are still feeding to term which is 2+ years! Spectra are an amazing breastpump company who sell hospital grade closed system pumps.
    And last but not least ask for help when you need it, there’s no shame in needing a sleep or a shower or even just someone to cry on when the hormones become to much! Xxx

  83. Bonds Zippys are a MUST. Cover hands and little feet when asleep.

    Minbe bottles..

    Muslim’s wrap, don’t even bother with sleeping bags.. wrap him tight from day one. Wait till he is rolling over for sleeping bag

    If bottle feeding get the automatic bottle maker! LIFESAVER

    Get a capsule for car and buy clips for your amazing pram. Don’t have to wake them I’m asleep in car when moving

    PS. Bottle of spirits for a night cap when bibs asleep!

    Good luck it’s overwhelming but you got this!

  84. Em, you’ve got this.

    That said…

    – Point his penis down. It’ll make sure he doesn’t leak everywhere.

    – Yes, swaddling is still a thing, you just have to make sure it isn’t tight around their hips.

    – White noise is going to depend on bub. Some do well with it, others don’t.

    – Yeah, breastfeeding sucks. I found it really helpful to have a breast pump with me at the hospital because both my sons were born with severe tongue ties. I never breastfed my eldest because the hospital were useless about it, but I made sure I had my pump when my youngest was born and I was able to syringe feed him pumped colostrum. I had also been pumping from almost 37 weeks and had a significant amount stored in the freezer for those times when it seemed he couldn’t get enough.

    – Lanolin is your friend.

    – BigW have packs of white “dickies” terry towel nappies that are SUPER handy for EVERYTHING. Burp cloths, impromptu towels, and yes, even as nappies. My baby is 3 and I’m still using them.

    – I regret not babywearing more. You get free hands, bub gets the comfort of being close to you. Win-Win.

  85. So I’m not a mum myself but have worked in the industry and can honestly say you need practical shit.
    1. Love to Dream swaddles – zip em up and they are snug as a bug in a rug and you will feel like a pro.
    2. A good baby carrier that is easy for you to use – try them all in. I recommend a carrier with clips like the Ergo 360 or Baby Bjorn with the magnetic clasps
    3. Breastfeeding – never breastfed myself but have heard heaps of wonderful things about Madela pumps. Hospitals use them and they are just great. Also if you can’t breastfeed don’t beat yourself up! It’s a tough gig. (Also if you do breastfeed get a good nipple cream you’re going to need it)
    4. A comfortable chair for feeding and late night wake ups is a mist. If you gotta be up at least make sure you will be comfy with bub at the time.
    5. A microwave or electric sterilizer for bottles etc do ‘t do it by hand. You’re going to be tired and you should make the most of the time you have together not be washing bottles o.
    I think that’s all I can think of but mainly you want products that make shit easier on yourselves.
    Much love and so excited for you all xxxx

  86. Pregnant with #2 and these are a few things I couldn’t live without..
    1. Love To Dream Sleep Swaddle – um sleepsavers, is any other reason necessary?
    2. Good comfy, easy to put on Baby Carrier – “hands free” is all I need to say.
    3. A Teddy/comforter – my little boy has the best connection to his “bear” and that’s also a sleep saver.
    4. Booby/fanny ice packs – no more to say there
    5. A husband/partner who knows when to just shut up.

    From following your journey I believe you and I have quite similar due dates so when I’m ripping my body in half, it’ll be nice to know I’m not alone.

    Sending all the preggo love xx

  87. 1. IKEA sniglar cot $129 and converts to toddler bed, it’s ace and you can paint it whatever colour you want.
    2. Comfy rocking chair.
    3. Bednest bassinet for safe co sleeping situation.
    4. This breast milk catcher, when you’re feeding on one side and the other is leaking precious milk. I wish I’d found it earlier in my BF journey –
    5. Zip up sleeping bags, so much easier for middle of the night nappy changes and sometimes baby won’t even wake up!

  88. I have a 14 & 10yr old and found baby shopping so over whelming! Half this stuff wasn’t around when they were little. But I think if they were these would be my top 5… well for the last 4 months with my new bub. Good luck xx
    1. Hydrogel breast discs
    2. Haakaa
    3. Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper Bedside Bassinet
    4. Some type of carrier. My local baby shop let me try a few types with bubs in them, so I personally love my baby Bjorne one and so does hubby.
    5. Bonds Oneies, they truely are the best light weight and double ended zips!

  89. Love to dream swaddle bags for sure!!!!!!! Nose frida snot sucker and paw paw lip balm for in hospital
    Best of luck ??❤️???

  90. 1. Coles online delivery
    2. Bubnest co-sleeper and co-sleep bassinet
    3. Chekoh baby wrap carrier
    4. Breast pads
    5. Dreambaby lamp (it has white noise i it too)

  91. Em, check out the blog post that Zoe Foster-Blake just posted – a no bullsh*t guide to what you actually need, and actually don’t xxx

  92. 1. Love to dream swaddles!
    2. Double electric breast pump. Single is too time consuming!!
    3. Basinet on wheels!! That way you can take baby envy where in the house/outside and you don’t have to move them. #babyonwheels
    4. Lots of Muslim wraps, they double as shade cloths, burp clothes, vomit and poop cleaners and easy to wash!
    5. Glow dreaming brand humidifier. It also has white noise and a light in it. All are supposed to help promote sleeping. #triedandtested #bestinvention!

  93. 1. Co-Sleeper bassinet! not only will they last in it longer the easy access is a
    dream for midnight feeds!
    2. Ergo Baby Carrier!!!!! For when you’re trying to get sh%t done or need to go
    Somewhere with no space for a pram
    3. Love to dream swaddles!!! Greatest investment for us and I was
    Useless at swaddling ?
    4. Baby Sleep sound app on your phone so you can play calming
    Sounds instead of lullabies – Rain Noise is the best!
    5. Test drive ALL prams something easy to assemble/fold and isn’t heavy
    Plus has great basket space below!

  94. My top 5 (my Son just turned 1. He’s alive so i must have done something rught)
    1. Any cot will do. The internet freaked me out too (!!) so I just went and got one at baby bunting that I could afford and all is well. No stuffed animals or cushions etc allowed in cot due to suffocation hazard though.
    2. Ergo 360
    4. Nipple shields!!! (Medela. I also used medela breastpump)
    5. Love to dream swaddles and sleeping bags etc (yes! You still wrap them like a burrito, however, there’s clever Velcro things now that make things easier)
    If your hospital offers a birthing or breastfeeding course…JUST DO IT. They’ll give you all the latest findings and research (eg on sids)

  95. Baby wrap or carrier, Maggie Dent’s mothering boys book, Raising boys book (can’t remember the author), a change table that faces sideways not front on cause boys pee a lot when u change their nappies and u don’t want to be in the firing line ? and make sure u point his penis down when u put the nappy on ? boys are awesome!! Good luck

  96. Second baby just gone four months old after a five year gap. So much has changed in that time!
    1. Get a capsule that is compatible with your pram makes it so much easier if they fall asleep in the car.
    2. Video baby monitor – so you don’t disturb them when you want to check on them.
    3. Ergo baby carrier
    4. Bonds zippy wondersuits and LOTS of them
    5. SRC recovery shorts- expensive but was totally worth it, stopped the feeling of my insides about to fall out post c-section.

    Good luck

  97. Em, I don’t want to come across full on but if you are feeling any bit anxious you
    Need to speak with your midwives or doctor. They may seem small woes but pre natal anxiety can be overlooked by even the mum to be. There is a lot of support out there. Lots of love xox

  98. Only 2 things,

    The love to dream baby swaddles
    The hydrogel nipple disk things.
    Ok, 3 things. Formular for just in case. You never know what your body will do!

    Nothing has changed. Go with your gut.

  99. ‘Music for dreaming’ album by Melb symphony orchestra.
    My babies bloody loved this. Also recommended by Masada Sleep school (also highly recommend that place)
    Also good for anxious Mums to listen to at night when minds go aracing….

  100. 1. Don’t bother with a cot, cosleep FTW
    2. Lillebaby embossed carrier. Better on the back than an ergo
    3. For when babe is older, a bath seat was the best thing ever!

  101. 1. Love to dream swaddles – the actual best
    2. Happy baby dummies
    3. Hydrogel breast pads (for soothing not leaking)
    4. Have heard amazing things about the cocoonababt
    5. A comforter/little blanket thing. Put it down your top for a few hour/overnight and then stick it under his arm or close to him for every sleep. It’s something he can sooth himself to sleep with. Buy three the same to rotate through the wash xxx

  102. Top 5 tips:
    1. Love my Incy Interiors cot. Online Aussie company & it’s been the f&$@inv best!
    2. Love to Dream swaddles. Never used them with my first but my second LOVED them.
    3. Ikea/Target plastic highchair that you can hose down when needed.
    4. Zippy Wondersuits from Bonds are the best!
    5. Snuggle Hunny Kids wraps are gorgeous to look at & beautiful quality. Didn’t know what I was having & ordered mine from hospital!

  103. 1. Bonds zippies, especially for a newborn. Two way zippers are the go coz who wants to fuck around with buttons at 3am and you don’t have to fully undress bub to change their nappy.
    2. Vixsa wrap carrier. My baby loved it and feel asleep instantly. But I really hope for your sake your little man is a better sleeper.
    3. Ergo baby 360 carrier. Again for naps. My kid is a shit sleeper during the day so this makes life easy when we’re out.
    4. Love to dream swaddle suits. Way easier than redoing the bubba burrito at midnight, 1.30am, 3am…you get it
    5. A good playmat and baby gym/toys. They need lots of floor time for development and that’s all mine has needed. She hated swings so I would try one before spending big $$$

    And just don’t expect to get a thing done in the first 3 months. All babies are so different! You will be absolutely fine, surely it’s like riding a bike!
    Enjoy the new bubba snugs – they are the best! ?

  104. ‘Glamourous Scandinavian jailcell’ ???. Still laughing.
    My essentials:
    1. Little Lamb swing that goes from side to side (absolute life saver for the first few months)
    2. Ergo cocoon swaddles and then ergo sleeping bag for when he’s older
    3. A DUMMY
    4. A battery-operated bouncer that rocks itself
    5. Wine for mum

  105. 100% recommend a Cacoonababy nest. It is the best thing we purchased (and we bought a lot of crap).
    Good luck x

  106. 1. A magical device called a Shusher.
    2. Love to dream swaddle
    3. DUMMY – for soothing and also reduces risk of SIDS
    4. Sleep positioner – place it in crib or bassinet to keep baby feeling held and secure
    5. Medela Swing Breast pump & bottle set.
    You have got this Em! ❤️

  107. 1. I’ve seen several people comment on the Love to Dream swaddles. I cannot emphasis the sanity-preserving importance of these enough. If your baby is super tiny, you’ll probably have to do the swaddle-origami with a wrap for a few weeks, but pop them in one of those bags as soon as you can.
    2. What NOT to do – buy one of those fricking sleep programs. Putting the pressure on yourself to put you baby on a sleep schedule pretty much gave me PND (along with the pressure of failed breastfeeding). Unless your spawn is some kind of magical sleep unicorn, he is going to be like most babies, meaning his sole job is to deprive you of sleep. DO NO PRESSURE YOURSELF TO HAVE HIM SLEEPING AT A CERTAIN TIME/CERTAIN NUMBER OF HOURS. All babies are different, and if Susan at your mother’s group is sitting there in her halo spouting how little Serendippity sleeps 9 hours every night at 3 weeks, feel free to punch her in the mouth. Similarly, DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF TO BREASTFEED. Breast is best, but a fed baby and sane mother is even better.

  108. Mumasil breast milk saver – the bees blooy knees and elbows! Forget pumping this little gem is the best new mum hack out there! You just wack it on the opposite boob your breastfeeding from and it catches the let down that would otherwise be absorbed into your breast pad (or if your like me dribbling down into your pants because you’ve forgotten to slip them into your bra again) per feed I reckon I save about 50ml of breast milk which I then chuck in the freezer or a bottle.

  109. I absolutely SWEAR by white noise machines and swaddle bags. My little dude was a Houdini, still is in fact, and would always wriggle out of his muslin swaddle so these swaddle/sleeping bag thingos have a zip and keeps all their limbs in nice and snug, annnnnd the white noise machine resembles the noises inside the womb- I found that it kept newborns sleeping a little longer and not waking abruptly at the end of each sleep cycle.
    I’m sure you’ll remember though- it’s like riding a bike apparently, and if not you’ll just be like every other mum out there trying to figure it all out, and that my friend is perfectly fucking normal!

  110. 1- Halo sleep sacks- get from pottery barn kids. Swaddling by hand is for freaks who don’t like to sleep
    …and if your kid is anything like mine then they will Houdini out of a wrap anyway!

    2-Lansinoh nipple cream- what’s left of your nipples will thank me. Also you don’t need to wash off or worry about the baby ingesting any remnants of it while they feed.

    3-Some meal delivery service for the first month of no sleep hell

    4-Mirror for back of car seat so you can see into the capsule

    5-A baby Bjorn brand porta cot. Teach that kid to sleep anywhere young! They are so easy to pop up and down!

    Good luck!

  111. 1) Manduca baby carrier! Nothing beats it!
    2) KANGATRAINING- check it out!!!!!!!! You’ll LOVE it!
    3) Love to dream swaddle
    4) Sleepy Sounds app (free) on phone for white noise
    5) Sophie Giraffe

  112. I have 3 kids under 6, and I’m contemplating a 4th… yes ai’m mental.
    My top 5 items from the last 6 years of newborn rearing are
    1) Bonds breastfeeding singlets. Keep the belly covered, suuuuper comfy and the OUOD method for feeding in public is ? with these (OUOD= one up one down, wear a shirt over your bond singlet and pull the ahirt up, and then unclip the bonds bra and pull it down. Win!
    2) A hospital grade, double breast pump. The best value I’ve found is A spectra S2. They’re not much expensive, and work so well ? I’ve had mine since week 2 of baby one and it’s atill working like a fucking dream. Go get one. Now. It will save you.
    3) Super big muslin wraps! These are the best for sunmer. I can’t for the life of me remember what beand the really big ones are… sorry! That’s the worst news I can give you really, but find some fuck off big ones and I’ll guarantee you you’ll be thankful.
    4) A moses basket. You can get a stand if you want, but these are bloodybuseful for having the sleeping baby anywhere you are. Pop them off to sleep, pop them in the basket and lug them around the house with you. So bloody good mate.
    5) A car capsule that attaches to your pram. Car capsules are great for those naps you don’t want to wake them from, and all the trips to the shop for more wine ?
    Best of luck Em! I know you’re gonna do amazingly, wea struggle with the anxious thoughts of raising the kids right and keeping them safe. You’re not alone, speak up and ask for help when it feels to overwhelming.

  113. Bonds zippies are all you need!! Zips not snaps ?
    Ergo pouch or love to dream swaddles.
    Face washers – a truck load
    Old school cloth nappies – amazing for poo explosions and vim ?

  114. 1. Infants friend and droppers
    2. Tommee tippee nappy bin for beside your bed (keeps the smell lock in!)
    3. Small baskets full of nappies, a burp cloth and wipes. I have a basket on my bedside table, bf’s bedside table and lounge room.
    4. One pack of every different brand of dummie you can find, that way Bub if Bub refuses one you’ve got another on hand to try.
    5. Some big ass maternity bras
    6. A device to play white noise
    7. A proper baby carrier! I thought I would be all whimsical and buy a body wrap….. just invest in a proper carrier, it’ll save you from looking like a tool in the woolies car park.

  115. 1. Braun Digital Thermometer (still using this consistently)
    2. Good electric breast pump
    3. Moogoo products (cradle cap scalp cream is great)
    4. City Mini jogger GT pram (lightest/ easiest pram to manoeuvre and
    Collapse and off road)
    5. Angelcare baby monitor

    You got this!

  116. After a 10 year gap between my boys, I found things weren’t too different between them.
    Things we found helpful:
    1. A capsule – because who wants to wake a sleeping baby to take them out of a carseat.
    2. A good playmat – to keep them occupied if they’re not moving and you really need to go to the toilet!
    3. A comfortable chair to sit in – for those nights they just need to keep you in sight before you ninja roll out of the room once they’re asleep.
    4. An Angelcare monitor that detects movement and breath – for a peaceful sleep for you guys .
    5. A change table on top of a chest of drawers – fill the drawers with supplies of nappies, wipes etc for easy access.
    We still wrapped our second baby until he could move around then opted to use a groban sleeping bag we were given. Great for if they kick off the blankets.
    Parents instincts will take over and you guys will be great. Also having siblings that are older is great. The bond they will form is so special. All the best xo

  117. Ignore all the gimmicks and avoid Baby Bunting like the plague/that place is anxiety inducing.
    From a first time mum currently nursing her 12 week old to sleep, here are my must haves:

    2-breast pads for aforementioned leaky boobs (get reusable ones from cute online stores like milkmaid mumma, much more comfy than disposable ones)
    3-any form of sleeping bag-our baby likes arms up so the Love to Dream worked for us, but there are others with arms down). No time for elaborate origami swaddling at 3am. One zip and you’re done.
    4-white noise machine. Get the mybaby one as you can plug it in or just use batteries, so it’s much more portable. Hubby and I find we have better sleeps with it on too.
    5-Legit they are the only MUST HAVES I’ve found we’ve needed, and would take if stranded on a deserted island. However, in no particular order the following have also been of some use: hubby who will help with changing nappies overnight and tell you you’re doing a great job, Netflix (specifically The Bodyguard ?), snacks, good coffee or at least a decent cafe within walking distance. And yes, McCafe counts at such a critical time.

    And sorry, I’ve just realised that items 1&2 presume you will breadtfeed which is presumptuous of me, do what works for you! Most of all enjoy your little man ?

  118. ergobaby 360 Omni carrier has saved me with my second. Also the best pump hands down
    is a spectra. I have the S2 which I use in a double mode with a bandeau so it’s handsfree and amazing!! Looks sexy as as well haha

    You know what you are doing. You’ve got this!

  119. Hi Em,
    Zoe Foster Blake just publishes on her blog about this the other day- great read and info for all the stuff she needed and didn’t ??

  120. Love to Dream sleeping swaddles (like everyone else has said). My two were movers and god help me if they would stay in their burrito. Team it with bonds zippys and you’re good to do
    On a pure aesthetics side – check out west elm’s current baby stuff. Holy hell I wish that gorgeousness was around d a few years back
    Spectra breast pumps are so much quicker than the other mob
    Lansinoh nipple balm. My poor nipples were literally eaten by my now 15 month old boy (scars to prove it) and this was the only remedy.
    Sugar snacks for you with a comfy Netflix breastfeeding set up because you won’t be moving for a while

  121. 1. Boobs
    2. Arms
    3. Nappies & changing paraphernalia
    4. Clothes
    5. A safe sleeping space
    Nothing much has changed in human biology since your last baby – it hasn’t in thousands of years, actually. It’s just our attitudes and the pressure new Mums have had placed upon them that’s changed.
    Listen to your own heart & mind and you & your baby will work it all out together ?

  122. Babies don’t need much at all, they need you and Scotty.

    Buuuuuut, a baby does needs the five B’s. Blanket, Bottles, Bed, Boob and BONDS (the last one is option). I would buy one bottle, as who knows what you’ll end up needing. A safe cot/bassinet – babies grow but they don’t grow that fast so if you’re having bubs in your room, find a bassinet that fits and is safe! Simplez. A blanket to keep warm (read Midwife Cath’s amazing book). So you can swaddle them up in one of those big wraps and they sleep in them and feed in them. Boobs- basically you, but really your big boobies. A place to snuggle on, feed from, spew on and scratch you with their ever growing finger nails…. And last BONDS WONDERSUITS. Zips! Amazing! Comfort level! Quality AF! And funky fun colours and prints!


  123. My top 5:
    1 Bonds zippy suits. Those press studs are all to hard in the middle of the night
    2 Love to dream swaddles
    3 Water wipes- my girls don’t get nappy rash since I started using them
    4 haakaa breast pump. So much easier than an electric breast pump and I got heaps more milk with the haakaa and it doesn’t make a weird noise
    5 Hydrogel nipple things soooo good!
    Goodluck with it all ?

  124. Look I could name all the gadgets in the world but all that baby needs is you! You have raised 2 amazing no incredible daughters already! You’ve got this.
    Let those instincts kick in
    Trust in yourself
    And be confident!
    You know what’s best.
    We all parent differently and what works for one style won’t work for the next!
    You’ve got this! ?

  125. Babywearing is a god send! Baby is close and happy and mum has 2 free hands to do what you need to.
    Kangatraining and Manduca baby carriers have been amazing for me, post natal excercise as well as a sense of community and support. The knowledge other mums can provide is worth its weight in gold on thise hard to handle days.
    Everything is a phase and doesnt last forever. If you can find a way to ride out the storm, the sun will shine again.
    Find your villiage, use it, appreciate it. And remember you cant pour from an empty cup

  126. Yes the love to dream swaddles, get at least 3!
    Kmart bibs, 3 pack for $5 I think. They are the bandana ones with thickish towelling on the back. Amazing for spewy babies.
    Video monitor so you can see baby from wherever. Would not recccomend the breathing monitor, the special care nursery we were in said they do not recommend – not accurate enough and will give you a fucking heart attack when they go off.
    An assortment of dummies.
    Any baby suit with zips, no press studs. Who has the patience for 20 studs??
    Good luck em xx

  127. A wrap or baby carrier. Check out Katie Rainbird on insta for some great videos on how to adjust them properly.
    But a good quality car seat/capsule.
    Babies just want you, or another set of loving arms. Don’t get bogged down in what you “should” be doing or what anyone else is doing. Listen to your baby and your heart and do what feels right for your family.

  128. Having had my first babies 6 months ago (twins I get you!!)

    Top buys:
    1. Love to Dream Swaddle up sleeping bags
    2. My Baby Sound Spa On The Go (White noise generator) OR download the White Noise app on an old phone. I use both. The sound spa goes to daycare and on trips
    3. If you use formula the Closer to Nature Perfect Prep bottle machine is brilliant!
    4. Bouncer or swing of some sort you can put them in so you can still poop when you’re home alone!
    5. Colic mix. You may have to visit a few pharmacies to find one that makes it (they make their own) but it’s 100x better than infants friend ect for a colicky baby

    Best of luck. You’ve done it before you can do it again!

  129. 1. Love to dream swaddles
    2. Large Muslin wraps
    3. Ergo baby carrier
    4. Medela swing breast pump and nipple shields (if you need them)
    5. Download the Sound Sleeper white noise app on your phone (life saver)
    All the best Mama E!

  130. 1. Need to be comfortable when breastfeeding:- Requirement:- ‘My Brest Friend’ breast feeding cushion. Helps support baby and free up your arms a little while holding the weight of baby.
    2. Nipple cream :- Lansinoh. It’s a must have your nips are gonna kill for the first 2 weeks at least!!!
    3. Yep swaddles from the airCocoon Summer Swaddle range. Its one with no zips and it keeps there arms across their chest when they sleep how their used to in the womb.
    4. Breast pump manual is fine and sterile breast milk storage bags to keep expressed milk in the freezer.
    5. Baby bath on a stand with wheels to save your back and a change table.

  131. My 3rd is now 2 months old, here are my top 5
    1. Car seat
    2. Clothes, nappies
    3. Babywear! My sakura bloom ring sling figuratively feeds my other kids.
    4. Moogoo skin care products for you and baby. So natural you could eat them and great for sensitive skin. I realised early on that my baby spent a lot of time on the skin I rubbed chemicals into.
    5. I don’t think I have a 5. Keep it simple. Listen to baby and your gut. It’ll come flooding back.

  132. Ok.
    1. Multi-mam compresses for nipples. Hunt around for these. I also reused the same one for the day on advice from midwife so they last longer. So good.
    2. Nestle biogaia probiotics for infant colic relief. Actual miracle for my baby in helping settle her wind issues.
    All the rest I’m sure you’ve got plenty of advice!

  133. 1. Video monitor oricom that way you do t have to jump up every 5mins
    2. Love to dream swaddles/sleeping bags
    3. Multiple brands of bottles and dummies and formula for just incase
    4.old fashioned nappies (spew rags) clean up and burping
    5. Save our sleep book by tizzie hall it’s not for everyone but as a first time mum at 37 and then again at 39 I found getting some routine directions very helpful. Read it take what you need and ditch the rest.

  134. 1. A dock a tot! I swear it’s the reason my baby slept
    2. A comfy and chair that’s easy to get out of without using your hands to push yourself up
    3. DUMMIES!
    4. A sleeping bag ergopouch are my fave but the love to dream are good too. Take them to the hospital so much easier than fucking with muslins
    5. Bottles, breast pump, storage bags, nipple shields – anything that will make feeding easier. Don’t send a sleep deprived husband out to get nipple shields like I did lol

    • Zippys all the way, so so much easier than buttons.
      Minimal while they are so young, I learnt this after the first 3.

  135. 1. Medula double breast pump
    2. Baby carrier, get on you can easily put on and makes sense to you.
    3. Oricom baby monitor.
    4. Bottle and formula/breast milk so hubby can do a morning feed and you can sleep in and recover.
    5. I loved wrapping my daughter, and then I knew I could rap as good as JayZ. But some mums like the zip baby things, #overpriced.
    ? to you and your family! Enjoy this special time .

  136. You got this Em! As a first time mum of a 9 week old my list is definitely not necessities but every item on here has saved my sanity on a number of occasions.

    1. A comfortable glider chair – lifesaver for when bub won’t settle and great for feeding and reading.
    2. Ollie the owl – white noise/night light. Has 4 sound options, the heartbeat noise is an absolute winner, also automatically starts playing again if bub cries
    3. Baby carrier – go try them on first though, everyone thinks the one they have is the best but it really depends on body shapes/sizes/personal needs. The mesh carriers or lightweight breathable slings are amazing in summer so both bub and yourself don’t get sweaty & hot.
    4. Baby swing – battery operated or mains powered save yourself the RSI you’d get from a rocker
    5. Infants friend – have some ready to go to relieve bubs from gas pain, few drops on the tongue before the midnight feeds helps bub go down and stay asleep.

  137. 1). A bouncer or swing is essential! Somewhere to put them so you can have a hot coffee or a wee in peace
    2). Love to dream arms up swaddle for when you stop wrapping them. They are the BEST
    3). An avent bottle steriliser – a pharmacy employee tried to sell my husband some sterilising tablets that smelt like chemicals and made my anxieties about killing my child go crazy
    4). A comfy feeding chair. You spend ALOT of time in that sucker
    5) Good people around you to be your village. I wouldn’t have survived without them and am FOREVER grateful to them.

    You’ve got this!

    • 1. Some sort of a swing that swings back & forth & side to side. Absolute lifesaver & lets you get stuff done
      2. EITHER a love to dream or ergo swaddle convertible one, you can open one arm at a time or both or none!! Absolutely life changing! Don’t have to full on wrap buns when they wake to feed.
      3. An angelcare monitor for cot/bassinet
      4. Tommy tippee/ closer to nature nappy bin! Then you get the refills off eBay save a fortune
      5. An ergo carrier if you have a never want to be put down bubba.

  138. Swaddle/baby sleeping bag and co-sleeping
    Dream feed if you can, guess it might depend on breast
    or bottle? But it saved our nights
    Lots of cuddles for mum and baby
    A daily journal to look back on….. Capture the special moments
    Love every minute, but you know that?
    And lots pics please… X

  139. 1. Haakaa Breast Pump
    2. Baby swing/Hamack
    3. Valcro arm accross wraps
    4. Change table with a built in bath on top
    5. Natural Rubber Soother

  140. I am a first time mum and I also have almost no idea about what’s out there/ what’s the best and where to even go. Wondering if you’d share on social media the top 5 that you do get recommended or something.

  141. Oh Em. Those fucking baby shops are so overwhelming. There is so much shit in there that you just won’t use. My advice
    1. Ergo baby carrier. Life saver and safe for baby’s hips and your back
    2. Feeding the baby. If baby is hungry, feed the baby. Use your boobs. If that’s not working out, send Scotty to the shops for formula and bottles. Whatever. Just feed the baby.
    3. Those zip up ergo baby swaddle things mean baby is swaddled and can’t hit himself in the face or get cold arms, but can also move legs- again good for the hips
    4. A radio or iPod or phone all make noise. You don’t need a fancy white noice maker. My baby had my iPod (it was 7yrs a go!) with headphones turned up loud next to her. I guess modern people would have a Bluetooth speaker?! Anyway she loved Michael buble if that helps ?
    5. If the best way to get sleep means co-sleeping, then do it. If you’re uncomfortable doing that then don’t. Do whatever you feel is right for you and your baby!

    You’ve got this Em. You’ll be fine and even if you’re not, that’s fine too x

  142. First time Mum to a 10 week old pocket rocket over here and, fuck me, what a wild ride.
    You made two awesome humans so I’m sure you won’t have anything to worry about.

    The top 5 things that I’ve not been able to keep my sanity without over the last 10 weeks are:
    1. Aldi’s Cowboy Trail Mix (hahaha net you weren’t expecting that!) – a packet of these bad boys got me through my first week of breastfeeding munchies and I’ve been eating them ever since. You won’t regret it!
    2. ErgoBaby Omni 360 baby carrier. To have two hands to scratch myself with was a blessing.
    3. MaxiCosi Mick AP baby capsule – hello easy car trips!
    4. Kip & Co everything. Muslin swaddles, blankets, sleeping bags – ALL THE COLOUR AND GLITZ!
    5. Ice Ice Booby ice pack for your boobs and perineum – just slightly more hygienic than using Zooper Doopers and cabbage leaves.

  143. 1. Video monitor Oricom
    2. Love to Dream swaddles
    3. A Bassinet coz it’s easier and then you can by a cot when your ready the Snoo bassinet I’ve heard is really good or the Baby Bjorn bassinet
    4. Breast Pump: Spectar they are fabulous plus it’s also portable and has a 3ish hour battery life when it’s not plugged in
    5. Baby Bjorn bouncer coz its so easy

  144. Madella breast pump
    Any baby swing or one that vibrates is ever better
    Bassinet on wheels
    Decent comfortable feeding chair
    Boomerang pillow
    You said 5 but I had to add the love to dream swaddle not the zippy ones the ones with Velcro are amazing
    Your mothers instinct will kick in as soon as you see baby boy, and all the memories and little things you did with your older two will come flooding back … the transmission from 2-3 is a lot smoother then 1-2 good luck and congratulations… remember to celebrate the small wins and don’t compare yourself to anyone else… your routine will be the best for you and Bub ??

  145. I have about 6 years between mine (youngest was born Jan this year) and I felt like everything had changed in that amount of time too! The good news is that whatever you wished existed when your older two were babies, probably exists now (except for a clone of yourself – soz)!
    I have been grateful for love to dream swaddle bags.
    Body suits that have DOUBLE ZIPS. I had some old Bonds wonder suits left over from my son’s baby-hood and they only had SINGLE zips 7 years ago. HOW DID WE LIVE LIKE THAT? The double zip means quick nappy changes/checks in the night without having to undress your baby completely.
    We had a Baby Bjorn carrier when my son was little but rarely used it. Now I’ve been juggling life with a baby and an older kid, I’ve used it A LOT. It may not be so relevant for your needs, but I found it was amazing to use a carrier so I had hands free to hold an umbrella on rainy days for school drop offs and pick ups! Ain’t nobody got time for the stroller in those conditions! Also great for getting shit done during the bitching hour.
    Bauers Teething Relief liquid. For reals.
    If your kid is gonna decide he needs comfort blankets/teddies/whatever, buy FIVE OF THE SAME THING. I have so many regrets haha.
    You got this, mama (and can I say you were one of my amazing inspo peeps when it came to accepting that a larger age gap between babies would be more than alright as we struggled through secondary infertility and my original dream of a 3 year gap got away from me) xo

  146. 1. Some sort of a swing that swings back & forth & side to side. Absolute lifesaver & lets you get stuff done
    2. EITHER a love to dream or ergo swaddle convertible one, you can open one arm at a time or both or none!! Absolutely life changing! Don’t have to full on wrap buns when they wake to feed.
    3. An angelcare monitor for cot/bassinet
    4. Tommy tippee/ closer to nature nappy bin! Then you get the refills off eBay save a fortune
    5. An ergo carrier if you have a never want to be put down bubba.

  147. 1. Angelcare Breathing monitor
    2. Ergo Cocoon swaddles
    3. Medela Breast pump
    4. Ergo baby carrier
    5. Lanisoh nipple cream
    6. Bonds zippy wondersuits

    I’m sure everything will work out and you will be a fantastic mother to your little boy ?

  148. Honestly it’s all pretty much commercial bullshit that ends up in landfill.
    Pram, car seat, baby carrier/sling (all a personal choice on how you want to use them) somewhere for Bub to sleep and boobs or bottles depending on your preference. Also make sure your Netflix subscription is up to date for those late night feeds and the Coles delivery person will be your new BFF! Xxx

  149. 1. ergopouch
    2. bassinet until they too big or can turn over.
    3. swaddles
    4. pack of cloth nappies for spit/puke and poop – protecting you.
    5. wondersuits 🙂
    and one more….
    6. microwave bottle sterilizer.

  150. Forget the swaddles! I used them to cover the pram or wipe spew. Get some swaddle bags, I loved the ergopouch ones.
    A good carrier, for when all Bub wants is to be on you and you have 6 million other things to do!
    White noise! You can buy machines, but there’s also a heap of apps to download.
    I do love my video monitor. I was a bit obsessed with watching it at the start…
    Bonds zippys… wait for the website to have a 40% sale -they come up all the time.
    You’ve totally got this! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous family grow ❤️

  151. My boy is 4 1/2 months old. Here are some things that have been amazing for us so far:
    For baby:
    – Love To Dream swaddles. Don’t even bother with fucking Muslim wraps. The last bloody thing you want to be doing at 2am is working out how to fucking fold a screaming or sleeping baby into one of those things and not have his hands fly out 2 seconds later!
    – mustela body and shampoo wash. Brilliant stuff!! No cradle cap to be seen on this guy!
    – bonds wondersuits with zips. Because again, you don’t want to be trying to figure out which fucking pop button goes where at 2am! Soooo much easier with zips!
    – a play gym with toys hanging from it to keep him occupied so you can finish your coffee.
    – a feeding pillow so you don’t have to hold him when feeding (they’re sooo heavy!)
    For you:
    – audible subscription to whittle away the hours you will spend plonked on your ass breastfeeding or trapped under a sleeping baby
    -Pinky McKay Boobie bikkies or make your own- so so so delicious, great to support your milk supply AND gluten free for all you coeliac peeps out there!
    – a shower head with a hose to wash off down there if you get stitches. Just… trust me!
    – visit a Physio who specialises in women’s health within a week of giving birth to get fitted for recovery shorts (src is a good brand). They help support your stitches and your belly and pelvic floor during the postpartum period. They are simply amazing!! Go and see them again at 6 weeks so they can check how your pelvic floor is doing too and what exercises you can do to further support and strengthen it.

    I’d recommend going to the birthing and parent classes run by the hospital too to reacquaint yourself with procedures and help with the anxiety.

    Finally – join the ‘new mums australia’ group On Facebook. It is such a supportive, friendly group (NOTHING like mumsnet I swear!) and no question is too dumb. No Judgey McJudersons allowed!

    You’ll be a fantastic mum to this boy, Em! Don’t worry! We’ve got your back! ?

    • Yes to all these!!! I have a 6 month old and I can’t agree with you more. Especially the women’s physio.. I havent peed myself once since I was pregnant ?? lol

  152. 1. Zip up swaddles are the bomb! Either Love to Dream or Ergo Cocoon (my dude didn’t like the love to dreams, he was a hands by his side sleeper)
    2. Some kind of baby carrier. I used a Boba wrap for when he was itty bitty and then an Ergo carrier when he felt a bit more solid.
    3. A breastfeeding pillow, super handy even when they get a bit older to prop them up. I got a cheap one from Target that did the job.
    4. Cloth Nappies/Terry Squares for the spit up ??
    5. Something that swings or bounces by itself so you can put them down and eat or nap or go to the toilet in peace.

  153. I say you buy whatever you damn well want if it brings you joy preparing, as you have waited a long time for this. Have fun…go ballistic but make sure you buy an electric swing…lifesaver. ?

  154. 1. Love to dream swaddle ( get the ones with a zip at the top and bottom)
    2. Chekoh wrap carrier
    3. Dribble bibs
    4. Zip up onsies, it’s to hard doing up press studs on zero sleep. They also sell ones with zips near the feet now too, AMAZING !!!
    5. I was unable to breastfeed my 3 kids so my 5th suggestion is a2 formula, I struggled with formula my first 2 and when I finally got on to a2 formula my baby was so much happier and calmer. A2 is so much gentler on babies tummies.

    Once your bub is here it will all come flooding back to you ?
    My kids are 5,3 and 8 months and everything changed all the time, what age to feed solids, what age to change to forward facing, what age to stop bottles and the list goes on.

  155. Hey Em,
    25 weeks with my first here and just a thank you for posting this.
    I’m currently ‘interred’ at RWH for ever hellish HG and a little boy bub who has a few things NQR. Which results in hourly freak outs, panic attacks, crying fits etc.
    I think every mum is a new mum.
    Even if you had on 18 months ago the fear is real, the baby is different, the ‘stuff’ has changed.
    My only saviour is great support networks (my partner, my family, my girl gangs) but MOST IMPORTANTLY the psych services you can get from your maternal care provider.
    Have a complete freak out breakdown with someone who is a professional in pregnancy mental health. “Hey, go preggo nuts, you need to let it out” mine said.
    And it means they can set you up with other mums, other professionals and best info to your questions etc.
    Hope you keep kicking ass (my bub’s current favourite in womb pastime) and get some answers.

  156. Em, you’ve got this. All this new stuff is definitely not needed. Burrito the boy if he loves it, don’t if he doesn’t. Cot safety is important but doesn’t have to send you broke. You’ll learn to be fast with nappy changes, or if your lucky like me your boys will pee in there own faces and not on you, but definitely point it down before fastening the tabs! Baby wearing is a game changer and you can still navigate shopping centres without walking 800miles to find a lift or a pram friendly escalator. Trust your gut and do what works for you! Can’t wait to watch it all unfold!

  157. Instincts will kick in Em. I had mild panic attacks ahead of the birth of my son. I was petrified! But looking back, and now mentally preparing myself to have another hopefully next year, these are my top 5 things i’ll be using again…

    Zip Up swaddles- Love to dream were great. My son loved the ones that rapped him tight like a little human squishy burrito. I sucked at the muslin wraps. Never tight enough and always a sneaky limb escaping.

    Breast Pump- Medela. Regretted not getting a double pump as stupid me associated that with twins…not actually having 2 breasts to drain! Idiot.

    Baby Shuser- The holy grail product I buy all of my friends. And all have loved me for it. I think sacrifices were made in my honor. Saves you hours, and your vocal chords, shusing your baby to sleep. Next level amazing.

    Muslins- Versatile little fuckers. Wraps, light weight blankets, and the ultimate burping rag….drape these over your shoulder to catch the litre of vomit they project daily.

    Baby Bjorn bouncer- Freedom to get shit done and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Rare! These are one of the original bouncers with an optional wooden toy play bar. Defs get that. You don’t need all the fancy music ones. Most kids hate on those. Stimulation overload! Keep everything simple and calm and you’re on to a winner.

    Good luck Em! You are going to slay! x

  158. Hi Em,

    I have an almost 2 year old. I loved having a travel system, where the capsule goes from car to pram. So much easier when you have a sleeping baby! Also loved my ergo360 baby carrier for the same reason.

    My other big one is the bonds zippy suits! One zipper is sooo much easier than 20 buttons when you’re trying to dress a wriggling baby!

    • 1. Love to swaddle bags! – fucken life saver for me not getting up if boys ever had face covered. (Slept way better in them)
      2. Cry it all out! Hormones son of a bitch. Cry it all freakin out til you feel better
      3. David Hoskings ointments! Game changer! Fabulous nappy rash cream! Promise Em everyone gonna be using it, it’s the best! Ointments are great for those dry patches bubba gets and they toxic free!
      4. A walk ! Just a nice stroll with a coffee !
      5. Anything with a zip! Look keeping back to basic mean less fiddle shit to deal with especially when you could be potentially catching shit while changing Bub (#justsayin it happened to me while Nonna was FaceTiming me from Hawaii!

  159. Hydrogel Breast Discs – brand is Rite Aid. Buy them by the truck load. They weren’t invented last time you had babies! They will save your nips!!! The rest looks after itself! The first 4 weeks were rough, but it gets better! Good luck! X

  160. 1. A white noise machine!!! One that you can bring with you is even better!
    2. Love to dream swaddles. Theyre so easy to use and they look so freaking cute in them!
    3. If nursing- a good comfy yet firm nursing pillow. They have your arms!!!
    4. Bonds wondersuits. Don’t even bother with any other kind of outfits.
    5. A big glass of wine, because after all that. Mama deserves it. Cheers xx

  161. It will all come back to you Em. I was having babies back when you were having them and then I just kept having them – every 3yrs – BOOM – another kid! I have a little tribe now and while so much changed, nothing really changed. You a the perfect Mum for your
    He-bub. Your boobs will ache, your heart will swell and your hormones will flood your Mumma-bod and get you into gear for the eternal parent roller coaster you are already on. You are just chucking another passenger in your carriage!!!
    1. Newborn nappies ✅
    2. Onsies ✅
    3. Zip-up swaddles (you don’t even have to do the baby origami these days)✅
    4. Boobs/bottles/formula (however the hell you want to nourish your little guy)✅
    5. The smell your baby craves that oozes from your pores✅
    You are good to go ?

  162. 1. Bonds or cotton on zippy suits. Outfits are cute but uncomfortable for babies and hard to change nappies & or clean up poop explosions. (Also ‘cos you’re having a boy he will piss on anything nice anyway… just a warning!!)
    2. Any kind of sleeping bag that’s nice and snug, saving the need to execute the swaddle with wriggly baby.
    3. Coffee holder for pram (because one time I sprained my wrist drinking coffee and pushing my pram one handed).
    4. Not a nappy bag. A back pack with heaps of compartments. If you can find an attractive one, that’s great… but I found my back pack was always so much easier to carry, more accessible and could fit more than any bulky nappy bag I had seen (no offence to nappy bags).
    5. Boobs or a bottle. Seriously it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the amazing things but at the end of the day, babies just need to be clothed and fed. Xx

  163. Don’t go crazy buying shit you don’t need ! Boobs and a good baby carrier ( stretchy wrap then Ergo,Tula or Woven wrap)
    will be your godsend. You got this ??

  164. 1. Love to dream wraps are the absolute best ever!
    2. If you can demand breastfeed. Don’t go by time just your perfect boy.
    3. Ergo baby carrier will safe your back, sanity, time and the girls and Scotty can easily use it too
    4. Cots are cots. Dont stress (I realise how ridiculous that sentence is haha. But really they’re all good now days)
    5. Australian breastfeeding association was my lifeline. Their website is super helpful. Their volis who work on their helpline are some kind of magical unicorns that help you when you’re at your worst with sore boobs and a screaming baby and a pump you don’t know how to use and milk you need to freeze but don’t know how to.
    6. You got this Em. Just love the shit out of him and you’ll smash this xxx

  165. A Hug a Bub baby wrap. Saved my life with my son. They are so cosy, and easy to figure out with a YouTube tutorial. The best thing I had while he was little ❤️ You’ve got this Em ??

  166. In the beginning you need yourself nappies and a comfey place to sit.
    Tell your brain to be quiet. My cots became clothes storage and my babies ended up in my bed because it was so much easier to just get a boob out, shove it in the baby’s general direction and go back to sleep.
    Babies need almost nothing when they are first born. If you have a bub that is calm you won’t need any white noise. If it screams YouTube, Spotify etc. Until you get something that makes the right noise to make baby quiet. That basically goes for everything. Babies are pretty tough little things. Do what works for you and your bub, tackle needs as they come up. You will rock this. Don’t put the nappy on inside out and put milk in the baby when needed and all will be fine ?

  167. 1. Bonds zippys – lots of them!
    2. Love to dream swaddles – 2-3 per size
    3. Bamboo blankets for bed and or pram etc
    4. Oricom baby monitor with screen
    5. Qv bath products and mostitrizer

  168. Don’t bother with a stroller. a sling, snuggle, is much better. Strollers are so big and baby is only so small for so little time. Grab a stroller when babe is bigger. Makes life easier. Can even just do a play pen in your room for a long time. And enjoy those late night feedings with the moon and the quiet. It doesn’t last long and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

  169. It will all come back to you once that baby is in your arms. But i strongly recommend looking after you in the “fourth trimestet”. Lucky for you that you have your girls and supportive hubby to help.
    1) baskets in rooms around the house where you will spending time ie lounge, bedroom etc with nappies, wipes, drink bottle, snacks, nipple cream, sudo cream, phone charger etc
    2) a cot that converts into toddler bed. We used the toddler bed conversion as a co-sleeper next to our bed when our bub was little as it was attached to our bed. Best thing ever as it meant it was 3 things in one.
    3) love to dream sleeping bag swaddles and/or good quality swaddled that are large. Watch ‘cath the midwifes’ swaddle technique on YouTube.
    4) material sling.
    5) body ice. They do nipple and fan ice packs. Best thing!!!

  170. You could honestly buy all the fancy schmancy things on every shelf, in every baby shop and little man will turn his nose up at all of it.
    Once you have little man in your arms everything will come flooding back. All you need to remember is to ask for help if you need it, sleep-lots of sleep, and always cover his wang when you remove a nappy- soon as the air hits it, he will pee everywhere, also always keep your mouth closed…..

  171. Do it your way like everything else in life, Em. The items that helped me:
    1. Angel wrap (zip up not those horrendous muslin ones that they Houdini out of) followed by sleeping bag from about 2.5-3 months
    2. Carrier – I need my hands but also happy to have baby close when baby needs it
    3. Medela freestyle pump and accessories (didn’t have much of a supply first time around but this time I did so pumping has meant baby will also takena bottle so there is life outside of breastfeeding)
    4. Online groceries and Dineamic foods (I’m sure your people will sort you out with food but a dinemaic foods delivery a few times truly helped)
    5. Low key nappy change wallet (small folding mat, room for a couple of nappies and a small container of wipes) because nappy bags are so 1990s…

  172. Love to dream swaddles and 50/50 Transition swaddles for when they start rolling
    Ring sling and Ergo 360 carrier
    Baby Bjorn Bouncer
    Baby banana teether and Munch mitts
    Hydrogel breast disks if breastfeeding

  173. A good carrier (I had/have an ergo 360 with a newborn insert), love to dream swaddles, a decent pram, low expectations of getting anything done and wine. You have got this ???

  174. The less stuff you have the less stress. My first born slept in the bassinet attachment from the pram for the first couple of nights until dad brought me the family bassinet. I didn’t have a change table. I had a basket that lived in the lounge room with nappies, wipes and cream. When she was little little I used a towel on the floor or the lounge and when she was older any flat surface worked. Babies don’t need everything. They need love and food and a clean bum. You’ll be right

  175. I’ve got a 6 month old so it’s pretty fresh in my mind… Lots of people have probably recommended these things but my biggest lifesavers have been the things that help with sleep. White noise comes in app form now (space age I know) we use the baby sleep Shusher app by relaxio (Android). Oricom camera and breathing sensor are a godsend because we banished her to her own room after two nights of attempted cosleeping (that mumxiety is peaked when you can hear every snort and fart your baby does). A lula doll or riff raff are great, a diffuser and lavender oil and finally for sleep Sanity I reckon loosely following the Little Ones Sleep program starting from 2-3 months is the biggest help. My baby girl sleeps 12 hours a night now. Just makes whatever the day brings that much easier! I hope the boobies do their job- mine were woefully incompetent… If you need to pump, a spectra 2 is great. Pigeon bottles wide neck peristaltic teats are good for trying to get bub to take a bottle. Lastly, I have a redsbsby jive platinum pram and I love it. I was looking at the bugaboo donkey but this one was better! Good luck going through all this info I’m sure it’ll just stress you out even more lol

  176. Hi Em!
    I have a 9 month old boy.
    No one told me I may have bugger all milk for my bub and may need to use formula.
    Bottles, reflux, blah blah.
    My best tips:
    -Embrace it all.
    -Dr Browns bottles are awesome and perfect for refluxy, coliccy babies (if you use a bottle)
    -BONDS. BONDS. BONDS. Best baby clothing. Wondersuits amazing.
    -No matter how well I swaddled my baby (without using a straight jacket) he still wriggled his way out of it. Swaddle suits are fantastic. No need to swaddle just zip. Then transition them into armless and they have all different thickness for summer/winter. No blankets required!
    -I’ve tried almost all the nappies, but end of the day Huggies are the best. They last 12 hours for the night time and then the coles brand (cubs) or woolies brand are good for the day time.
    Maybe stick with huggies for first few months with poosplosions ?
    -Last but not least. Nappy change time. POINT THAT WILLY DOWN. Otherwise if it’s elsewhere the nappy will leak.
    Enjoy & sending plenty of well wishes? xx

  177. Redcastle cocoonababy is a MUST! Baby girl slept a treat in and was sleeping through from 6-16 weeks. Then teeth and sleep progression.

    Sleeping bags (Love to Dream or Ergo Pouch) do away the need for swaddles but one or two swaddles are handy!
    Bonds onesies (ZIP!) are life.

    A fan to keep the room temp cool – Dyson do a good hot+cool fan so perfect for both seasons. Will possibly double as white noise which can be a game changer.

    Change table also essential for keeping your back in check with some sort of musical toy on it to keep your baby fascinated at change time. We make up nappy change songs which helped keep us sane early on but have sort of stuck, we are odd! 🙂

    Baby carrier – one that caters for bub to face in and out. We purchased an inward facing to begin with then went the Ergobaby Omni 360 cool air mesh thing.

    I also love the beautiful and natural Weleda baby shampoo and creams. You can use water in the bath without soaps etc but Weleda are my pick, espec for the baby bot.

    Joonya wipes are by far the most natural on the market with a decent price point and founded and run by a Mum and Dad. Definitely worth looking at online.

    For you –
    Breastfeeding support – especially the creams! Unless you’ve nips like a brickies knees you won’t need them but I’d stock up just in case on the Moo Goo Mudder Udder and or Lansinoh. The multi mam compress pads were also lifesaving at repairing cracked nips when bubs cut me a Harry Potter scar down one nip. Also super helpful to have the medela nip shields on hand, too.

    Lots of water. Lots of coffee. Lots of food deliveries from friends and fam. Lots of music!
    Lots of wine for when you can.

    Oh and a little foot stool for your loo to help with those initial poos. It’ll become a permanent fixture in the loo!

  178. Zip baby swaddles
    A ring sling carrier
    A car capsule that clicks into your pram
    A dummy
    Baby bjorn bouncer

    And make sure his penis points down in his nappy! ? learnt that the hard way!! ?

    You will be amazing! ????

  179. 1. love to dream swaddle (arms up) so much easier for nappy changes in the middle of the night and no origami wrapping fits.
    2. Glow dreaming unit for pink noise, red light and aroma therapy (when they are old enough) red light is great as you won’t have to turn on lights when feeding changing and will help you and your hubby sleep as well. I was sceptical but they are awesome!
    3. owlet baby monitor, if you are like me and sit awake watching bubs to make sure he is breathing this thing was such a relief. Works like the heart rate and oxygen monitors in the NICU. Put a little sock on bubs and it will alert you of there is anything amiss.
    4. Snail Nail Baby nail cutter. This thing is amazing (Aussie small business too). Works a little like a cuticle cutter but it is to cut bubs nails. It is literally impossible to hurt or cut bubs. This has helped a lot as my little one loves to gouge his face when sleeping.
    5. Once your Bub has reached 4 months download and app called ‘Huckleberry’ it is a sleep tool and will calculate ‘sweet spots’ for your Bub based on sleep tracking and some questions. This was invaluable for us and helping our son the learn how to self settle. Pop Bub in cot or down for nap close to the sweet spot time and getting them off to sleep will be hardly an issue at all.

    That is my 2 cents, good luck and remember just do what feels right. You are your babies world ❤️

  180. 1. If breastfeeding a lifetime supply of snacks and water ?? I could never stick to the 2-3 hr feeds I always demand fed. I couldn’t handle a screaming starving child as soon as that happened tit went in said child’s mouth instant silence ?.
    2. A baby carrier is a must have!!!
    3. Definitely go for bonds zippers or target/bigw look alike sad they have 2 zippers on at either end. Sooo much easier then a million buttons to under in the middle of the night ?
    4. Point the penis down. Point the PENIS DOWN!! For the love of god that snake attacks at any given moment majority of my incidents ended up my sons face being watered like a freshly seeded garden bed. I had two girls and was suprised with a boy and I knew sweet eff all about having a boy (apart from the odd babysitting of my nephews ?)
    I always found if I put the new nappy under neath it was great for a quick Switcheroo! And omg the poos I thought girls were bad you know it gets all up in their ? but no boys have balls it’s like dipping a strawberry in chocolate it gets all up and around those little peanuts. Just wait til the boners and playing with themselves start ? GOODLUCK!
    P.s if you don’t already have one. I’d love to gift you a baby shusher if I can get Address to send it to? I’ve recently become a consultant for a few baby items ? this is definitely a must have!

  181. 1. Any onesie you like!
    2. Aden and Anais muslins (they’re huge,soft and amazing!!!)
    3. A lamp for feeding time but with soft light so your not blinded and wide awake after feeding.
    4. Water bottle and snacks in your vicinity at all times
    5. Good shows to watch.

    Good luck everything will fall into place xo

  182. Breastfeeding: get yourself a Haakaa. It’s a godsend, I would leak so much milk during a feed from the opposite boob. One morning I caught 160mls JUST from a let down. So worth it.

    Invest in a good quality baby carrier and learn how to use it properly. Babies legs need to be in a certain position for their tiny hips, Tula are my fave Carrier.

    Love to dream swaddles are incredible. I never had them with my son & he woke every 3 hours exactly on the hour through the night for a feed. My daughter (9 weeks old) sleeps 6-8 hours, has a feed and sleeps for another 3-4 hours.

    Paw paw ointment, omg with out it I’d be screwed. It has so many great uses.

    As for storing breast milk, freshly expressed milk can be stored at room temp for 6-8 hours as long as the temp is under 26°c a fridge for no more than 72 hours. In an upright fridge freezer for 3 months (as long as the freezer has its own door) and 6-12 months in a deep freezer.
    remember; breastmilk has amazing antibodies to help fight bacteria it can help with conjunctivitis, sunburn, peeling skin. If you don’t use it in the required time frame, run a warm bath & add it in. It makes babies (and yours too) skin super soft. Very worth it.

  183. 1. Zippies! Bonds! No one has time for press studs in the night!!
    2. Muslim wraps that you love the print on. If it makes your eyes happy it’s worth it! Also must be large size of those teenie ones.
    3. Clean out your cupboard of anything that you know won’t fit or be good for feeding for a bit. Makes it much more fun getting dressed if everything you can see will actually work and not make you annoyed/throw a wardrobe fit.
    4. Love to dream swaddles for sleeps after the newborn burrito days are done.
    5. You’ve got this xo

  184. 1. A wrap carrier for the first few months. Trick that baby into thinking it’s still inside and it will sleep but you’ve still got your hands free.
    2. A pack of old fashioned cloth nappies. These are the best for throwing over you shoulder and saving your shirt from spew.
    3. Bottles. Even if your breastfeeding. It’s good to get them use to bottles from day one. One bottle feed a day give you a break and dad (or someone else) a bit of bonding. Plus you don’t want six months to go by and then your baby refuses to take a bottle, and you can’t have that long over due night/day out.
    4. Get yourself a nice pair of pjs. That way even when you can’t be bothered getting dressed in the morning you still feel good!
    5. Love to dream swaddles are awesome!

  185. 1. Love to dream arms up swaddle bags. SO EASY
    2. If breastfeeding doesn’t work; go to formula; don’t kill yourself.
    3. Bonds wondersuits/ suits with double zips. Single zips suck
    4. Sleep when they sleep
    5. YOUTUBE PLAYLIST FOR COLIC BABIES THIS SAVED MY LIFE. Played on repeat for the first two months to help get her to sleep ? It’s like water moving noises etc. to replicate being in your tummy. SAVED MY LIFE.

  186. 1. Get all the baby books that people give you and throw them in the bin. They just make you second guess yourself even more and create anxiety for no great reason. Listen to your gut, you got this!
    2. A small bassinet that you can move around the house with you (I had one upstairs and used the pram one for downstairs). Because that baby will be fresh out of the womb and you won’t want him out of sight!
    3. Some cotton terry towel nappies – vomit rags.
    4. Breast pads. Because the leaky boob look is never going to be a feel good fashion moment.
    5. A baby carrier. Some days he will just want to snuggle and you’ll just want to get your shit done. This way, you both get what you want. I loved the ergo (ugly but comfy as).
    6. I know you said 5 but this one is a must for those summer babies who get out and about with their fam – a proper little sun hat to protect that gorgeous little baby skin. Toshi have some super cute ones 🙂

  187. •Press studs can EAD at 1am…& 3am….& 5am
    •the hype about bonds wondersuit is warranted – double zips, mittens & socks all in one
    • tommy tipee cherry latex dummies – coles & woolies stock them, crisis averted
    • the love to dream swaddles – expensive but worth it…again with the zips

    •it’s ok to call your baby an asshole.

  188. We swear by our Riff Raff for white noise! They are so cute with different animals! We have the fox called Riff!
    Love to dream swaddles are a must! They are amazing and keep baby nice and cozy!
    Rascal & Friends nappies have just launched in Australia (sold in Coles) are the most amazing nappies ever!

  189. *Love to dream sleeping bags A MUST
    *infants friend an absolute life saver for a windy babe
    *4moms electric baby rocker!! brilliant!
    *nipple cream
    *bonds zippy’s
    *electric breast pump!

    Goodluck!! X

  190. 1. Safe T Sleep
    Stops them from rolling over when sleeping and means you don’t have to worry about wrapping them like a burrito.
    2. What ever pram you buy make sure they can sleep in it, let’s flat & has large canopy. Then teach to sleep in it when your at home. Just about all my daughter’s day naps were in the pram even when we were home. I parked it where ever I was and continued doing my thing. I wanted to teach her that regardless of noise, activity etc when I say it’s nap time it is just that. It took some practice but ultimately it gave me freedom. I was not a slave to being home for naps.
    3. A sling or carrier. I went for a sling in the end as my daughter was not into the carrier. They are great for when they are fussy and dont want ti be put down but your a busy working mum and just have to keep going.
    4. Be kind to yourself and have everything set up so you don’t have to bend over or get on the floor too much in the early days. I had to send my husband to buy a change table and baby bath as I ended up having an emergency c-section, so leaning over the bath tub to bath my daughter was not a option in the beginning.
    5. Whatever toy, blanket etc they bond with and must have at bedtime buy 6 more of. It will save you in your hour of need.

  191. Hey Em. Congratulations
    I saw a grest teething product on baby becalm products. A hand mitt if bubs a thumb sucker.. great teething tool. U got this too!

  192. Alright. First poop after bub you need to wrap your hand (mitten style) in toilet paper and gently apply pressure on the lady bits. It will help to both feel safe and like not everythingnis going to ‘fall out’ as well as provide resistance to push against!! Life saver. Second is having water with you at ALL TIMES. So thirsty.
    Third is accept help from others. Yes its meant to be you who holds the whole world up but it is nearly impossible so accept the help. A free meal, someone else vacuuming, someone else blowing the leaves out the garden to save your sanity!!
    And finally if its a boy, WILLY DOWN when putting the nappy on!!!!
    Love the shit out of you Em.

  193. I have an 8 year gap between my 2 and it felt like the whole world of babies had changed. Here are my life savers…
    – COFFEE!!!
    – Chocolate
    – love 2 dream sleeping bags at at least 3 in the small size to start (cause spew, poop always all the time and mt washmore trust me you need 3)
    – chekoh baby carrier
    – bassinet that’s easily moved around
    – bonds zippys HEAPS (again spew, poop and mt washmore)
    – Online food shopping or click and collect is a lifesaver

    Enjoy those newborn snuggly sleeps on your chest cause they are the actual best.

  194. 1. Snacks and some freezer meals (and a husband to deliver them to you when you’re stuck on the couch with a baby glued to you) – the Carmen’s muesli bars are great!
    2. Coccoonababy – expensive but ohhhhhhh so worth it. My baby slept like a dream the night we started using it with her. It’s great for colic and reflux babies, prevents flat head and keeps them all cocooned and snuggly like in the womb.
    3. Sleeping bags – no one wants to be fussing with muslin wraps trying to get a decent swaddle at 3am – zzzzzzzz. I’d suggest buying a Love to Dream (hands up) and a Grobag/Ergobaby Cocoon (arms on) to trial both as you won’t know what your baby likes until they’re out. You can use most straight away from birth (3.5kg and up).
    4. Bonds zippy suits or any other suit with a double zip. Death to press studs. Again, no one wants to be trying to line those bastards up correctly at 3am – zzzzzzzzz.
    5. Your mumma gut instincts and your heart. Trust them and follow them. Don’t worry, those mumma instincts will click in the moment your bub arrives and your heart will always lead you to do the best by your baby and you.

    Things you DON’T need immediately:
    1. breast pump. If you do, most pharmacies rent out hospital grade ones and then if you need one ongoing or would like to express and store milk once you has BF established you can buy one. Spectra are awesome.
    2. Cot. Unless you are planning on putting bub in there straight away or really want to have the nursery done before bub arrives.
    3. Rattles/toys/comforters. You’ll probably be gifted some and won’t need them straight away.
    4. A heap of clothes. Again, you’ll be gifted sooooo many clothes so save your $$ now. Plus, baby will probably be living in sleepsuits and rompers anyway. Ain’t no one got time for cutesy, intricate outfits that they will only shit through or spew on.

  195. I don’t have 5 but I definitely recommend getting a Riff Raff & Co! They play a lullaby and heartbeat and definitely help with sleep association!

  196. 1. Ergo baby carrier (make sure he can sit facing inwards and outwards)
    2. A good breast pump (medela double pump saved my life…twice!)
    3. Love to dream baby zip swaddles
    4. Coles home delivery
    5. A comfy rocking chair. Great for feeding, settling at all hours of the day/night, and now I use it to hide from my toddler because he doesn’t think to look for me in the chair!

    Good luck! You’ve got this!! ??

  197. Hydrogel breast discs is my number one ESSENTIAL item! (The new cold cabbage leaves)

    A car capsule that clips into your pram! They are brilliant.

    Small (40×40) muslin wraps to use a sick clothes. Always carry one on your shoulder for the sicky spills.

    A comfy feeding chair and a good night light.

  198. The love to dream swaddles are the best. Used them on my little guy since day 1. He’s now 11 weeks old and already sleeps through the night. A carrier- I have an Ergo 360 and I also have a Chekoh wrap. So handy to wear them when they are cranky to calm them down and to wear around the house to get stuff done. Also good at the shops because you have both hands free. A breathing and movement monitor- anxiety at night be gone! And a breast pump so you can have a wine or 3! You’ve got this! X

  199. Oricom movement and video monitor is the best thing ever gives you peace of mind while your baby is sleeping. Also have a breastpump for the just incase. Was so lucky I have bought a manual one and put it in the cupboard came in handy in the middle of the night a few times.

  200. Love to dream swaddles are the bomb!!!
    Play mat
    Bouncer or swing thingy
    Not sure for BReastfeeding as my boobs let me down. So i formula fed – bottle steriliser
    Ummmm and then wing the rest. I got a lovely grotime cot/change table thing and it converts to a toddler bed and then a single bed. Good luck Em xxx

  201. Do what ever works for you and your family. There is no new ‘rules’ Em but since when do you follow the rules anyway.
    You have got this. You already have awesome kids. This Bub is going to be just the same.

    1. Safe place for Bub to sleep
    2. Something for Bub to eat. Breastfeeding or formula or a mix of both. Do whatever works for you. There is plenty of online support for breastfeeding if you find it difficult. Or better yet see a certified lactation consultant they are amazing. Breast pumps vary according to your needs ask the shop assistant they will help you narrow it down. If your formula feeding there are these espresso type machines for formula ??
    Formula black market is a real thing. If using formula always have a backup tin.
    3. Love to dream arms up swaddles. AMAZING. I couldn’t wrap my daughter very well. These saved me and my sleep.
    4. Car seat. I loved a capsule that went onto my pram. No need to wake a sleeping baby
    Look for a car seat or capsule with a smaller base so that both your girls have room to sit in the car.
    5. There are a million products. But every baby is so different so parent how ever you see fit. And do whatever works for your baby.
    Good luck. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ the little one.
    Oh p.s you can still get onesies with press studs but babies wiggle. 2 way zips on the new bonds onesies are so handy.

  202. Love to Dream sleep suits
    Nappy Goo (the tea tree really kicks the smell of baby poop away)
    Ergo Baby carrier
    Sound Spa
    A cot or bassinet that can move or rock
    Bonds onesies – easily washable and last forever.
    Hydrogel cooling breast pads
    Tim Tams
    Have your Entourage worded up (a post natal psych, a lactation consultant, a womens health GL PT

  203. Oh girl, you’ve got this. Remember, no one knows what they are doing, we all just middle through it

    Things you need:
    1. Love to dream swaddles- zippers, no fussing in the night with swaddling just zip and go
    2. Silicone hand pump- if you’re feeding these are the best. Suction it on, leave it while you’re feeding on the other side and boom 100mls of magic milk
    3. IKEA cot- nothing fancy, works, cheap
    4. Bonds wonder suits- zips both ways, cute, not too warm but still snuggly

  204. The Australian Breastfeeding Association will have everything you need in terms of breastfeeding and breastmilk info. Yes, formula still exists and there IS an overseas blackmarket but not all formulas go there, if/when you’re ready for formula chat with your trusty pharmacist (or find one) and they’ll bring you up to speed. Zip up swaddles are a godsend. Grocery delivery and fast food delivery are also a new mums best friend. I’ve also just recently come to appreciate a forehead thermometer, you don’t even need to touch a baby to get their temp, mine (thermometer, not the baby) also checks water, food and room temp, brill. A few things might have changed with safe sleeping guidelines (check SIDS safe sleeping), but the rest will probably be the same. Except the penis. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD POINT THE PENIS DOWN WHEN YOU CHANGE THE NAPPY!! You’ll be amazing. Can’t wait to e-meet him.

  205. 1. Love to dream baby swaddle
    2. Baby swing – excellent to give your arms a break and make a cuppa
    3. Nipple cream – doubles as fantastic lip balm
    4. A tin of formula for standby – even if breastfeeding it’s great to have an emergency one on hand in case you need it
    5. Lulla doll – creepy little bartards but ours has been great for my 6 month old.
    Really you need none of that stuff and you will be amazing, but these have all worked for me xx

  206. I’m so excited for your baby ?? you do pregnancy so beautifully!

    My top 5

    1. Bonds zippies (so easy for nappy changes)

    2. A decent baby swing to save your sanity

    3. Good quality essential oils and a go to gal who can help you learn how to use them to settle yourself and Bub (I use DoTerra)

    4. INFANTS FRIEND..cannot recommend this enough for wind!

    5. A good quality breast pump if you plan to breast feed ❤️

    All the best xx

  207. I became a first time mum 2 weeks ago to a boy, its been fine. The world did not end. I can still leave the house. People are willing to help 🙂
    Ive been told they can pick up on anxiety, and although its easier said than done, weve managed to stay chill…so he has too.
    1. He loves being wrapped in a muslin cloth. Once hes wrapped like the tightest little burrito, hes happy to put himself to sleep.
    2. Bassinet on wheels. Lifesaver. He sleeps in our room at night and during the day we wheel it out to the loungeroom for naps while mummy recovers in front of netflix.
    3. Cloth nappies. They hold a shit tonne more shit than disposables. A little more work but were trying to be a bit more sustainable as well.
    4. Spew rags. Have them in every room, for every instance (spew, wee, poo exposions) for ultra quick clean up. Plus theres some cute omes out there.
    5. Boobs. The best kind of portable baby vending machine.
    Keep it simple, they just want your love, not gadgets 🙂

  208. Foget a couple of things, if you want to pump and express breast milk just go the whole hog and buy the medella swing double breast pump, so muck quicker and easier than buggerising around with a single one. Foget press study by only Zip Up Suits my hubby will not use press studs ever !! If you try bottles and are having issues even the fussiest of babies go for Minbie bottles apparently google it !! and Finally a Video Monitor, i didn’t get the one with all the alarms I am paranoid enough without having the s^&% scared out of me if they move off the pad. THis way you check if they are really awake or just messing with you !!

  209. 1. Love to dream swaddle in all the sizes because they’re amazing from birth til they stand up in a cot
    2. Ergo or Manducca baby carrier so you can actually get shit done
    3. White noise machine, you can even get a portable one so you can take it in the car or have it in the room
    4. Amber beads once teething commences. I once thought they were just a gimmick so didn’t use them for my first but my second and third had them and they have some mystical voodoo magic in them!
    5. Last one is advice to take or leave… but as a mummy of 3 boys… farts burps and gentilas are found hilarious from a far younger age then you would think. Nature vs nurture is REAL all of my boys have been full on boys since they marched out the womb they love noise and dirt and smells and can tell you every type of car on the road and all the machinery used by council workers they jump off of the highest things they can find pretty much the day after first steps are taken. But most of all they love their mamas fiercly. Expect to be smothered in more kisses then you ever thought possible, so many hugs and compliments galore! Although I don’t have anything to compare it to, there is nothing better then being a boy mum!

  210. My babies were less than 3 years apart and I’d already forgotten everything.

    Breastfeeding: my tuppence is – every baby is different and the ABA is A M A Z I N G. Use them and use the lactation consultants if you need. My hospital had a drop-in breastfeeding session for new mums. I went the morning after my son was born, I was the only one there and had a fabulous 1:1 session. With my daughter I’d needed weeks and weeks of lactation appointments.

    Half the new gadgets and gizmos in the shops are a waste of time. Use your local lending economy as much as you can, you’ll be surprised how many friends have just what you need then you can try it out without wasting a gazillion dollars.

    With my 2nd a wrap carrier was a godsend so I could carry on hands free and do anything. Amazing to get him to sleep. With my first they’d seemed hippy and intimidating.

    I’m sure there’s heaps more I could say but everyone is different in what works for them and what works for bubs. Take care. You got this.

    • I had a baby in a second marriage 9 years after my first. It was horrific. I forgot that I had to give up wine and cheese and wine and wine.

      The most beautiful part was being so relaxed because I knew I wouldn’t kill this one. And he’s the most relaxed boss of our family. And such a blessing

      My go to items are

      Nappies, formula, bottles, wine, wine

    • Em, I had 4 daughters and my 2 youngest have blessed me with 2 grandsons and 1 grandaughter and another is due anytime within this next week… ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I buy a boomerang pillow and a couple of pillowcases for anyone having a bub. My daughter’s have said it was the best thing to use and my grand babes still use them on their beds. Sleeping bags have definitely changed since my own children and my daughter’s have found the swaddles and their babes seem to settle well in them but get the one that the shoulders zip off as my grandaughter at 9 months still wears it with one arm out. After my number 3 daughter got too big for the bassinet I brought a portable cot and both number 3 and 4 daughters slept in that until they went into a bed and it helped them to sleep well when they had to sleep in a different environment ( for example at their Grandparents or on holidays) My daughter borrowed a co-sleeper and I thought this was a great idea too having bubby close by and easy to get to… Have a few different types of dummies just in case too! … May your little man slip into the world without any problems or issues… ? Good luck with everything Em… Remember it’s like riding a bike but thanks to modern society it makes things easier for Mums these days… ???❤️?

  211. My main life saver is “The Rocket” it literally looks like a rocket and you strap it to your pram and it rocks the pram for you!! So if your out and about or at dinner or at home you don’t have to worry about pushing the pram backwards and forwards! It does it bloody for you!! Best $80 I spent!! Xo

  212. I’m not a mum, so no advice. BUT just here to say I keep hovering the mouse icon around your head on the picture to give you a glitter shower and I’ve got to say you’re looking fabulous with it! …..When I glitter shower Scotty, he just looks high or like you’re casting a spell over him.

    You’ve got this!

  213. Love your hilarious way of putting what we all go through into words Em.

    Top 5 baby things that rock:
    1. hand down the best thing ever is the love to dream zip swaddles as i am useless at wrapping like a burrito
    2. Lilybaby carrier
    3. Baby change mat rollup wallet
    4. bibs / cloth nappies for spew
    5. microwave bottle sterilizer / portable white noise machine

  214. 1. Halo Sleepsack Swaddles: they’re sleeveless sleeping bags with velcro flaps on the side to wrap their arms like a huge Burrito…no more wrangling baby with a muslin wrap! Plus bubs can still get to their hands (our baby sucks her thumb rather than a dummy but can’t get to her hands in some other sleeping bags).
    2. The Nail Snail: the easiest way to cut bubs nails without chopping off the end of their finger!
    3. Capsule for the car with a compatible pram. So much easier than fiddling with the damn straps every time you want to get them in and out.
    4. A baby bouncer: not the new high tech disco music, self-rocking, party ones…I’m talking an old school metal frame with netting in between. You can’t beat them!
    5. A pram sleeping bag: once you’re out of the capsule and the weather is a little cooler the are super handy! We used ours all winter and bubs was always so snuggly all and warm. Most of them can be unzipped into a pram liner for the warmer weather too.
    Lastly, just relax! You’ve done this before…you got this!

  215. The GroEgg has been amazing for us. It has colour coding for room temperature. Blue for too cold. red for too hot and orange for perfect. It’s so good when trying to work out if baby’s room is okay to sleep in

  216. 1- a good, comfy breastfeeding pillow (great for bottle feeding too).
    2- big lightweight wraps. 120cmx120cm at least. Learn midwife Caths wrap technique – it will save your life.
    3- a really comfy chair to feed in. And another really comfy chair for when you get sick of spending too much time feeding/rocking/settling/feeding/too scared to move because the baby is finally asleep in the first chair.
    4- a tin of formula and bottles in the cupboard just in case you have a rough night feeding (if that’s what you chose to do) because you’ll never be quite as stressed if you know you have a back up option within reach.
    5- some confidence. Because you got this. Scotty got this. Your girls have got this. You’ll all be fabulous (obviously). Looking after a newborn is so much easier with big kids to get you the drink you can’t reach, make your coffee, entertain bub while you pee… enjoy it.

  217. You have so many so ill just give you my top 1
    I had the Terry towel reusable nappies just stashed all over the house to clean up vomit and spills.
    I still have them now and my son is 2.5 years old

  218. Hi Em,

    I used to work in the baby industry (including for a leading car seat brand as a consultant), and this is my list of must haves:

    1) The ABSOLUTE most important thing you need to have for Bub is a car seat that is as safe as possible, but also that fits in your car. It’s 100% worth having your seat fitted professionally, for peace of mind, and it’s recommended to get this done by 36 weeks! My go to car seat brand is Britax, hands down.

    2) BABY CARRIERS! I feel like this is the baby fashion statement you need to be looking into! A stretchy wrap is perfect for those first few months where your little boy will be all squishy and new, and a buckle carrier will rock your world (literally, you will be rocking your baby in this thing) from then til you decide you’re done. Have you heard of Tulas? They’re pretty darn amazing and comfy and easy to use. Keeping bubs close is just as much for your sanity as it is for their comfort. Hands freeeeeee! Also, feeding on the go in a carrier whilst pushing a shopping trolley = game changing parenting. Also, a ring sling. Those things are invaluable too. Wear all the babies.

    3) if you plan to breastfeed, look up some wicked WAHM’s who make reusable breast pads. Kind on you and the environment! Also, lanolin. Endless tubes of lanolin for the nips.

    4) COCONUT OIL! Don’t use any nasty soaps in your bubba’s baths! Pop a spoonful of coconut oil in the bath. It’s great for milk rash, any kind of dry skin etc, and also for cradle cap. Plus it just makes them smell even more ridiculously delicious.

    5) other baby body products! Check out Little Innoscents – they’re an Aussie brand of natural and organically derived baby and family products that don’t compromise on quality and efficacy. Their Paw Paw balm is one of those items that you probably should just have one tube of in every bag, car, and room that the baby could be in. It’s also great for your lips (just like the other paw paw ointment in a red tube, just without the petrochemicals)

    6) pram liners. Shit happens, and it’ll be easier for you to clean it up from in the pram if you’ve got a liner you can whip out and throw in the machine.

    7) Muslin or similar reusable wash cloths. So much kinder on baby skin, and again, the environment.

    8) isn’t for baby, but is for you. RECOVERY GARMENTS! Get some. Wear them. Take care of yourself ♥️

    9) if you’re opting for separate sleeping, then check out the cord at Pottery Barn. Holy smokes they are breathtaking. If they’re not your cup of tea, then I also love a boori, or stokke.

    10) a Nuna Leaf!!!! No batteries. No power. 85kg weight limit. Soooo soothing for babies and kids, a tap with your foot and this bad boy will have your baby swaying gently, like a leaf in the breeze.

    11) this one may not be ideal for the newborn stage, buuuuut modern cloth nappies. Again, awesome for the environment and gentle on baby’s tush, but also…. sus out all the amazing work WAHM’s do. You can get some of the most amazing custom nappies!

    I could go on for foreveeer. But I’m cutting myself off.

    All the very best, Em and family! Cannot wait for baby spam to fill my insta feed xx

  219. My son is almost 6 months old, I love him with every piece of me but my god he is shit at the whole sleep thing!!!! So atm we have the glow dreaming light I saw some other people mention and a white noise night light (glow dreaming does white noise too but for some reason I got this night light first! so I feel bad not using it ??‍♀️) I have just put him down for the first time with his Riff Raff doll (google it, it’s a thing and I pray to god it helps! I’ll let you know!!) apart from that these are my go to things:
    1. Gaia sleep time bath wash, actually their whole range is awesome
    2. Amber teething necklace (I was a massive skeptic but I swear to you, it helps and I really notice if he doesn’t have it on!)
    3. Love to dream swaddles (expensive but worth it!)
    4. Essential oils for diffusing around the house and when he gets older, a little lavender on his feet and sleep suit before bed never hurt anyone
    5. A co-sleeper bassinet, obviously each to their own but I don’t sleep when he is in our actual bed for fear of rolling on him, and he bloody squirms and stuff, a co-sleeper allows him to be right next to me, at the same level and I can just put my hand out and touch him, like an extension of my own bed!
    6. Bloom fresco high chair, the look super cool and are really handy to put the baby in when you want them nearby (converts so you can use it from newborn – 2 years old)
    7. Big plush elephant toy from Ikea! My sister got my son his one and he loves it! I wish I could get an adult sized one!!! He would sleep on it all the time and now he is almost sitting it is the perfect thing to have behind him to soften any falls! I wish I could add a photo here!

    I have a heap of Muslin wraps in cool prints, I use them more now for sheets in his bassinet with the warmer weather then I did when he was little.

  220. My eldest is 9 when we had our last who is r in January my husband even though I had 3 girls insisted I buy ALL all in one’s with zips and zips only and replace all the ones we had.

    Love to dream swaddles are the best too.

    Ergo carrier my 2nd and 3rd lived in it wished I had it with no1.

    Muslin swaddles my 3 summer babies loved them perfect when newborns need swaddling on hot days. Aden anais were my go to one’s. The winter 4 layer Muslin blankets are awesome. My big girls 3,5,9 have them on there beds still….

    Love feeds and sleep is all they really need ?

  221. My eldest is 9 when we had our last who is r in January my husband even though I had 3 girls insisted I buy ALL all in one’s with zips and zips only and replace all the ones we had.

    Love to dream swaddles are the best too.

    Ergo carrier my 2nd and 3rd lived in it wished I had it with no1.

    Muslin swaddles my 3 summer babies loved them perfect when newborns need swaddling on hot days. Aden anais were my go to one’s. The winter 4 layer Muslin blankets are awesome. My big girls 3,5,9 have them on there beds still….

    Phil n Ted Porta cot

    Love feeds and sleep is all they really need ?

  222. Hello from Canada. Love ya.
    1) Breast feeding pillow a must- a girls arms get tired real fast with all that feeding and holding. Lol
    2)I had a pram loved it. But after a few months went for a city mini. – small enough to fold up and pack around and very easy for friends to take over a give a little break 🙂
    3) I manual pumped due to the fact it was simpler and not so many parts
    4) Receiving Blankets. Those little angels get their fluids everywhere.
    5) You will rock this. 🙂

  223. Mum of 5, pregnant with baby 6 here. My advice? Keep It Simple! Here is what I found were essentials (aside from nappies etc).

    1. Baby swing, preferably one that swings multiple directions not just back and forward.

    2. Baby carrier like ergo, Manduca or tula. So much easier than always lugging a pram and makes shopping easier. Plus keeps nosy stranger’s away from baby. Yes I’m looking at you, Susan with the chin hair!

    3. Bassinet. Unless you want to cosleep then disgard this one. But seriously, no cot is needed in the first 3-4 months (or longer!).

    4. Padsicles. Frozen pads, preferably with a little witch hazel added. Sweet sweet relief for your lady parts! Frozen disposable newborn nappies will also work. And can also be used to sooth sore bosoms. Also, a squirt bottle for the same area for post birth toileting. Trust me on this one.

    5. Possibly the most important. Your village. Because no matter what you have in the way of things, you will need your village in those early weeks. Lean on them, accept their offers of help and spend time getting to know your new addition. I recommend looking up the 4th trimester.

    Best of luck, Em! You got this!

  224. Love to Dream Swaddles – saves the wrestling match trying to keep them in a wrap
    Zip Suits with hands and feet – some don’t have hands and feet which is particularly important if they like to scratch their face (saves mittens)
    A cot with a side that lowers – makes the ‘trying to put a baby in the cot while already asleep manoevre’ so much easier and saves your back
    A comfy chair to nurse in – there are many pretty ones but check comfort first (I had the Plush Sofas mini snuggle swivel chair)
    Some different types of nappies to try – depending on body shape some fit better than others ensuring no messy leakages! What worked for my first didn’t for my second.

  225. 1. For breastfeeding buy a Haakaa, super cheap silicone vessel that attaches to your other breast when feeding and catches your let down. No wasted milk and you can build up a nice supply in the freezer just from doing this.
    2. Love to dream swaddles idiot proof.
    3. Moses basket can be moved from room to room so they can always be near you.
    4. Baby carrier so you can get stuff done when they are extra clingy.
    5. Zipsuits are the bomb buy lots and lots. Bonds have awesome designs and most are gender neutral.
    I have an 8 week old baby (3rd boy) my other two are 5 and years old so s decent gap and alot has changed just in 5 years.

  226. I had 4 babies pretty much back to back. My lifesavers were a cocoon sleeper, dream zip up swaddles, baby carrier ( my favourite was the Bjorn), a dummy and snuggle muslin. Get them attaching to something to sleep with right from the start. I always used muslin because I’d use it as a spew cloth after a feed and just put it in the cot so that it smelt like breast milk ?‍♀️

  227. Em, you’ll be amazing! Don’t freak out! I’m trying to remember for myself too – I think our babes are due around the same time. (mid – late January?)
    My top 5 are:
    1.If you breastfeed get hydrogel breast pads and put them in the fridge
    2. Cloth nappies (like big softies) to use as spew rags, my kid’s 2 and we still use them
    3. A proper feeding chair, again, we still use ours for stories and getting him to sleep
    4. A room thermometer like a gro egg
    5. Zip up onesies – these are good in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep and trying to change a nappy.
    Good luck, it’s so I overwhelming! Xx

  228. Just in case you can’t or just don’t want to breastfeed. The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine was a life saver!
    I’m in the UK so I’m guessing they sell them there or an equivalent.

  229. A rockit. It rocks your pram for you and it’s A-maxing! They weren’t around when I had my first and I constantly think how much easier life would have been if they did. She used to wake as soon as you stopped moving. This has meant being able to go to normal appointments and kept him sleeping. I even whack it on when I’m perusing the tinned tomato section at woolies (way to many options given the nature of the product). Do it! You won’t regret it. Oh and a capsule for the car rather than a regular backwards facing car seat. Game changer!

  230. 1. Video baby Monitor
    2. Electric Breast pump or bottles on hand
    3. Coffee
    4. Chocolate ? (a lot)
    5. Netflix or Stan or both

    I have a 6 yr age gap between my kids & found second time around I didn’t need all the things I thought I needed the first time around!

    You got this mumma! ??

  231. 1. Love to Dream swaddles – the best invention, no wrapping needed. Buy 3 – one on, one in the wash & one clean ready to go.

    2. Spectra breast pump – the blue portable one. Life saver when on the road. Also, freeze your milk in sandwich bags. Easy to take out of the freezer and warm up.

    3. Spew rags – and lots of them. Handy to wipe up anything, not just baby vomit. We still use them today, and our toddler is 2.5yrs old.

    4. Cot that converts to toddler bed – we have a Boori cot. Came with chest of drawer combo, and change table sits on top. Can take off later on, when nappies are no longer needed. But hey, don’t stress about co sleeping either. We still do it. Makes life easier some nights.

    5. Bonds wondersuits – zip both ways. And have no feet (you can flip the feet over if needed). We have a very tall kid and never used the feet, always socks. So they lasted that little bit longer. If you have tall children, don’t go for any wondersuits with feet (like those at big w / target).

    Enjoy the ride. You’ve done it before and it’ll all come back naturally. Plus, you’ve got a husband and two beautiful daughters who will be there to help too. Good luck mumma!

  232. 1. Get a co-sleeper and worry about the cot later. But make sure the cot converts to a toddler bed to make the transition to a actual bed easier.
    2. Swaddles with zips. My son lived in the love to dream swaddles, because he refused to sleep with his arms down. Velcro is awful and the sound of it would wake my son every.single.time.
    3. Spectra S2 breast pump. Double, electric, hospital grade AND a closed unit so no milk or moisture can get inside and cause mould.
    4. A baby carrier, I loved the manduca because you didn’t need an extra insert for the newborn stage. It was already built in.
    5. Zip up onesies, because buttons or snaps in the middle of the night will make you cry.

  233. First time mumma here! (Bub is 9 months old now, where the hell did that time go!)
    1- Love To Dream swaddles are a must! You can swaddle over also if bub has a strong startle reflex. So freakin easy and the double zip so easy night time nappy changes.

    2- A capsule for the car. I knoe most people go with the 0-4 baby seats now days but trust me, when that kid falls asleep in the car/pram and you’ve got shit to do you NEED to be able to get him around without waking him and making the rest of your day a shitfight as a result. (Just remember not to leave bub in capsule sleeping with it flat on the floor, google will explain)

    3- I had a cosleeper bassinet, I’d roll over, grab him and chuck him on the boob. Bloody lifesaver.

    4- You probs already know this one but cloth nappies for spew, tears (yours and his) and all the rest.

    5- Netflix, because you never leave the couch some days.

    Can’t bloody wait to share your 3rd time mumma journey, you’re gunna kill it (again!) And the boy thing is a piece of cake. I have 3 sisters and a niece so I was very confused what I was supposed to do with a boy and his boy parts but I’d easy take all boys now!
    Good luck x

  234. 1. The zippy sleep/wrap suits. F#%^ all that wrapping in muslin. Sorry, but ain’t nobody got time for that at 3am after feed and change and adore and change
    2. Video monitor. That sound? What was it? Am I going to get out of my comfy bed to go look? No – because I can see on the video that everything. is. fine.
    3. Comfy chair if you don’t already have one. Recline, feet up, spin, whatever. Think about all the time in that thing. Pockets on side for mags, iPad, etc = bonus
    4. Those gel breast pad things. Amazing relief. Keep the cabbage leaves for the coleslaw
    5. A sign that says “wake the baby it goes home with you” for the front door.

  235. I have an 8 month old boy. So far these are our can’t live without and my experiences!
    1. White noise machine that also plays lullabies. From baby bunting it looks like a mouse.
    2. Ergo pouch swaddles and sleep suits. Zip the baby up instead of wrapping! Easy
    3. When changing nappy put something over that ding dong otherwise EVERYTHING gets weed on!
    4. Say goodbye to sleep unless you have a unicorn good sleeper! But, you’ll sleep again!
    5. Get that baby onto one bottle a day so hubby can give one and you can get some rest!
    6. Get that baby onto a dummy and persevere. Mine never took one but I believe it helps them to self settle to sleep when they are older !
    7. Ergo baby carrier! Strap that baby on and have some rest watching nextflix while they sleep!
    8. Take all advice with a pinch of salt and do what feels right!!
    9. Go to your Mothers Group! Those bitches will become your lifeline!

    You’ll be fine and it’s all worth it! As you already know!

  236. You’ll be great, just remember that ‘this too shall pass’ when things feel tough.
    1. The little book of self care for new mums. So brilliant and really honours the idea of the 4th trimester and taking care of you.

    2. Tom’s maternity pads. There are none better.
    3. A stretchy wrap carrier is game changing when they are small so they can be close to you or Dad but you still keep your arms free (Hug a bub, chekoh, vixsa, elki etc). Practice wrapping it before they arrive with a teddy so it doesn’t feel so daunting after they are born. Everyone who loves these wishes they started using them from birth and pays to feel comfortable putting it on (I promise it’s worth it). When they are bigger you can move onto an ergo baby carrier or the like.
    4. Bonds zippy suits are super easy with fun bright prints and they can totally wear them day and night for the first 2 years as far as I am concerned
    5. Aldi nappies are some of the cheapest and actually very good. Am pregnant with my second and never quite got around to trying cloth nappies as much as I really wanted to for the environmental benefits, so this time have signed up to try this awesome cloth nappy delivery and washing service with Botanic baby.

  237. 1 Love to Dream swaddle suits – forget swaddling except maybe for the first couple of days when they’re super tiny!
    2 medela breast pump
    3 Kmart or Bonds nursing singlets – you will live in them if breastfeeding. Buy several. Have snacks and drinks on hand for yourself at all times too!
    4 A bassinet that is bed height – makes resettling etc much easier
    5 A dim lamp or night light for night feeds – just enough so you can see what you’re doing.
    Start with some basics, then add what you need after the first few weeks. It’s so easy to go overboard!! All the best – boys are the best!!

  238. Best things we purchased (didn’t know until after a couple of weeks of newborn shit storm that we needed them)
    1. Bonds wondersuits are a lifesaver during the night when you can’t be fucked doing up 400 tiny press studs on a onesie.
    2. Love to dream swaddles incase your baby doesn’t like being a burrito. Still keeps them from smacking themselves in the face but they don’t look like a snack.
    3. Singlets with press studs at the crotch. I know I said press studs are annoying but nothing is more annoying than constantly pulling a babies singlet down under their shirt or onesie.
    4. Ollie the owl as a sleep aid. Plays all different sounds including a heart beat and has a night light too.

    That’s probably it, you’ll kick ass anyway!
    Also remember the shops are just around the corner if you need something spare of the moment.

  239. I think there’s lots of suggestions up there. We decided to get informed about babies sleep, science behind it etc. I had questions like how long should they be awake and asleep? How many naps do they have at certain ages? How many times am I supposed to feed them? Gah. So we got “dream start baby” and learnt all these things. The charts are still on my wall! Of course each baby is a little different but it made me stop questioning if everything was ok. Because of this we never had dummies, white noise, no rocking, no expensive contraptions, no potions and lotions. Sleep became a simple and natural process. He woke, he ate, he played (or lovingly gazed into our eyes and got cuddles) and repeat.

  240. Hey lovely, for feeding/pumping I would 100% say get a Hakkaa pump it’s just suction so pop it on while baby is feeding on other side and all that liquid gold won’t vanish into a breast pad

  241. Hey Em
    I had 10 years between my middle child and my youngest and the fact I was having a baby didn’t hit me until after I had him and he was laying in my arms late the first night in the hospital. Lots of WTF was running through my head and also I don’t remember how to do this! Can I say it all comes flooding back and he is 4 now and a pretty good human! I actually found with him that I was a better more patient Mum. That instead of feeling like I had to look after him AND do everything else I just enjoyed him. I let him sleep in my chest and would just watching him for hours. As for all the baby stuff half of it you won’t need. I bought a change table and used it for storage not once did I change his bum on it!
    You will ace this trust me 🙂

  242. So, I’m not sure that much has changed in how babies are designed these days, but being a boy, the only difference from your girls is his ‘under the nappy part… ‘ buy heaps of flannels….. nappy changing will be easier if you cover that thing up immediately with one of your new flannels and sort the other stuff with it covered. You won’t need goggles or a face mask to prevent the ol fire hydrant from dousing you. That’s all. No other changes have been made to the design. Carry on as normal. A the best. It’s an exciting time.

  243. You are going to be awesome!
    Definitely the love to dream swaddles, so much easier than trying to wrap a baby in the middle of the night and they zip upwards for nappy changes.. win!
    Lulla Doll for white noise. Heartbeat and breathing… My absolute saviour! I started using it was soon as I got home from the hospital and am still using it 18months later. Runs for 8 hours at a time. My daughter looks for it now at bed and naptime and she can cuddle it so extra comfort. Lulls me to sleep also.. win win!

  244. 1. BubbaCosy for sleeping
    2. Infants Friend to help settle a gassy tummy
    3. The Wonder Weeks App or book for your sanity
    4. Carmen’s Muesli Bars for a snack when you can’t get up to make food!
    5. Moo Goo natural creams if bub has cradle cap or baby eczema

    All the best! x

  245. 1. Onsies with zips only. The buttons are ludicrous and may harm your mental health in the wee hours of rhe morning.
    2. Swaddles with velcro, you only need 3-4.
    3. Medela Swing pump. Easy, simple to use, pump two titties at the same time, does a great job.
    4. Couple of dummies.
    5. Boppy pillow.

  246. 1. MultiMam Nipple Compresses – take to hospital and use until your nipples are old pros again. They are THE best little miracle pads of goodness that stop your nipples from cracking and heal any damage SO quickly. Keep in the fridge for extra cold relief!
    2. BodyIce maternity ice packs. 1 for downstairs or on c-sect scar, and 2 for your boobs when your milk comes in and they are hot as lava – THE BEST. Designed by Lydia Lassila – worth every penny!
    3. Bonds zippy’s – NEVER use a press stud again. That two way zip is the best invention ever.
    4. Bassinet or co-sleeping cot for next to your bed.
    5. Baby carrier. Borrow several from friends and work out what you love – I have two as I prefer my Baby Bjorn with newborn and Ergo later on. (And I borrowed before I bought them and bought both second hand on gumtree – almost new!)

  247. Every bub is different, so sometimes it’s best to just roll with it. We loved;
    1. Weleda products, their nappy creams were the only ones that worked for us
    2. Love to dream sleep suits or 1.2m wraps
    3. Thankyou wipes, they seem bigger then the rest – when it comes to wipes bigger is definitely better
    4. Disposable change table covers – not the best option for the environment, but at 3am you’re not thinking about the environment (sorry environment)
    5. Reusable breastpads and breastfeeding singlets
    And lots of water bottles in the fridge ready for Scott or the girls to grab for you, because you get so thirsty when you breastfeed.

  248. 1. Zip up swaddled like ergo cocoon or love to dream
    2. A nappy wrap wallet that holds a spare nappy and bags and wipes and leave it in the car. For when you forget your bag!
    3. Ergo baby carrier
    4. Haakaa breast pump to catch the let down
    5. Co sleeping crib so you don’t have to get out of bed to feed.

  249. 1) co-sleeper. I love my Chicco one
    2) bugaboo buggy. The easiest to push most comfortable pram
    3) a stretch wrap sling/ baby carrier. Then a Tula sling when they are a bit bigger
    4) maxi cosi car seat with car seat adaptor in your car and scotts car
    5) video baby monitor

    Good luck!! I’m very excited for you xxx

  250. I am a mum who is a glorious mess , and I have found that in my time of being a mum the things my mum and mother in law told me to do worked the best, What I’m saying is your two girls are alive with what you did and had the first time round, Just do that again. People get caught up in the new and fancy and lets be honest no matter what you buy and how you choose to parent someone is gonna have a problem with it. Em……embrace the on coming chaos…….It’s going to be one hell of a ride ??

  251. 1. Hug a bub or stretchy wrap of some kind- then a Tula for when he’s bigger
    2. Cloth nappies- like old school ones. Essential for spew, to cover the boobies, use as a shade over the pram or in the car window, lay down if you our out and need to pop him down to change
    3. Heaps of socks (handy also as mittens) and singlets – the washing machine eats them in my house plus all this number 3’s
    4. Can’t beat a bonds onesie
    5. White noise machine or a baby shusha
    You got this Em xx

  252. 1. BodyIce maternity kit. The perenium strip is f***ing amazing. Better than a frozen rubber up ya poor broken clacker!!!
    2. Love to Dream swaddles x3, they are the best thing when sleep deprived & they can’t wriggle out of them.
    3. Riff Raff & Co sleep aide.
    4. Nappy bin. Sounds ridiculous but I got it as a gift as I tutted at the thought of buying one & have been so grateful for it.
    5. Chekoh leopard baby carrier. (Australian designer)

  253. 1. Love to dream swaddles
    2. Onseys with 2 way zips. Press studs are rediculous at fuck off o clock in the morning.
    3. A manduca or ergo baby bay carrier.
    4. (Lots) Old school Cloth nappies, they are super handy for everything other than being a nappy.
    5. Lots of food and snacks you can eat one handed.
    He is the 3rd one they usually take care of themselves.

  254. Be prepared to stop and do nothing else but be with your bub. Build that circle of security and take deep breath’s and let everything else go.
    Stuff I used the most
    Lanoline on nipples every time you get them out to feed and also I did it building up to bubs birth so they were nice and moist from the get go.
    Shhhh sleep noise app from 3 months onwards.
    Aiden and anise wraps, good size so easier to wrap.
    Love to dream swaddle once bub was a bit bigger. It wasn’t tight enough when he was below 3 months.
    Feeding pillow helps keep bub up higher and in position especially when they are tiny little poppets and so hard to hold in position for an hr long feed!
    Snuggle toy. I slept with it for ages leading up to birth so it smelt like me. We had a Sheridan brand one which is red nose approved.
    Breast feeding hurts your sensitive nipples at the beginning but that sensitivity does go so be patient.

  255. Agree with the love to dream baby swaddled, arms up so they can start to self soothe with their hands. A feeding pillow was a must for me, minimises back/shoulder pain. A decent double electric breast pump. Medela get raved about, but I got a spectra hospital grade S2 I think it was called and it was awesome with all 3 kids. I’ve now given it to a friend that wasn’t having much luck with her medela. Zippy jumpsuits do make life easier, especially for the husband. I’ve heard some people say you don’t need a change table, but another must for me, too hard on your back otherwise. Congratulations and good luck ?

  256. Em, you’ll be fine! The sleepless nights haven’t changed, however here are my top 5 tips/things I couldn’t live without;
    1. Comfy breastfeeding spot; if you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, set yourself up with a great spot, comfy with good back support and a place to put your water bottle and snacks and breast pads.
    2. Love to dream arms up swaddles – but hot tip it can take a few weeks for the baby to actually like them, I didn’t put my son in until around 6 weeks, because he wasn’t keen. But I just gave it a go every few days and see how he went.
    3. Sudocream; still the best!!
    4. Baby carrier/sling (legit any- one that doesn’t hurt your back tbh) because sometimes that 4th trimester is a bitch and you can’t put the baby down!
    5. Breast pumps; Medela or spectra are amazing, but the thing that will make the real difference is getting the right sized flange (the cup part that goes over your nipple for the sucking) because if it’s too big/small it’ll hurt like a bitch and not work as well. ALSO hot tip on that front; rub olive oil on the nipple and areola before you put on the flange part. It helps to create suction and doesn’t effect your milk.

  257. My top 5 must-haves:

    *Dock-A-Tot sleep pillow. It’s so snuggly for bub they feel secure and can be placed between you in your bed, on the floor/lounge/everywhere.

    *Love To Dream arms up swaddles

    *Bonds zippy onesies. Perfect for changing baby and they look so freaking cute

    *Looong charging cord for your phone because you WILL sit there scrolling for ages when you have hours long feeding sessions while you’re establishing supply

    *Ergo 360 baby carrier- great if needing handsfree (boys tend to need their mothers A LOT, and can be quite clingy) and it’s also for Scotty to wear as men are So. Attractive when baby-wearing.

    Feeding is not really timed these days and demand feeding is the go.

    Point the willy down before doing the nappy up

    Co-sleeping is the best. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    You will be fine, and if not you have amazing help around you. Don’t be too proud to outsource, it doesn’t mean you are failing. It just truly does take a village.

  258. Babies have not changed, they still need the same basic things to survive, to have a full stomach, a clean bum, and to feel safe and secure. How you achieve this does not matter, breast fed, formula fed, disposable nappies, cloth nappies, special wrap things or just a basic wrap. At the end of the day all your baby needs is love and comfort and you can do that with all the new gadgets or with the basics that you are use to. As a Peadiatric nurse of 20+ years my only recommendation would be to put baby to sleep in his own cot, cuddle to sleep if you want but you will make your life so much easier if you have a baby who will sleep in his own bed. And accept all help that is offered, have someone clean, cook and do laundry for you but also don’t be afraid to leave the baby in a rocker or on the floor to play/settle on his own, while you take time for a coffee or to eat a meal. Yes the baby will change things for a while but you don’t have to completely change your entire life for this baby he will need to fit in to your family and your lifestyle. Also don’t make your baby so dependant on you that no one else can settle him, babies need to bond with others also and the more people a baby is comfortable with the easier it is for him to feel safe and secure when you are not around.

  259. Avril Lavigne is making a comeback girl! Her new song ain’t half bad. Anyway I’ve had 3 babies in the last 5 years (thank God the vajayjay has muscle memory and goes back to normal!). You need 1 – Love to dream swaddle in every size. 2 – white noise, I have Ollie the owl which is great but the glow noise thing is apparently guaranteed to get bubs to sleep better and it has a spot for essential oils. 3 – if planning on breast feeding you need the hydrogel disposable breast pads, those little suckers are heaven, especially when put in the fridge (chemist warehouse have them in the breast pad section). 4 – the giant and ridiculously pricey natural rubber soothers (aka dummies). My girls never took dummies so with my little man I was determined he would take one and these were the best Icould find, they were a bloody lifesaver and allowed bubs to be settled by someone else and save my poor nipples.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Good luck, such a special time and how bloody lucky is this little spunk going to be with such cool parents and 2 freakin amazing big sisters? So lucky xx

  260. Hi Em, my number one go to for my mum to be friends is the Love To Dream swaddles! Both my girls (now 4 and 2) used these swaddles – they were a godsend. Zip which is super quick and easy and the arms up, 50/50 transition and then sleeping bags for when their older is just the perfect system. They are an Aussie company too so love that! Number two is cloth nappies – everywhere – for random baby vomits, number three nappy disasters and any other liquid spills! Number three is help! Accept help when it’s offered! People often say “let me know if you need anything” so take them up on the offer! Number four would have to be my avent breast pump! If you decide to go down the Breast milk in a bottle path – we did and it was a great way for my husband to bond with both our girls! Number five – a thick skin! Everyone has an opinion on everything you are doing wrong/different/not the same as them! Do what is right for you and your family! Be safe with your decisions but do what works for you! Enjoy your new little man when he arrives! Can’t wait to hear of your adventures! Xx

  261. Things I think you’ll need
    1. Fucking nipple cream. Also Hydrogel disks- they are the bomb. Get them from Big W and put them on your nips between feeds. Then wipe with water before you feed again.
    2. Love to dream swaddles! Amazing!
    3. A dummy- just in case. We just used ours for the first 2 weeks so I could have a shower while my parter looked after bubs- dummy was there just in case. We named him Justin.
    3. Download some baby sleep ‘shhhhhh’ audio on your phone it was amazing at sending our bubs to sleep. Not that he ever stayed asleep.
    4. Co sleeper insert- for when sleeping NEVER works and you feed and roll bubs into it. You don’t have to worry about possibly rolling over because it has sides.
    5. Bonds onesie zippy suits- fuck buttons. Give button suits away.

    Good luck!!!!

  262. You have totally got this!
    My twins have just turned one, and these have been my must haves.

    1. Love to dream arms up swaddles. I’m an excellent baby swaddler – my husband is not! So these were the number one newborn must have. They are so easy to use (and wash!).

    2. A baby carrier, I used two Chekoh wraps – it was a feat of engineering getting them both on, on my own, but it was a game changer.

    3. Spectra s2 breast pump. Consensus amongst twin mums is it’s the best you can get, and I have no evidence to suggest otherwise, I loved mine – as much as one can ever love a breast pump.

    4. B-box foldable bottle drying rack. ????

    5. I don’t know what your philosophical stand on dummies/pacifiers is, but if it’s pro – jollypop or gumdrop are amazing – all one piece, so no collapsed teats!

    You’re gonna be amazing!

  263. Love to Dream swaddles are the best.
    Always make sure his willy is facing diwn, or you’ll have pee all through clothes.
    Download the Wonder Weeks App, gives you insight when he is going through a development leap and out of sorts.
    You Mumma instinct is always right.
    Just sit, enjoy and be with him.

    • Ahhh Em you’ll be grand. Honestly do not go crazy with yoo many sleeping bags etc. Get one of each and see how you go. My 3nd baby needed the muslin burrito wrap biz and I bought soooo many Live To Dreams because my first baby loved them.
      Most things you can get after bub is born. I had to keep reminding myself of that as I got into a panic that I wasn’t ready. Babies need you, warmth, food and something to sleep and poo in. Saying that here are 5 kinda left of centre things you’ll be glad you have one day…
      1) a bath thermometer -not really for baby but so you don’t fight with your husband about the water being “too hot/cold”
      2) a nose Frida (snot sucky thing). Sounds gross but one day after hours of listening to snot move back amd forward through your child’s nosrils at 3am for the 4th night in a row you will find this is a wonder.
      3) to go with number 2 “Flo” saline nasal sprays. Seriously, I’m in the midst of snot fest and these things are a life savers.
      4) A white noise machine (or app) they really do chill most babies out.
      5) Pram clips so you can clip a wrap over sleeping bub in the pram to avoid the sun and germy gross strangers/relatives coochy cooing
      6) bonus round- coffe cup holder for your pram oh and a mirror for the back seat so you can see your baby through the rear vision mirror and don’t have to keep stopping for neurotic breathing checks when they stop crying.

      Have your Netflix playlist ready.

      Oh and even on the hard days when you feel you are going mad. Be mindful. Stop and appreciate how fucking amazing this all is. It goes so quick (as you know). You will be amazing!!!!!!

  264. Em…. breath! Feed them, change them and don’t shake them/leave them in the car!
    The rest will sort it self out ??

  265. So firstly all baby shops are overwhelming and designed to make you think u need everything you don’t. But stuff that helps

    The car capsule that will lift out of the car and click into your pram….. no need to wake sleeping baby just lift out capsule click and continue. You are a busy working mum after all

    Infants friend when baby gets trapped wind you want that on hand

    Baby nail clippers, scariest thing to do but only needs to be done

    Cup holder on your pram required coffee or hot chocolate is just needed some days

    Calandular nappy cream so good

    Hope this helps

    Love your face

  266. So firstly all baby shops are overwhelming and designed to make you think u need everything you don’t. But stuff that helps

    The car capsule that will lift out of the car and click into your pram….. no need to wake sleeping baby just lift out capsule click and continue. You are a busy working mum after all

    Infants friend when baby gets trapped wind you want that on hand

    Baby nail clippers, scariest thing to do but only needs to be done

    Cup holder on your pram required coffee or hot chocolate is just needed some days

    Calandular nappy cream so good

    Hope this helps

    Love your face

  267. – cloth nappies are super handy if you have a spewy baby.
    – A good nappy bag. I went through a few until I found one I liked. It was a gorgeous Mimco nappy bag.
    – the ice/heat packs by BodyICE Woman are bloody brilliant. They have ones for your boobs for when you’re breastfeeding, and one for your vag after birth.
    – Onesies with snap buttons. So much easier to get on, off and change nappies in.
    – Get at least 5 kazillion baby wipes.
    You’ve got this Em! xxx

  268. We had our 3rd this Yr, and the carseat baby capsule that clicked into the new pram has been the bomb. Best money ever spent. Especially with school pick up and drop off and doing groceries all the time…
    I recommend a medela electric pump, used one in hospital and it was awesome. Hated my manual one and wanted to kill it.
    Lansinoh and lots of breast pads.
    Lots of wraps, I found ones bigger then 1m the easiest to wrap bub. And I recommend the triangular shaped bibs from kmart. They come in a 3 pack. They soak all that slobber up so u don’t have to change your baby 4 times a day.
    Lastly, you are going to be OK. You’ll get thru it. Most likely your girls are going to spoil this little king and you’ll only have a turn when it’s time to change another stinky nappy or feed him. My fingers are crossed you get a nice, easy going baby who sleeps. Good luck!

    Top tip number 1: Trust yourself, your gut instincts are right. If you are still worried then move onto rule number 2
    Top Tip Number 2: Hire a Birth Doula, you don’t need stuff, you need support.
    Top Tip Number 3: Refer to number 1
    Top Tip Number 4: You really need to follow Number 1
    Top Tip Number 5: If you are still worried then refer to Tip Number 1
    You are amazing, strong, capable and trustworthy enough to raise a human, even a boy human, and you are not alone.

  270. Just go with what works for you.
    My top 5 –
    1 – white noise machine (mybaby portable one is great)
    2 – baby carrier – whatever feels most comfortable and easy to use (except my 3rd hated the carrier just wanted her own space! Don’t know where she got that :-/ ) maybe this shouldn’t be top 5! But bubs 1 and 2 loved it.
    3 – love to dream swaddles
    4 – super comfy chair that you can feed, cuddle Bub and rest/sleep in.
    5 – a decent pillow – so you get decent sleep and to scream into to let out some steam/frustration when needed.

  271. 1. Angel care heart rate/ breathing monitor, peace of mind is everything, mine has lasted all three of my babies and I use it until they are no longer in the cot.
    2. Zippies, of any brand, buttons are old news and so time consuming!
    3. Sleeping bags with zips/Velcro to secure babies arms in and stop the startle reflex from waking them up, I’d love to love Muslin wraps but babies can too easily wriggle their way out.
    4. A bouncer- so easy to move around the house, on the table, on the bed or wherever you are. My babies stopped liking it around 5 months, but it was great up until then.
    5. A wrap for baby wearing I used Cheekoh until about 5/6 months and then the baby Bjorn. hands free is everything- you can cook, shop, walk, eat and have the happiest little Bub all snug and safe!

  272. As for breastfeeding don’t follow the clock just feed feed feed. The first 6 weeks I find the most challenging.
    You’ve got this!! Xx

  273. Yes definitely the LTD swaddles!!

    Also look up glow dreaming, white noise, cold steam diffuser and night light in one! Genius!
    Do a breastfeeding class if you can, to hopefully make your experience a little easier this time.

  274. ??-love to dream swaddle, no wiggling out of these and baby is still a semi cute burrito
    ??-ergobaby carrier
    ??-made to milk lactation cookies
    I don’t have 5 because despite having a 19 month old I still have baby brain and can’t remember shit….but these 3 things…hells to the yeah!

  275. I’m not a parent but have heard many great things about the owlet. It’s made in Utah, it’s a sock that
    has a monitor in it, it connects to your phone and alerts you if something is wrong. It has saved many babies. It’s expensive but well worth it from what I have read and you’ll be able to sleep without so much worry.

  276. 1. Love to dream swaddle
    2. Reusable breast pads and The hydrogel gels – store them in the fridge, your nipples will thank you.
    3. Some kind of carrier – I lived hug a bub and my ergo 360, but you could explore what works through a local baby wearing group.
    4. White noise – we just use an old iPhone with a white noise App.
    5. Your instincts will kick in, fed is best as opposed to breast is best, whatever works for you.

  277. The baby stuff is the fun stuff to shop for. Just buy bonds zipped and love to dream swaddles and your sorted!

    But Mumma bear, papa bear and the sisters still have to eat and drink. Stock up on tupperware for when everyone brings you food! Buy a freezer in readiness for all the bulk cooking coming your way.

    You will also need a feeding entertainment station- a tray to put next to you on the couch when you are strapped to it for hours at a time. Ensure you have the remote, a battery pack to charge your phone, water, a snack plate and a thermos to keep your dirty chai warm. Ensure Netflix or a kindle is always in reach.

  278. 1; SLEEP; Kylie Camps runs The Kind Parenting Company (INSTAGRAM) formally known as The sleep mama…. her first program about maternity and Newborns is amazing. I say get them sleeping will do wonders.
    2; Love to dream swaddles!
    3; baby oil- for babies dry skin (obvious but…)
    4 & 5 Jist the rest of The Kind Parenting Company sleep programs that’s follow onto Toddler life. Seriously just amazing.

  279. White ikea cot
    Kmart baby blanket/basic cot set
    Heart beat bunny – most baby stores some target
    vaccidate app
    Travel play pen with sun cover
    You will be fine, boobs and cuddles with be all you need for months

  280. 1. Muslin wraps!
    2. Moo goo udder cream for nappy rash. Works a treat!
    3. Wonder weeks app. Will explain what changes bubs is going through, helps the sanity a bit ?
    4. Mum2be hospital bag. Pre packed hospital bag for when you have bubs. Has everything you need, just add clothes and any ‘luxuries’
    5. Bonds wondersuits or suits with the studs up the legs. Or little pants and shirts, makes it easier for nappy changes!

  281. Manduca baby carrier. Super comfy & safe, grows with baby from 3.5kg to 20kg. 2 hands free and bubs is close content and sleepy!
    Combine your baby wearing with Kangatraining – fun dancy post natal exercise with bubs in carrier. Join like minded women to get out of the house and release some feel good endorphins in a fun safe and supportive environment.

  282. Hey Em, I’m so excited for you and your new little baby! I had my rainbow baby boy 12 weeks ago and he’s my first. These are the things that I’ve found so helpful and what my little baby has enjoyed (and helped him sleep, coz lord above I’ve never known this type of sleep deprivation in ma life! I would try anything!!).
    1. Love to dream sleep sleeping bag. Seriously, fuck swadding! I had so many midwives try to show me all different fancy ways to wrap my baby and bloody hell I filmed it and all and tried to replicate it- my baby was all the hopes and would still get his arms out and wake himself up! Got the love to dream sleeping bag and lets him sleep with his arms up- sleep has been pretty damn good ever since, wish I got one earlier!
    2. Glow owl, plays lullaby or white noise (like heart beat or rain) every time bub moves/cries. Helps my little one get back to sleep, it’s amazing!!
    3. Owlet monitor. It’s a little sock that goes over the baby’s foot and measures his heart rate and oxygen level. You can see it in real time on your phone too- pretty snazzy! It alerts you if his oxygen levels or heart rate drops.
    4. A whole heap of target and bonds onesies with buttons. Makes changes throughout the night quicker compared to zips that expose their bellies and make them cold.
    5. Silky tots mattress cover slip. My baby got some serious bald spots from sleeping on cotton sheets. The silk slip keeps bub warm in winter, cool in summer and helps to stop bald spots. And it’s Aussie made so supporting local business- win win!

    All the best for labour and delivery, can’t wait to see pics of your little one xoxo

  283. You need to tuck his little man down otherwise you will have wee everywhere. Mandela breast pump you can buy and bra thing and walk around the house like a multitasking cow! Obviously amazing! Baby tracking app on your phone so when your so tired you can remember your own name and the midwife asks if your baby has pooped you remember! Get out of the house as much as possible! It will keep you sane ?

  284. Congrats Em!
    1. I love the Noah & Bowie organic wraps for first three months. Keeps their arms out of the way because babies are good at hitting themselves in the face (and waking themselves up). Noah & Bowie wraps have a nice amount of stretch & easy to use plus look & feel nice.
    LOVE THEM!!!
    2. Three month old Bub now in love to dream arms up.
    3. Baby wrap…I love the boba
    4. Breathing sensor in bassinet – helps me sleep
    5. Boobie bikkies… something for yourself, taste great & help with milk coming in.

  285. 1. Wrap like a burrito and a dummy to save your nipples and to allow you a break when he just wants to comfort suck… your titties wont hold up if you let him use them for comfort.
    2. Screw the fancy sterilizers a plastic container with water and milton on the bench with your bottles in it… keep it simple!
    3. Cloth nappies for spew, for nakey time on the floor, for on your arm when your holding bub so he doesnt get to hot during summer… basically they are just super handy.
    4. DO NOT MAKE EVERYTHING QUIET lol make sure he can sleep with noise trust me you will need as much sleep as you can and a baby that sleeps through noise is handy
    5. Coconut oil… its natural and has a high fat content so is really good for his skin and yours

  286. Currently have a 7 week old! It’s very overwhelming with everything that’s out there!! And so much has changed even in 2 years since I had my first!
    Top 5 life savers!
    – Baby swing (newborn currently living in it all day and night)
    – Love To Dream arms up swaddles
    – Something that plays white noise even an old phone
    – Diffuser
    – Listen to your instincts what works for one baby won’t always work for another and CHN don’t know everything! They can give some bad advice!
    Do you Xx

  287. – love to dream swaddle up was a game changer for my son who managed to wiggle his arms out of ANY swaddle arrangement and hated being swaddled anyway.
    – bonds nursing crops….i lived in them and my son just turned one and theyre almost at rag status and i. Just. Cant. Let. Go.
    – bouncer – no fancy swaying, toys, music. The simple netted one was my best friend. (Get an extra cover so it can be swapped out when the inevitable poo explosions strike)
    – talulah baby carrier. I bought the baby bjorn and a simple wrap one at first. Wrap one was great for esrly days but my summer bub got too hot in it and the baby bjorn was great but my son got too heavy for it. The Talulah is exxy but has a much higher weight rating so will do for longer
    -boomerang pillow for feeding. Does exactly the same job as a specialised feeding pillow but cheaper 😉

    You’re going to be great! Youve already raised 2 incredible young ladies & your little boy is so lucky to have you already!

  288. * I liked ergopouch cocoon swaddles for my cherub, he seemed to get lost in the love to dream ones. & you can get ones that you can unclip the arm holes & use as a sleeping bag once they need arms free.
    * I hate expressing so have barely used my electric pump but particularly in the early days I found a silicone breast pump (haaka) awesome for managing engorgement, you just suction it on & it releases the pressure!
    * Cloth breast pads are so much comfier than the disposable ones, especially in summer when you’re all sweaty anyways.
    * We have a riff raff comforter that plays white noise, no idea if it does anything to help with sleep but it’s pretty cute anyways..
    * Epsom salt baths, soo good for sore bits & giving mama a chance to relax.
    Enjoy getting to know your little boy, such a special time 🙂

  289. You’ve got this.
    1 baby burrito still a thing. I tried all the others but she would not settle… Finally went to love to dream around wk 8. .
    2. U shape breast feeding pillow a life saver
    3. Rite aid hydrogel breast disks will save your nips
    4. Old style cloth nappies make great burp rags
    5. Coles click and collect otherwise we would have no food
    Keep it simple you’ve done it twice not much has changed XX

  290. I commented before my top 5, but I forgot a bath bed thingy – I don’t know the official name for it, but it’s made out of terry-toweling and goes in the bath with bub lying on it so you have both hands free, rather than trying to juggle a slippery baby. It made bath time so much easier.

  291. Music for dreaming CD – google it, scientifically researched sleep music played by Melb symphony orchestra. Magic music that is much more pleasant to slept to than horrific white noise!! (Start listening now, will help you all sleep!!)

    Souvlaki baby all the way! (Not tight on the hips!!) Muslin wrap for summer then flannel wraps for cold. Make sure they are 1.2m square so there is plenty to wrap around and be snug!!
    Sleeping bags when they’re like 3-5mths+ ergo cocoon with press stud arms for transitioning to arms out is my fav

    Once they start to wriggle – need a tight tuck, get a flat sheet put sideways across the cot and tuck that bugger in under both sides of the mattress, limit that rolling and legs in the air

    Don’t buy a carrier till you need it and then try them all out for a comfy one, we got a super expensive baby Bjorn one and it was so uncomfy and all my friends had much comfier practical ones

    Feed play sleep repeat

    You got this, will all come flooding back!

  292. 1. Love to dream swaddles
    2. If you are planning on breastfeeding buy a Hakkaa (look them up) saves you wasting so much precious milk!
    3. A baby wrap for carrying bubs, plenty of places have them (we have one from Elki baby)
    4. Padded washable play mat (we got ours from Munchkin and Bear)
    5. Do go fancy with the high chair, Ikea ones are the bees knees and so cheap!!

  293. Righto.. here goes…

    1. Love to dream swaddles. So many people have mentioned these and I concur, get some!

    2. Ergobaby Omni carrier. I’ve used everyone on the market almost, and this one I think takes the cake.

    3. Whichever cot you choose make sure it has standard size sheets. My cot has a bigger mattress (which I didn’t know until it came time to put a sheet on it…) so it’s a bitch to buy/find sheets that fit!

    4. Baby capsule. Do your research to find out which capsule clicks into your pram. I had a maxi cosi. Nuna Pippa are also amazing.

    5. Zip onesies. Way quicker to do them up. And you’re not gonna have miss matched buttons when you’re getting the kid organised in a sleep deprived state.

    Also a good video baby monitor. I have the Vtech one and the camera looks like a owl. Bloody love it!

    Good luck mama xx

  294. I was the same as you Em! it was 12yrs since my last baby, I was freaking out the whole pregnancy! I was surprised how easy I found it! I freaked out all that time for nothing, 5 months and going strong. My baby was 9 weeks preemie and I’m a single mum. If I can do it, you will smash it..Love to dream swaddles, Difrax bottles, Electric Double breast pump, little blessings Lotus flower bath aid, Lulu doll (it was a gift , my baby loves it). You got this!!

  295. 1. Snoo smart sleeper – rocks your baby to sleep, built in white noise… lifesaver
    2. Chekoh baby wrap for newborn days and ergo 360 Carrier for after
    3. A pram you love – think what you want it for/what it will be used the most for and do your research and don’t skimp in money. Love Bugaboos, love having a bassinet for the early days.
    4. Hospital grade breast pump – hire one, figure out how much you need it and go from there.
    5. Breastfeeding singlets – so you don’t have to show your tummy when out feeding.

  296. Em-
    I have a 17 and 18 year old and about to give birth to baby boy in less than 4 weeks. Babes you have got this.
    1- I have cot next to bed
    2-Still same wrapping as before ?
    3-your a mum it’s all natural
    4- YOU DO NOT need any of this fancy fucking stuff it’s all money grabbing stunts
    5- breast feeding support is 3000% better than what we got back with our big babies, so I’m a hell of a lot more confident, hence I have a pump.
    So I have bought only the first 3minths his life because I will wing it with you. Love ya babes.

  297. Just had my 1st baby 4 months ago. Don’t forget you are not alone and even once the baby is out shops are still open and midwives give oh so much advice.
    Things we use daily:
    1. Bonds wondersuits
    2. Riff Raff white noise toy comfort thing. We’ve used in car and whilst baby is in the pram and she’s great in both.
    3. Breast pads and maternity pads
    4. If vaginal birth ask for a frozen nappy…Amazing!
    5. Love to dream swaddle once they don’t enjoy a burrito wrap anymore oh and one more
    6. A mirror attached to a play gym… she loves a chat

  298. I only have 2 must have –
    1. Love to dream zip up swaddles. These are the sleep lifesavers!
    2. Carrier that has lower back support. I used a baby Bjorn and found it a life saver when bubs will only settle when they are touching you!
    And I have only 1 must do’s –
    Listen to others opinions, take on board what you want, discard what you dont and dont take anything to heart. All the best for your exciting adventure ahead xx

  299. 1. Bella Buttercup change mats… because public toilet change tables are gross and you can make bub comfortable anywhere. Good size for your handbag.

    2. Ergo baby 360 Omni carrier. Best ever.

    3. One chew three silicone teethers from Were St Trader

    4. Wean meister silicone bibs and freezer pods. It’ll change your life…. seems like an overreaction but it’s true.

    5. Arlo and Co wooden playgym and pram toys. Beautiful.

    wonder Weeks. MUST NEED. Explains Everrrrything going on with bubs.
    Relax melodies: white noise while sleeping
    The midwife Mumma… not an app but follow her on Instagram. So raw and honest. She has her own ‘sleep school’ programs

    Also get someone to add you to the local ‘Mum club’ facebook page. Over 3000 members and the best advice for diamond valley mums.

  300. 1. Doodle down! Em, I had twin boys first up. Neither my husband or I had even held a newborn until the day they were born. Doodle down!! Why they do not tell you this upon receipt I do not know. It should be “cut the cord; what’s his name?; DOODLE DOWN!”
    Save yourself plenty of saturated outfits and remember this golden rule.

    2. Love to Dream Swaddles (must, especially in summer months).

    3. Muslin wraps by Aden & Anais

    4. Some trips warrant a wildly expensive pram and others, an el cheapo stroller. Get both.

    5. Baby carrier/pouch. For when you just can’t be fucked trying to haul anything with wheels in/out of the car, of when you need your hands free.

    When we were pregnant with the twins we bought ALL OF THE THINGS. My nan told me “We never had all these things to buy when my babies were born. We changed them on whatever surface was clean – the bed or the floor”.
    I wish I’d headed her advice back then.

    Ps. You do NOT need a special baby nappy bin or the astronomically priced plastic bag liners.

  301. Spectra S1 breast pump if you plan on expressing

    Ice ice booby breast and perineal ice packs… because ouch!

    BIBS dummies… no dribble rash. Arlo and co, cmc gold on Instagram.

    Lots of feeding singlets from Ripe or Kmart. Great for under normal clothes

  302. You’ll be great as you’ve done it all before. Listen to you and your little boy and the rest will fall into place.
    My top 5 as a first time mum:

    1. Love to Dream SwaddleUps are the best, no Houdini arms!!
    2. Cocoonababy- cot/bassinet insert for bub to sleep in. You don’t need to buy it straight away…but I wish I did. I had it from 6weeks old and it improved my little boys sleep and mine straight away (he is now 4 months old and still sleeps in it)
    3 i use white noise / heart beats at the beginning (i just found some apps) – but now we use Music for Dreaming by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (on Spotify) of a night time, relaxes me and my little boy. Scientifically created music – Google it and have a read, very interesting 🙂
    4. Water wipes!! My babys skin is very sensitive and he got very sore from anything else – pretty scary the amount of chemicals that go into wipes!!
    5. Two for one here!! The Nail Snail so you never have to clip their nails with intense anxiety that you will cut their poor little fingers. The Nail Snail cannot cut their skin!! And the Snotty Noses Aspirator to clear a blocked nose with so much ease (I use it a lot!!) You can get both of these from

    Hope this helps you like it has me.
    You’ve got this Mumma!!

  303. 1. Breast pads
    2. Maternity pads
    3. Tissues
    4. Hemoroid cream
    5. If you aren’t already feeling glamorous enough, an endless supply of small towels for cleaning spew, etc.
    OMG being a mummy is the bestest in the whole wide world ??? #soworthit

  304. I had my boy 4 months ago and he’s my first born, I was so overwhelmed going in I didn’t know where to start and I found everyone’s advice and must have items were so different that I just ended up confused. At the end of the day we bought second hand cot and bassinet and the other must haves to keep baby alive for the first couple of weeks while we figured it out. Buying things as I decide I need them has worked out best for me but these are the things that no one ever mentioned which I found the best.
    1. Hydrogel breast pads. These things are miracle workers on fixing your poor nipples! Wear a set for a day and they are good as new! Just buy them and keep them in the fridge for the days nipple cream just isn’t cutting it.
    2. A vaporiser. My baby boy was just so mucusey that he was waking himself up constantly through the night. Once I got the vaporiser the effect was instant, he started sleeping longer and more soundly and I wasn’t waking up as much because he sounded like he was choking. Such a good thing to just have on hand for colds as well (my partner also does not snore when it’s running)
    3. The love to dream swaddles. He literally came out with his hand next to his face so he hated being wrapped with his arms down. Changed him into the love to dream at 6 weeks because he just kept unwrapping himself from the swaddle and he started sleeping through the night from the first night we changed him.
    4. A portable bouncer that you can just put bubs in and move them with you from room to room when you’re trying to get stuff done! Makes life so much easier.
    5. An electric thermometer that you point at their head that also does room temperature. This is a life saver for me because I’m terrible at trying to figure out of bubs is too hot or cold and how many layers to put on.

  305. I was the same when I found out our babe was a boy.. his birthday is tomorrow and good god we’ve done it!
    1. Hug a bub – best thing since sliced bread.. I bought black because well. If you’re a little rolly on the back the patterned ones don’t hide much.
    2. Milk bar nursing pillow.. bloody life saver. Boobs the size of dwarf planets (literally) .. needed babes a little higher so not having to do strange leaning position. Especially when feeding on demand.
    3. Zippys.. farkkloooads of zippys.. changing in the middle of the night is easy with the zips on the ankle.. like seriously easy..
    4. Bum wipes.. same measurement as above.. farkkloooads, my son is messy as all fark. I love him but… it’s the truth… ALSO! never trust your son to lay without nappy while you sort your buttchanging gear.. let it be known he will wee everywhere, including his own face by accident.
    5. Cupboard locks for bathroom kitchen. Well, everywhere at baby height. My son is very strong and can open the drawers and cupboards at his level with too much ease. Before you know it you’ll have a monkey for a child that can open the drawers on the entertainment unit and stand in the DVDs whilst rubbing his grubby mitts all over the tv screen…


  306. Not items but my all time advice is to watch the Baby Talk episode of Oprah. See the Queen here. You need to watch it a few times & also again once baby arrives. My husband & I swear by it. PS. You’re welcome ?

  307. Not sure you will even get to read this. My baby is 27 so its been a long time since I thought about this shit!
    All I can say is do not fall for all the marketing for wondetful “ gadgets” you “cant do without”
    One thst springs to mind is and electric bottle sterilizer which cost $120 in 1991 so god know how much ther are now.
    Just use a plastic container suitable for storing celery and the good old “Milton” or similar.
    Yes, Im old fashioned and a grandmother.
    As for the rest of it… you’ll be fine Em, dont worry about the rules…. since when have you followed rules for anything!!!
    Take it easy and be kind to yourself above all.

  308. 1. Willow Breast Pump! Hands free, Cord Free, Chuck em in your bra and pump while you do other shit. ( I’m living in the states, not sure if you can get them in Aus. )
    2. Swaddles with zips not muslin wraps.
    3. Cloth baby carrier (solly was my fave) for the first few months. It’s just more flexible and I felt like bubs was more comfortable and secure.
    4. Bonds wondersuits! Or bodysuits with a two way zip, so you can unzip from the feet for a nappy change
    5. Butt Cream wiper onera, not sure what’s its actually called but it stops the butt cream getting under your nails!

  309. Although products and gadgets can be amazing and every baby is different so just go with your instincts and you will be fine. Everyone feels that overwhelming feeling but you got this!

    Products that myself/ baby love:

    1. Love to dream swaddle
    2. Src recovery shorts (for you); they’ll make you feel all back together again rather than everything hanging wherever it wants to go
    3. Baby banana lounge (mesh bath seat) will save your back and free up your hands to wash your baby properly
    3. Capsule / pram that be used together. Made life so much easier when you have a sleeping baby without having to transfer
    5. Bednest bassinet. The sides fold down so you can co-sleep but was amazing for being able to settle your baby comfortably

    Good luck and it will be like a duck to water

  310. I work in a baby store in Brisbane and everyone gets love to dream swaddles, Sophie the giraffe for teething, sound spa (white noise machine) a baby swing will save your life when bunny just wants to be held and you want some sleep or to have a shower. Omg don’t forget mattress protectors. Teething rings especially for summer I have so many mums say the put them under bun in the pram or car seat to help them stay cool just out a Muslin wrap on top so it isn’t too cold for buns.

    Good luck with everything

  311. The best thing I brought was a baby carrier ?? Honestly saved me because I have a contact napper! Thank you wipes are the best- so so so soft on those little cheeks! Invest in good maternity bras, ones you can also sleep in!
    I learnt very quickly that as soon as the nappy comes off, the fire hose goes off! Be warned!
    The best bit of advice I got about boobing was its like wasting a hamburger for baby, you gotta squish that nip down a little to get it all in!
    You’ll be an absolute superstar, but also remember it’s completely ok to drop your bundle.

  312. 1. Old cloth nappies as spew cloths. Will save on changing your top 5 times a day from baby vomit.
    2. An old fashion triangle pillow great to use when feeding and when smooshed together it is great to put bubs in next to you on the couch when your arms need a break
    3. Bonds zippy’s zips are way easier at 3am than press studs
    4. A good double electric breast pump and pumping bra so if needed you can pump hands free.
    5. And if you deliver naturally look on pintrest search padsicles. Maternity menstral pads with aloe vera witch hazel and lavender oil on them put them in the freezer and use them as needed. Helps with the healing down there and being cold it sooths the burn

  313. You will do fine. follow your gut.

    breast pump- spectra S2 and the extra bits that go with it. (double, electric, super fast delivery)
    -Haka pump to stick on other boob while feeding (helps increase supply)

    Pram – I adore my Strider compact, it is a beast! multiple easy to swap seat arrangements, heaps of space, higher weight limit, sits higher up than a lot of the higher end prams (i am a shorty, but can’t stand having to bend as low as a doll pram to put bubs in, a high seat is a must for me, i can only imagine tall people and a knee high bassinet seat!) adjustable handle so great for multiple people to push comfortably. it is heavy though, and pretty chunky, so a good sized boot is a must for one of these. but baby bunting will let you try fit things in your car before purchase so have a play.
    -have a chat to THE pram lady, Rachel from See her here she is pram mad and reviews ALL THE PRAMS she can get her hands on, and can help you figure out what will suit your needs best.

    Cot -they all have to meet current Australian safety standards to be sold new. so just pick one you like. they come in a whole bunch of sizes though, so don’t get a mattress first, get it all at once in the same place to make sure it fits!

    Bassinet -it’s only for 4-6 months depending on bubs size and when he starts sitting. i based our pick on having animals that like to bed share and got one that was mesh with a zip up hood. think about if you want to co sleep or not, are you ok with animals sleeping with/near a new baby? (co sleeper possibility) or would a stand alone suit you better? i pretty much used ours as a portacot when we went anywhere, so being easy to assemble and store was important to me. you also dont HAVE to have one, going straight into a cot is fine if that’s your plan.

    Wraps -i am old school. i love a good old bunny rug wrap. babies grow so fast, fancy swaddles seem like a waste of money to me. Big W have the biggest stretchy wraps i found, i wrapped up util 6 months (snug around arms, loose over legs) and now have pretty wraps to use for whatever i need, and they will be light blankets when the weather heats up. Muslin are a waste of time IMO, flanellet is ok, but i love the stretchy “interlock” ones, they seem heaps comfier.

    Bottles/sterilizer- go wide neck, easier to clean. personally i think electric sterilizers are a waste of space and money, a simple microwave one gets the job done.

    Formula -Australian safety standards are pretty damn good, so you can’t really pick a “wrong” one if you go down the formula road. be open to trying different brands if one doesn’t sit right, and be wary that the more expensive or specialized formulas are the ones that get sent oversea’s most commonly. So for the sake of continuity, the cheaper ones tend to be more readily available, and do the same job.

    Just remember babies don’t give a shit about the latest gadgets and fancy stuff, the most important thing to bubs, is you. you’ve got this x

  314. My boys are 9 and 7, and baby number 3 is due in about 5 weeks! I can totally relate to how you are feeling. So far I’ve bought a rocking chair (super comfy), a bassinet (cos I had one with the boys when they were babies), 18564 muslin wraps (it’s a summer baby in perth so I dont think itll need actual blankets) and a pineapple shaped teething ring! Oh and a capsule car seat so I can bring bub home. Not sure what we are having but if it’s a girl I’m going to hit you up for some advice! Best advice I can give you for boys is WILLY DOWN when you put the nappy on. No one ever told me this for the first 3 days and we went through a ridiculous amount of clothes! Also, baby boys are like men: feed them and they’re happy 🙂
    As a paramedic I cant recommend a good quality car seat highly enough, and no co-sleeping. The number of babys who die from co-sleeping (either by being smothered by parent/sibling or blankets) is higher than the general public realise and its honestly the worst thing in the world.

  315. 1. A Hakaa. No question about it. You will thank yourself a million times over.
    2. A nice, gentle boobie ointment like MooGoo Mudder Udder Balm. I shit you not, that’s what it is called.
    3. Uncle Toby’s instant porridge. I lived on that for like 6 months. All you need is milk and 90 secs in the microwave, lunch is served! Plus oats are good for making milk 😉
    4. Philips Avent bottles, steriliser, breast pump & storage containers. They all fit & work together like a dream. Bottle tops can fit on the storage cups so can go straight from expressing to feeding…phew.
    5. Mountain buggy Juno baby carrier. So comfy & secure. You get to use your hands and baby is secure, comfy on mum and probably asleep by now.

  316. Ergo carrier 100%. So comfortable, great weight distribution, can carry from newborn til very big (put my 4 year old in it the other day as she was jealous of bubs). And super easy to use. And did I mention comfortable as fuck, particularly if baby won’t sleep without being on you!

  317. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 9 week old daughter, I read over about half the comments to see what others had suggested and seems like some of my must haves (LTD swaddles, Glow Dreaming, Haaka Pump and Bonds Zippys) have been mentioned about a million times each which clearly tells you something. I’ve found:
    1. Boon – when it comes to starting solids look into this brand. Clever inexpensive tools like a rusk holder so it doesn’t get chucked over the edge of the pram/high chair in the first 5 seconds.
    2. Bamboo Basix Breast Pads – so much nicer feel and more eco-friendly than any of the disposable options.
    3. BodyIce Woman Breast and Perineal Hot/Cold Gel Packs for after birth.
    4. I would also totally own a Snoo Bassinet and a MamaRoo if they weren’t so pricey!

  318. 1. Love to dream swaddles
    2. Bonds Wondersuits
    3. Cotton Terry Cloth nappies from Kmart $19 (for burping, put them over your shoulder to save all your clothes having baby spew on them)
    4. Sprout app for documenting/keeping track of all things baby (feeds, nappy changes, sleeps, medicines, growth chart etc)
    5. Foxtel/Netflix for late night/early morning breastfeeding
    6. Take all development/wonder weeks/mothering advice with a grain of salt. Do what’s right for you and your baby.
    6. Enjoy all the cuddles and baby love

  319. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 9 week old daughter, I read over about half the comments to see what others had suggested and seems like some of my must haves (LTD swaddles, Glow Dreaming, Haaka Pump and Bonds Zippys) have been mentioned about a million times each which clearly tells you something. I’ve found:
    1. Boon – when it comes to starting solids look into this brand. Clever inexpensive tools like a rusk holder so it doesn’t get chucked over the edge of the pram/high chair in the first 5 seconds.
    2. Bamboo Basix Breast Pads – so much nicer feel and more eco-friendly than any of the disposable options.
    3. BodyIce Woman Breast and Perineal Hot/Cold Gel Packs.
    4. I would also totally have own Snoo Bassinet if they weren’t so pricey!

  320. Well if you suffer from busy mum brain, hectic family head or if your grey matter files feel like they’re reaching capacity, then you’re definitely going to need the best thing since babies…GoNap! Only launched last weekend, it is an eco conscious all-in-one nappy change pack! All in a biodegradable packet that fits in your back pocket, inside is a biodegradable disposable bamboo nappy, pack of 5 x 100% biodegradable alcohol & fragrance free wet wipes & a biodegradable change mat derived from corn starch. Pretty awesome I think & definitely my number one with two in nappies & being eco conscious. They also donate to some pretty cool charities from every one sold. Let me know if you’d like to give them a whirl!
    2. Love to dream swaddle
    3. Babyzen yo-yo plus
    4. Capsule that is compatible with the above
    5. Adaptors for the above for number 3.
    Enjoy! ?

  321. Just had my first 3 months ago. Hot tips from a new expert 😉
    1. Boppy lounger or something similar to put baby down in while you get things done! Also liked that she could be comfy and look around (vs being on her back all the time or held). Also didn’t have to worry about her falling off the sofa! Only used a few times a day for a short period as they aren’t that great for muscle development yadda yadda but for those few times a day… Life saver.
    2. Wubbanub dummies. Only one she would take and they have a somewhat ridiculous looking toy attached which means when it falls it just falls on their chest so you can easily pop it back in. Now at 3 months she puts it back in herself ? (took it away once she fell asleep as it still counts as a toy aka suffocation risk).
    3. Nipple cream for first couple weeks (oh the pain) and those rite aid gel nipple pads (they are magical) pretty cheap from chemist warehouse
    4. A mini clip on pram fan! Rechargeable ones… ebay have heaps. I almost gave my baby heat stroke in the first few weeks ? (had her overseas and it was 40 degrees) but Aus summers get pretty hot too. Good for breastfeeding mum too!
    5. I liked having a bassinet that had a zip down side that attached to side of bed… she seemed to like it (first few weeks she would scream unless she was next to us) she has now moved to big girl cot without any issue. Main reason though if I’m going to be honest!!… you can wake up drag the baby to you, feed, put baby back without getting out of bed! Winning.
    Good luck, that’s one lucky baby!

  322. My last kid was a boy after 3 girls but it was 20 years ago lol Sooo I would have delivered meals organised, something soothing for you, whether it be food, music or something that makes you happy.

    Ummm I’d also make sure I had the comfiest pillow for feeding and last but not least, you’re a super hero for just giving birth, but if the fam wants to help, let them …. ☺️

  323. Get yourself a baby Shusher! See it here It was the best thing I was given! As for the breastfeeding thing get a spectra pump, they are top of the line, hospital grade pumps.

  324. I’m a first time mum to a boy Liam and little boys well they melt your heart! My top 5 picks that came in handy:
    1. A support network! Meaning your parents also to cook meals or help with feeding. You’ll find your daughters will probably be a great support too!
    2. I mostly expressed until he turned one but best thing I bought was a hospital grade medela pump from the US, but happy to lend you mine! They have breast feeding clinics and support at the hospital too.
    3. Baby brezza formula machine ready to make formula at any time, keeps the water at ideal temperatures handy for middle of the night feeds. My baby drank both breast milk and formula
    4. A bugaboo bee pram that folds so easy!
    5. Check out towelling stories on Facebook for cloth breast pads in funky designs and hands free bath towels,
    Good luck you got this, you’re a passionate amazing woman and a great mum already. Your little boy is blessed to have you all. xx

  325. WIng it!!! We had a surprise baby with an 8 yr gap and we went total minimal this time! We have a cot, pram and a bouncy seat and that’s it, the rest of the time he is loved on and carried everywhere by big brother and sister. It all comes back, especially the poo explosions!! Only tip for boys, cover that willy at nappy changes, pee shoots straight up then on their face?

  326. I totally reccoment the love to dream swaddles. Especially for a baby that loves to sleep with their hands up near their face!

    Always pack extra clothes near your change table for during the night! Babies…especially boys…wee…all…the…time!

    Be aware of boys and their ability to wee on themselves…and others…as soon as you take their napoy off! Something about cool breeze on their penis ?

    Onesies are designed with wide/loose necks. So if theres a poop-splosion, they suit can be taken off over the body! No need to try and squeeze it over babies head…and trying not to get poo on their face!

    I read that someone used to do two layers of sheets and mattress protectors…so if baby wets through…you just take the first layer off and underneath is clean! Saves having to search for sheets during the night!

    Feed on demand! Thats what adults do! Have some snacks in reach especially if you have a hungry, hungry boy!

    Good luck! You will ace it as you ace everything else in life ❤

  327. 1. Love to dream swaddles- literal lifesavers. Best invention ever.
    2. An electronic baby swing. Allowed me to eat my dinner with two hands many times. My 4 and a half month old has just outgrown his, it was a very sad day!! Ours was the brand Childcare but there’s lots.
    3. Riff Raff- my baby boy is a little snuggle monster so he loves the blanket part of this as he falls asleep, plus white noise!!
    4. Nipple shields. I used the Avent ones but I’m sure there are lots of brands. I would have given up on breast feeding if not for them. Such a life saver while your nips are still toughening up! I stopped using them after 5 weeks but boy were they helpful before I did.
    5. A co-sleeper bassinet/cot. So good to have your baby close to you during the night and so easy for nighttime breast feeds, but they’re also in their own space and totally safe while sleeping. Same as the swing, my baby has just outgrown his, I was devo!

    Good luck, I’m sure everything will come back to you and you will do an amazing job xxxxxx

  328. BEST purchase with my second baby was hands down the Little Ones sleep program – it’s like a baby bible, has everything you need to know about baby sleep, feeding, settling. Really practical info that’s easy to follow and flexible too. I credit it with helping me to avoid getting PNDA second time around. Having a baby that is settled and sleeps well was a bonus lol! Other things I couldn’t live without – ErgoCocoon swaddle (my boys never went for the Love to Dreams), white noise, swing, portable pump (I had a Medela swing) and Hydrogel breast pads ? You got this x

  329. 1. Baby swing, we have 2 ? i prefer the fisher price one but the other is portable so can still do things just move it to where you will be and away you go.
    2. Owlet sock. First time mum and a MAJOR stress head so find this helps. Keeps track of babies heart rate and oxygen levels.
    3. Wondersuits. Love love love.
    4. White noise maker/app.
    5. If breastfeeding hydrogel breast disc. If not avent bottle sterilizer.

  330. 1. Lanisoh HPA lanolin – to help stop your nipples from cracking when you first start breastfeeding
    2. Movicol – to combat the constipation from breast feeding and it won’t cross over into the milk
    3. Spectra milk pump – allowing you to pump milk to do night feeds and gain some freedom early on. Consult with experts on how often to pump early on so your boobs don’t explode or get mastitis
    4. A baby sleep specialist to give your son good sleeping habits early on (first three months are a bust anyway because newborns don’t give a shit about routine)
    5. A maternity leave hobby so you don’t feel like you’re no longer a professional person and there is something happening outside of the baby

    I gave all answers aimed at you because I’m sure everyone has great answers for your son, and he is probably going to get a bunch of free shit/presents that will cover him in that regard! You’ll get back into the swing of it in no time!

  331. #1- Don’t be afraid to buy second hand! Baby’s grow so quickly and they out grow almost everything you then with in the first couple of years so try to save money with second hand! All 3 of my kids have grown up in secondhand clothes sooo much cheaper to! Facebook buy sell swaps are amazing!

    #2- NAPPY’S NAPPY’S NAPPY’S!!!! Buy shit loads of them! You will need them! Don’t get sucked into the ‘oh you should do cloth nappy’ bullshit because let’s face it who has time for that anyways! ?

    #3- Only buy what you absolutely need! All the rest is not necessary cot, baby bath, wraps, blankets, face washers baby bag etc

    #4- They are a tiny little human, it’s not going to care weather you have the best brands or not so relax girl you got this!!!

    #5- And finally… you are an amazing human, you have raised two beautiful daughters you got this!! You go mumma!!!

    Sorry if this isn’t helpful at all, I’m a good ol country mumma so my style of parenting is very simple but my kids are loved so much and that’s all that matters ??

    Love your blogs you get me through each week! When I read them I can relate so much! Love your work mumma! ??

  332. The best thing that I had was Bjorn baby carrier, my little man lived in it and it allowed me to cook, clean, walk the dogs and snuggle, it was amazing I gave to my sister in law who loves it’s and I will Be having it back when we go for round two ?.
    Muslins, a million and one! Used them for everything including stuffing in my mouth when wanting to swear at my dear sweet hubby.
    Breast pads never could I predict when my boobs would turn into a fire hose and squirt milk everywhere.
    Sun Glasses to hide my tired and rolling eyes ?.
    My car. The times I have spent an hour at a drive through with a coffee and a podcast as my little man slept peacefully.

  333. Riff Raff & Co comforter is amazing, my girl loooooooves her Clover Bunny. It has 20/40 min white noise or lullaby and is super cute, I would highly recommend them. See them here.

    You got this.

  334. 1. As soon as he’s in your arms autopilot will kick in and you will be an even more amazing mum than the first two times (Sorry Chelay and Odie)
    2. Grab yourself an Ikea high chair – they are the only one you will ever need!!
    3. Make noise, lots of it, and let him get used to it from the beginning.
    4. Take him out and about. With our 1st born I was so focused on routine times that we didn’t go out as much as we should have; 2nd one we were better and the 3rd one we were great as we were calmer and believed in ourselves more – and we had older children who dictated where we needed to be and what time ?
    5. Ask for help and take it when it’s offered!!
    6. Boys won’t break the fashion budget as much as girls – they are either in onesies or shirt/shorts/overalls (it can get boring, but there’s always glitter to jazz it up)
    7. The size of his boy bits at birth may make Scottie proud, but alas, they won’t stay that way
    8. Lansinoh cream for your nipples – protect those suckers as much as you can.
    You’ll rock it all Em!! If I can have my 3rd at nearly 38, and enjoy it the most, then you’ve got this too!

  335. Boys are so fun!
    1. Ergo baby carrier – perfect for the unsettled days or quick outings where you can’t be bothered with the pram.
    2. Lots of good thick face washers in a stack at your change table. Take the nappy off, throw a face washer on, wait for the the inevitable wee, remove flannel and continue with the nappy change ?
    3. A baby swing set up where he can see you/look out the window/watch family life and drift off the sleep without you physically having to rock him.
    4. A great rocker recliner type chair you can snooze in while feeding/cuddling.
    5. Within reach of above mentioned chair a basket of goodies: tv remote, snacks, water, breast pads, nappies, wipes etc…refilled regularly!

    Also in the wise words of my mum “The shops will still be there after you’ve had the baby” call on family and friends to go pick up the things you need as you discover the need.
    All the best! No doubt you’ll rock it x

  336. You’ve totally got this!! But the sleep deprivation fucking hurts Em oh and so do the nips!
    1. Get some lanolin, multi-mams compresses (store in fridge and you don’t have to wipe off before feeds/ although hydrogel disks are awesome too!) just have something!! Maybe start scrubbing with steel wool now!
    2. I’ve got a medela pump which I love but 2nd time around Im also loving the Haakaa/Mumasil Silcone pump! Cheap and worth every cent! Get a supply of milk in the freezer because WINE, you’re going to need wine!
    3. Love to dream swaddles! I burrito wrapped for the first 2-3weeks then swaddled!
    4. Bonds zippy’s, presstuds are a biatch at stupid o’clock one eye open feed times!
    5. Apps- Use an old phone for white noise, so many apps. I also use Baby Tracker app to track feed times etc.. not so much for a schedule coz what’s a schedule with a newborn but just for a rough idea! Wonders weeks is a good one, tells you roughly when you’re little one is going thru growth spurt and you will become cow like!

    Trust your instincts, you got this, but don’t be afraid to ask for help, accept help and WINE! Oh and point the doodle down!

  337. Hi Em. My husband has two older boys (now 18 and 22) and when had our daughter three years ago, he said he didn’t remember everything in lots of detail but lots came back and he just had this sense of confidence about it. Great for me as a first time mum!
    Anyway, the things l liked:
    – Carriers – started with a Baby Bjorn but didn’t like it. Didn’t seem to support my daughter’s legs and hips in the proper position. Switched to a Cheekoh wrap until she was around 5 months old and loved it (there are other brands that do similar). When she was getting too big for the Cheekoh, moved to an Ergo 360 Air and LOVED it. Mainly wore her facing in, but you can face out and on your back or hip, and it’s mesh so cool in warmer months. Was in denial when she got too big for it and persisted for months!
    – Hired a hospital-style bassinet on wheels. I ended up having an emergency c-section so was particularly useful to be able to wheel her around – though our apartment is all one level. Plus she grew out of it at four months so just sent it back to the company rather than having a bassinet to get rid of
    – White noise was this one here. Drove my husband mad but I think it helped. It’s got a few options but I preferred the waves sound
    – Baby Bjorn bouncer. She and I loved this, I even dragged it to the hairdressers a couple of times for her to sit in
    – I bought and used muslins to wrap her for sleep. Many use Love to Dream suits but my daughter didn’t seem to like them – or was I being an over-sensitive first time mum? We moved to sleeping bags quite quickly too
    – A friend gave us her old cot which was awesome for the most part. The only issue with it was when my daughter was confidentially standing, she managed to climb out of it (even in a bag) and fell onto the floor (she was fine). We couldn’t lower the base of the cot any more to make it impossible to climb out so she rather prematurely moved to a bed
    – Bought too many clothes initially, including tops that ride up so aren’t really practical. She lived in onesies for the first few months – particularly the Bonds wondersuits with the two-way zips. They’re pricey but every few months the Bonds website or Big W seem to have them at 40% off, so never pay full price
    – I breastfed so didn’t really do the formula thing that much, but I had a steriliser that you put in the microwave. Kmart do one that looks similar here.
    That’s all I can think of. heck out Zoë Foster Blake’s blog for her list of baby items. She did one for her son a few years back that I found really helpful and one recently for her daughter.
    All the best Em! You’re going to be amazing!

  338. I am in the same boat with a 15 year age gap between bubs. Go to your hospitals parenting classes. It will remind you of what to do. But I’m still shit scared that my life is going to be taken over by this being. Fuck.

  339. One of the many who say Love to Dream swaddles. I could not do the blanket wrap thing at all and the LTD swaddles got the three of us some sleep! But you need at least 3! They get spewed on and pissed on.

    As someone with barely any milk supply I had to mix feed from the get go. I didn’t have one but there are formula bottle prepping machines that ensure a nice consistent bottle temp each time. I only found out about these once we started solids but it would’ve made life a tad easier.

  340. The baby shops are a huge pressure cooker you feelnif you don’t buy anything your failing . And I had a 10 year age gap. And still when I go there now to buy a gift from a registery I am overwhelmed the pressure of sale and soooo much product .
    Your a Mumma and a great Mumma a little boy is so different to girls they are mummy’s baby and love boob and cuddles so check you got that part well and truly covered .
    Some babies just unravel muslin wraps so the all in one zip can work for that but just go with the wraps as they serve so many multifunctions over pram over shoulder for vomit, under bubs head while feeding it gets hot that little head on your arm.
    Grab a packet of cloth nappies from big w for all those other needs to wipe up .
    Little boys have wind cause they guzzle so have some wind drops on hand .
    A dummy , don’t be worried you train them easily to hand it over and not be sucking on them till they go to school .
    With the cot it’s all about what you are drawn to . It’s like fashion . You either follow trends or buy what you like as a individual. It’s a place for you baby to sleep to grow to feel comfort , he may be a terrible sleeper and hardly in it . You may need to have him near you so you get sleep and have to pat him . A snuggle bed insert is great as the first few months it can be transported all around the house your parents you name it and he will feel all snug and secure . These little humans get a terrible shook arriving into the world after being all curled up and warm . So that’s all they want to keep feeling .
    Anything you need like breast pumps what ever latest wrap etc can be bought as you get to know your little man .

  341. Ergopouch swaddles are the best. They can open at the arms when baby starts to roll so can be used for longer. Bamboo Basix breast pads come in sets of 7 in pretty colours that can be washed and reused. Lansinoh nipple cream – YES!

  342. 1. Mamasil or Haakka silicone breast pump – you suction to the non feeding boob and it catches the let down + some totally saved me from mastitis this time around. Your poor engorged boobs will thank you!
    2. Cocoonababy – keep Baby in bed with you/in fact anywhere with you, nice and close but safe, elevated to keep them snuggly and fend off colic and reflux.
    3. Pop ya tot swaddled – such nice prints, great for a pram cover, light blanket etc
    4. Love to dream swaddle or ergococoon swaddle – my kids like both
    5. 4moms Mamaroo – moves like mumma and gives younsomewhere to pop him while you get stuff done.
    6. Because I’m a rule breaker, but ALL the Bonds
    Zippies ?

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful rainbow baby when he arrives, mine really healed my heart ??

  343. Love to dream swaddle for sure! They saved my sleep. My daughter also loves her Riff Raff, you buy them online and they have a music box installed. I got it before she was born and used to shove it down my shirt and sleep with it so it smelt like me. White noise- baby Shusher is great. You can buy the actual Shusher but it only goes for like 40 minutes. There’s a baby Shusher app that’s like 5 bucks and you can see it to play for anywhere up to 12 hours. I have it in a tablet and just put the tablet on her bedside table. Also look up the rockit, it’s a little rocket you can attach to the pram and it rocks it for you! In the early days I used to attach it to her bassinet if she really wasn’t sleeping. I used the childcare co sleeper bassinet it was awesome for breastfeeding! Spectra pumps are great as well as you’re looking for a good pump. My daughter will sometimes only sleep if it’s dark so I also grabbed a snooze shade which is specifically designed to use on a pram and it won’t overheat the bubbas! It’s saved my life when we are out and about.

    Other than all of that the only other thing I did with my baby that really worked is I just listened to her and took her cues. I stress edd myself out trying to put her on a routine and get her to sleep at this time and that time so I just went by awake time. So whatever time she woke up that morning would determine the rest of the day as to when she slept, I also demand fed which was so much easier than trying a routine! A lot less stressful. Good luck! You’ll smash it x

  344. Number One Son had ALL of the things. By the time he was 2.5 we had sold/given away all of his newborn stuff, and then promptly fell pregnant again…. So this time round there will be the essentials only as we didn’t need 95% of the crap we bought the first time.
    1. The Mamaroo. It’s a splurge, but only mothers who have had babies who don’t sleep, won’t be out of your arms, won’t be put down, and have essentially been awake for 3 years will tell you it’s a lifesaver for 2nd baby.
    2. Back up Formula (Gold – has the Essential fatty acids newborns need). Save your anxiety about feeding for another day when all they will eat is cheese.
    3. Bonds Zippys – ain’t nobody got time for buttons
    4. A Co-sleeping bassinet, save your sleep and your sanity by having baby right next to you, but no fear of rolling onto him
    5. Wine. It will get you through the fact your husband has useless nipples.

  345. This you need…
    1. Double zip onesies.
    2. Sleeveless singlet rompers that button up on the crouch. My 2 year old still wears them – so handy.
    3. Love to Dream swaddles.
    4. A pram you can attach your capsule onto. We’ve got a Brittax and a Baby Jogger City Select.
    5. More so advice. Don’t be scared to tell people to go away. For me it was fairly overwhelming and I needed people to get out of my face.
    Best of luck lovely!! So thrilled for you xx

  346. 1. Definitely recommend Medela Swing breast pump (or the double boob one if finances allow!). Had manual for first born but once I had electric it was SO MUCH EASIER! Especially if you need a pump and dump situation – full of booze trying to operate a manual pump is funny until you wake up in agony because your boobs are
    2. A beside the bed Moses basket. I had a bed nest and it was a lifesaver. On more than one occasion I pushed bubba’s from my bed straight into their basket. If I had had to lift them then the game would’ve been up!
    3. Video baby monitor. Got with third sprog – was a bloody lifesaver. Should’ve got one on earlier babies (I have 3)
    4. Cheaper bottles – with babies 1 & 2 I had fancy anti colic bottles my kids would not drink from. Made it a pain in the arse to get a sitter to get my hair done! Third baby a friend gifted me some Nuk baby bottles and they were an instant hit. Pricey doesn’t always mean best – totally be willing to try different options.
    5. Lavender baby bath or oil. Soothing baby, boob then bed. Also, if you get into baby massage (recommend – totally saved me when I had constipated or grizzly babies more than once) don’t worry about fancy oils. Rapeseed, canola or olive oil does the same trick is cheaper and readily available!
    And finally, ignore the breathing sleep mats – they will freak you out. Not to mention they’re expensive! This is not something I would recommend.
    Good Luck babe – you’ve totally got this!

  347. Nipple cream (any brand) from day one to avoid cracking sore AF nipples.
    Ergo 360 carrier.
    Ollie the Owl white noise and night light.
    Cushions and lots of them to help support back during feeds.
    You will be awesome ❤️

  348. You have GOT THIS! Check out the Chekoh wrap slings they come in animal print way more sexy than other brands of slings. Breasts, you need them to feed your baby but don’t waste your money on products to help instead invest your money in a good lactation consultant (try the milk meg) don’t bother wishing birthing products invest in a doula, she will guide you through birth like the gorgeous glittery unicorn you are. Youfoodz delivery, because who has time to prepare all the food post baby?! A massive jar of coconut oil, because it works for literally everything. They are my top 5 baby products X

  349. My top 5:
    1. If he doesn’t like the cot or bassinet, a co-sleeping device is great and helps with making sure you all get enough sleep. The My Little Bed worked well for us!
    2. A baby rocker. We were gifted the 4Moms Rockaroo. Worked a treat and we used it every day until our son grew out of it.
    3. Terry Cloth “nappies” from Kmart. They’re amazing to use as burp clothes/vomit catchers. We bought 48 of them.
    4. Mammas&Papas feeding chair. It can sit on the floor, on the table, or fastened to most chairs. Great and portable so you can take it to family get together as well! (Obviously only need this when he can sit up unassisted. I used the Angelcare bath seat in the bath, to sit him in around the house and when he started solids but couldn’t sit up. Worked well for us!)
    5. Aden and Anais muslin wraps. They are such good quality and get softer with every wash! Yes you still wrap them up like a burrito :).

    6. Bonus one: Oricom baby monitor with camera. Worth every penny. You can buy the sensor pads or you can buy a device called a Snuza which clips onto the baby’s nappy and monitors their breathing. It will vibrate after 15 seconds of detecting no movement to wake the baby, then will sound an alarm 5 seconds later. It’s amazing and more portable than sensor pads!

    White noise: We use an iPad that we are not using. You can also use an old phone. There’s an app called Relax Melodies with various sounds on there to choose from. You can even layer the sounds. The sound from a phone may be a little tinny so it’s a good idea to have a bluetooth speaker that can put out a better quality sound. White noise is great for babies because the womb is so loud (about as loud as a vacuum cleaner!) so they need some form of background noise.

    Feeding: It depends on how well they feed as to whether you need to do it every three hours. The nurses will tell you. If it hurts, lather on that lansinoh! Massage the lumps while breastfeeding to avoid mastitis (I’m still scared of it) and you can also try nipple shields.
    I also recommend expressing some colostrum after 37 weeks and storing it so that if there’s ever an issue with your baby latching on or not feeding enough, you have some stored and don’t have to go through the stress of expressing with a nurse and crying baby.

    If it’s not too hot and you are using singlets as under garments, I recommend only buying singlets that do up at the bottom. That way they don’t ride up. H&M have some lovely ones that run bigger in size so they will last a couple of size stages! Bonds stretches singlet onesies are great when it’s too hot because they are extra thin! Speaking of Bonds, double ended zippies are a must and SO MUCH EASIER to change nappies!!

    You will be fine, boys are easy. Just make sure you wipe under the scrotum and pull the skin back on the willy and wipe there too. ? The shit goes everywhere. OH and baby boys will pee like a fire hydrant as soon as you open the nappy! Have a little face washer ready and cover him to catch it. Alternatively there’s apparently a hack where if you rub a wet wipe above the pelvis on the lower tummy area that might stop them? I’d keep him covered with the nappy just in case it makes him go.

    You got this Mumma!!

    • First up; Love. you got that covered. Second, some clothes, nappies. Third, something to feed him so go the breastfeeding route with the help of those midwives to show right attachment styles if you’ve forgotten. But buy a bottle or two to keep in the cupboard just in case: it might make you feel less anxious knowing you’ve got a J.I.C plan in place. Cot, for obvious reasons, something portable like a bouncer in case you want to sit outside, in another room with bub joining in. A sling or baby carrier so you can still do some things you want to do, hands free. Ask a midwife about swaddling….get that info from a professional that practices on evidence-based info. All that changing nappies thing etc, these are all implicit memories that you don’t even know are there because you’ve not had to ‘use’ them for donkeys years. Give yourself a break! It will all come back to you as soon as you hold your son for the first time. Plus, your older children are still breathing all these years later, they don’t seem overly traumatised 😉 But seriously, if you are feeling anxious about it, speak to a midwife about the equipment to get those answers. And most importantly, find a mental health professional to talk to about the anxieties you might have, even if it’s about ‘stuff’ you need for the little person. There are prenatal counsellors out there specifically to support you with all things pregnancy to make this a really special time, and with as little stress as possible. Good luck x

  350. My favourite item for 4 kids was the hug-a-bub carrier. It meant I had 2 arms free to strangle (sorry wrangle) the other kids. Also all of them slept in it which with poor sleepers is a gods send. My second favourite item was one of those rocking swings especially for a baby that didn’t want to sleep. (Bit of a theme but 3 out of 4 were active and not keen on sleep). I exclusively breastfeed 3 (mostly cos they refused a bottle and i am too lazy to sterilize bottles) except my son the legend. He did both with no confusion. Honestly each was so different and I learnt more to trust my instincts and worked out how they worked and what worked for them. If your lucky you just need boobs, cot and a good height change table (I used top of set of drawers for the right height). And a carrier or pram for freedom. So best of luck… trust your instincts and get the hug-a-bub (mine was given to me by a friend who gave me lessons on how to tie it).

  351. Get a Lula doll. You might freak at first, but my second LOVES her! 6.5yrs between my kids and I wish I had this doll first time round…also, wine of the month club- get that shit delivered by the crate! Love you ???

  352. Mum of two here, an 11year old girl and an 8month old boy. So definitely feeling your stressors there! I also suffer from anxiety before and after bub.

    So my 5 top things you actually need:
    A swing the baby likes. I use a snugabunny or something.
    A co sleeper. Skip the bassinet, this thing attaches to the bed. They wake up, you sit up, feed em, change them on the bed on a portable change mat, feed on the other boob and pop them back into bed. No leaving your warm bed, no more than 30mins of awake. Works like a charm!
    A baby carrier – I use the Infantino 4 in one flip. Try some at the baby shop once bub is born to find a comfortable one. Everyone has their favorites.
    A good pram. I cheaper out here and now it makes me sad. You don’t need the price of a used car bugaboo, but something with 4 wheels (better control) a good sized basket (shopping plz) facing you with a bassinet attachment or something. Honestly wish I went the yoyo instead of my Steelcraft small tank.
    A breast pump! Honestly didn’t use it until recently but I hired the one from the booby association people it’s the same one from hospital. It’s a Medela symphony. Expensive! But so easy to use and dual. Get the bra that looks like a milk maid and just spend the time on Pinterest. That’s what I do! I have a little stash in the freezer so I can have a wine and he takes it on the Tommy tippee bottles (he hated the Medela bottles probably because they came for free)

    That’s in in terms of stuff. If you want some other ideas most of mine came from Brittany Vassuer on YouTube. It’s gentle and sweet and she’s got it all down pat. Good egg there.

    And advice – it comes back to you but not as much as I thought it would. It’s like hard memory my body does the changes better than my partner (his first bub) and I instinctively know what to do most of the time. I’m still in deep water but not as bad. And the gap between kids is actually great! She plays with him and holds him and just loves him. And he loves even the sight of her. Sing to him, cover his penis, be honest with the big kids about being tired and don’t be afraid of a guilt icecream at the park. Fixes everything honey. You’ll do great! Many loves.

  353. Hey Em. I just had a baby after 6 years and wrote this post. You’ll get so much help with this one from your older girls. It’s a real team effort! You’re almost there, can’t wait to see your little guy.
    Check them out here.

  354. My top 5 (in order of priority):
    1. Chocolate. Daily. This was not a ‘want’.
    2. Mobile phone close by at all times. Being trapped under a sleeping baby with your phone just out of reach is the worst.
    3. Incontinence pants – seriously. For after birth. They’re padded and you don’t have to worry that your surfboard pad is going to leak onto your – or the hospitals – white sheets and then be flashed to visitors. Plus if you need to ice the vajay it will soak up the drips.
    4. Netflix and headphones – for the late night feeds when you have to stay awake.
    5. Comfy clothes that you feel good in. Nothing like a tight waistband to make you feel frumpy after pushing out a small human.

  355. You got this mumma! But a few must haves from me with a 5 month old:
    1. Comfy feeding chair
    2. One of those big long stretchy wraps as a baby carrier. Don’t be intimidated by learning to tie it, it is easy after a few goes. The best thing about these is you can put it on when you get up in the morning and leave it on all day – taking bub in and out as he pleases. That’s impossible with the structured carriers!
    3. Cosleeper bassinet
    4. Change table to save your back
    5. I loved the ergobaby swaddles. They have velcro so that little one cant bust out. Once he started rolling we switched to the aiden and anais sleep suits. They are made of muslin and so soft x

  356. Love to dream are the best.
    I had a cot because I just couldn’t sleep in the same room as my baby, they were too noisy. Baby monitor couldn’t have lived without that.
    Do what works for you.
    Enjoy your son.

  357. You’ve got this Em! You’ll be surprised at how quickly it all comes back to you.

    I’ve just had my 5th 4 weeks ago with a 4 year gap, I thought I’d forgotten everything and felt so unprepared, but everything has been fine and you just remember.

    Babies don’t need much. You don’t need all these fancy gadgets, just the basics.

    1. Two way zipsuits are a godsend ie Bonds Zippy Wondersuit. No one wants to fuck around with snaps in the middle of the night. Your baby will live in these.
    2. My baby was preemie and I have an over supply of milk, so a good breast pump has been a must. I have a madela swing. The madela breastfeeding tracker app has been great too when I’ve had to be on a feeding schedule.
    3. Old school cloth nappies as spew rags.
    4. A good baby carrier, sometimes you just don’t want to take the pram. I have two, my hubby likes the ergo and I like a hug-a-bub wrap style cattier.
    5. Most importantly, this isn’t a “thing” but a mindset, just take every day as it comes, know that it’s ok to ask for help, you don’t have to be superwoman and self care is just as important as caring for your baby!

  358. 1. Love to dream baby swaddles
    2. Spectra cordless double pump! Cannot recommend this enough, you can take it anywhere (I pumped at a foo fighters concert this year) and it’s a double pump so saves time. And really, who has tiiiiiime???!! Even the nurses at hospital said it’s the best. Definitely worth the investment.
    3. Natural rubber dummies. They were new for me too. My son loves them!
    4. Solidea recovery shorts. No doubt you’ll be non stop…these shorts helped support my back when on the go after bubs.
    I’m 37 (38 on 1st of March!) so my products are about getting me sleep and saving time. My body isn’t what it used to be so with this last pregnancy I decided to think about ME as much baby. Good luck, your sisterhood (and brotherhood?) is right behind you. You’re a champ, thanks for keeping it real xxx

  359. The best thing ever in the world: a baby carrier (stretchy wrap type one like a chekoh when they are little and a Tula type when they are bigger! My second had reflux so I would pop him in the carrier after a feed and he would fall straight to sleep. I could keep doing things around the house while he slept and kept him from throwing up so much or being in pain. Plus they are close and feel safe. Most of the time I could keep him there for half hour then transfer him to bassinet and he would stay asleep. Total lifesaver!!!
    Also bonds zippy suits with the 2 way zip and love to dream swaddles are fantastic ?

  360. Oh Em! Don’t even stress, it’s all fucking trial and error and your version of the right answer will come to you.

    That being said, the few things I thought were amazing are:
    1. Country road wraps. Beside the prints being bloody gorgeous they are super stretchy and can be pulled tight for good swaddling.
    2. Nappy goo. The only bum rash cream recommended by the RCH… buy online and buy up bulk… also, ever get chafe!?!? This shit will fix it overnight!!!! Bloody brilliant stuff
    3. Grey t shirts… for you! Found that navy, black or white would always show up the spit up and dribble stains… not grey! Fucking marvellous! Chuck an extra in your nappy bag… nothing hide a poonami!
    4. Cloth nappies – not to be used as nappies… ain’t no one got time for that! Perfect for spew, spills, or to put on change tables, car seats, grass… wherever you need to change a bum!
    And finally… 5. A deep breath… every time you feel like losing your shit (this will happen at regular intervals) remind yourself… a deep breath… give it 10 seconds and it won’t feel as bad anymore!
    You’re gonna nail this! Boys are magic (as are girls)
    All the best! Xxx

  361. This’ll probably be a mix of products and suggestions:
    1. Zippies – these are awesome, especially at night

    2. Haakaa pump – it is great as it collects whatever leaks out… even if you don’t usually get much of a letdown

    3. All you need is a cot that just sleeps baby, you don’t need anything fancy. The vast majority of cots are safe.

    4. Yes to baby burrito (don’t wrap tight around hips and legs as it can affect hip joints), just get a free white noise app at first and see if you need it.

    5. Baby boys can get erections at the weirdest of times so don’t be freaked out. Also, when you change his nappy make sure his penis is pointing down otherwise you’ll be constantly changing wet clothes.

    Just go with your gut feeling and you’ll be fine.

  362. You will smash it out of the park, and at the end of the day, the things you need will really come down to what works for you, THIS bub, and your family.
    The things that are working for me, my eight week old, and my family are:
    1 – Ergo 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier. Currently the only way my LO will sleep during the day. Still leaves my hands free to do things also which is a win. We are buying a second one this weekend so that my husband can also wear him when he is at home without messing up where all the straps sit on mine.
    2 – Baby bouncer – old school style one. I bought one for $50 at Baby Bunting this week, he LOVES is, as opposed to the fancy rocker we bought before he was born for three times the price that he hates.
    3 – Haakaa GEN 3 – there is a lot about these already above. Hands free silicone breast pump that works by suction – no loud noises, and easy to do at 2 in the morning when you milk supply is highest. Also good for those nights when they sleep longer than expected and you end up engorged. Make sure you get the new Gen 43 version though – that way you are pumping straight into a bottle that you can then use – WINNING.
    4 – bonds or target zippies. From whereever – just zips – must be two so that you can nappy change without undressing him totally
    5 – one useful book that is short, easy to read, and written using up to date peer reviewed studies ‘The Discontented Little Baby Book’ by Dr Pamela Duncan; and one hilarious book to make you laugh ‘Dummy’ by Matt Coyne. Don’t bother reading anything else.

    Try to borrow swaddles from someone. We hand wrapped until this week as he hated the ergo pouch ones. I have just bought a love to dream one which he loves. You won’t know which ones bub will prefer until you try them though, and they are not a cheap thing to not get used!

    Remember to put the penis down when you change nappies, or they will wee through the nappy onto you.

    When in doubt about feeding start with the Australian Breastfeeding Associations website – they have the answer to everything a quick google away at 3 AM. Failing the website, their hotline is also 24 hours.

    Best of luck and have fun!

  363. 1. Love to dream swaddle – Muslin wraps out swaddle in.
    2. Order You Foods – no one will want to cook on zero sleep and you have other humans to feed
    3. You won’t sleep – even with if your baby is a “good sleeper” they still wake, need nappy changes, to be fed at god awful hours and babies don’t sleep in ??
    4. Breast feeding consultant – i successfully bf number 1, number 2 was hell and even though there was only 18 months between 2&3 totally forgot everything in between! Or if going for formula – be prepared with bottles and formula – the hospital will not provide.
    5. You’ll be lonely but never alone – having a baby today is hard. The saying it takes a village to raise a baby is true but we no longer live in villages. Make NEW mum friends who can bask in your sleep deprived, poo explosion, vomit filled loneliness with you!

  364. I have a newborn and it’s taken until now to read blog and post this!
    Boys are loud and fun – point penis down – always (even as toddlers they forget
    Buy corn flour (kitchen stuff) and sudocream the two together on their little bum will be a saviour!
    Moses basket for next to the bed when a newborn – if you go sleep Look into the “nests” you can buy.
    Boobie bikkies – great for your supply and a delicious snack anytime of day
    A no leak water bottle for you when feeding – it makes you thirsty
    Try not to use A monitor if you have to because he’s so far away Uniden are great

    Good luck – you’ve got this and midwife Cath is in your corner you lucky thing

  365. When zipping up any baby grow, jeans etc – lift the zip towards you before pulling up, stops his little man getting caught in the metal! I have 2 that are teens now (1 boy 1 girl) but this haunts me lol!

    Buy a cabbage and store in the fridge, put the leaves in your bra – this helps when they become sore when your milk comes in (Irish mammy tip)!

  366. You probably won’t read this as comment 1,327 but Mum of 5, 3 old school, 2 next gen, had my last at 38 so I’m feeling you girl 1. Stretchy wrap, feeling like you are a Cheekoh kinda girl, they do leopard print, you’re welcome. 2. Baby swing. 3. Love to Dream swaddles. You will spend about 76 hours wondering why the fuck it took someone so long to come up with this level of genius. 4. Bonds zippies, enough said. 5. Co sleeping bassinet. I recommend Arms Reach but you have a bit more coin than me so can probs get whatever kind you like. No judgement, get it girl. 6. Yes, I’m doing 6. Your guy! Trust it, it won’t let you down xxx

  367. Love to dream swaddles (so bloody easy), Bonds Wondersuits (double zip a must), Spectra pump if you breastfeed (amazing Aussie brand with instant support if anything goes wrong with the pump), great baby video monitor with far reach so you can be outside if needed (Oricom one is good) and I got a portable white noise machine that I love (Homedics spundspa lullaby) if you are a White noise gal. Good luck, it’ll all come flooding back and you’ll be totally fine!

  368. You will be ace Em, don’t worry – you’ve got this!
    My top 5:
    1. A giant water bottle/jug and Snacks, especially chocolate and muesli bars (the Carmen’s ones are the bomb!); and a doting and attentive husband to bring them, and anything else you may need, to you and also dutyfully carry out any order you bark at him. You will be stuck on the couch for several hours at a time every day, sometimes all day.
    That also reminds me – Netflix.
    2. Cocoonababy. It’s expensjve but ohhhhhhh so worth the money. Can be used as a co sleeper or in most bassinets and cots. It’s heaven sent for the first few months. I was skeptical but running on empty so decided to buy one at 2 weeks and my daughter slept beautifully in it from that night onwards. It cocoons them, making them feel snuggly and safe; reduces their startle reflex; and elevates their head slightly so excellent for colic babies and for preventing flat spots in their head.
    3. Swaddle/sleeping bags because no one wants to fuck around with getting a tight enough swaddle to prevent Houdini arms, yet not too tight you damage their hips, at 3am. I suggest buying one love to dream and one Grobag/Ergobaby Cocoon and seeing what your boy likes. The Love to Dream swaddles are arms up so good for babies who need their arms to self soothe and the Ergo cocoon and grobags are arms in so good for babies who like to be wrapped like a burrito. One zip and you’re done, no origami degree required. They are a life saver.
    4. Bonds zippy suits or any suit with a double zip. DEATH TO PRESS STUDS! Because again, no one wants to be fucking around trying to line up those press studs properly at 3am. And zips are perfect for husbands and siblings as well – to get them involved with nappy changes and helping you out
    5. Lastly but most importantly and above anything material, your mumma instincts and loving heart. All that baby needs apart from food – whether that is breast or formula -is your Love and nurturing. Trust your instincts and follow your heart, they will always steer you in the right direction for you and your baby.

    Lastly, Goodluck with your breastfeeding journey this time around. It’s not easy, but consulting a lactation consultant early, even if you think you have things going well, is a lifesaver. She will ensure bub has correct attachment and guide you through any challenges you may face. It takes a good 6-8 weeks to establish feeding and your supply. In saying that, if it doesn’t work out for you and bub, there is no failure in goingrk formula. At the end of the day you both need to survive.
    Lots of people saying a breast pump but I honestly wouldn’t fork out money at this point for one. If you need one straight away you can hire hospital grade pumps from most pharmacies for a decent amount of time and then you can look into getting your own if you want/need. Spectra are awesome, as are Medela.
    Love to you – enjoy these last few weeks! Don’t let this all consume and take over from the joy and calm of these last weeks. Baby shops will be there when bub arrives! X

  369. You will be ace Em, don’t worry – you’ve got this!
    My top 5:
    1. A giant water bottle/jug and Snacks, especially chocolate and muesli bars (the Carmen’s ones are the bomb!); and a doting and attentive husband to bring them, and anything else you may need, to you and also dutyfully carry out any order you bark at him. You will be stuck on the couch for several hours at a time every day, sometimes all day.
    That also reminds me – Netflix.
    2. Cocoonababy. It’s expensjve but ohhhhhhh so worth the money. Can be used as a co sleeper or in most bassinets and cots. It’s heaven sent for the first few months. I was skeptical but running on empty so decided to buy one at 2 weeks and my daughter slept beautifully in it from that night onwards. It cocoons them, making them feel snuggly and safe; reduces their startle reflex; and elevates their head slightly so excellent for colic babies and for preventing flat spots in their head.
    3. Swaddle/sleeping bags because no one wants to fuck around with getting a tight enough swaddle to prevent Houdini arms, yet not too tight you damage their hips, at 3am. I suggest buying one love to dream and one Grobag/Ergobaby Cocoon and seeing what your boy likes. The Love to Dream swaddles are arms up so good for babies who need their arms to self soothe and the Ergo cocoon and grobags are arms in so good for babies who like to be wrapped like a burrito. One zip and you’re done, no origami degree required. They are a life saver.
    4. Bonds zippy suits or any suit with a double zip. DEATH TO PRESS STUDS! Because again, no one wants to be fucking around trying to line up those press studs properly at 3am. And zips are perfect for husbands and siblings as well – to get them involved with nappy changes and helping you out
    5. Lastly but most importantly and above anything material, your mumma instincts and loving heart. All that baby needs apart from food – whether that is breast or formula -is your Love and nurturing. Trust your instincts and follow your heart, they will

  370. It’ll all come back to you! Just whip out your boobs and wing it!
    I have three daughters and one son, he terrified me, I don’t know what to do with a BOY ffs!? But he’s 7 now, and so far, so good. Having sisters makes for good men I reckon! These are my top 5 newborn must haves.
    1. Love to dream swaddles
    2. Haaka breastpump
    3. Gym ball for tricking babies that want to be rocked into thinking you’re still standing
    4. Facewasher on hand (your son WILL piss on you, from a distance)
    5. Netflix

  371. Don’t buy to many things! You end up just using the easiest couple of things over and over. Don’t buy to many love to dream. My boy hated them but I still tried them. Make Scott watch YouTube videos on how to swaddle. My husband learnt so I never had to learn ? don’t stress about what everyone thinks or tells you to do. Take everyone’s advice on board then do what works for you. You have got this! It’s so much easier the first 6 months then after. After that you will have a crazy boy that has no fear while you look on imagining all the bones they will break from climbing on anything and everything ?

  372. A noomi U shape pillow for comfortable breastfeeding. And comfort full stop. Using it on the couch right now, no child in sight!

    Don’t worry about bumbos or rockers or fancy things. Pop em on the floor so they can develop their movement naturally.

    Pack of old fashioned towelling nappies for catching spew, on change mat, etc, etc, we still use them for our 3 year old.

    You’ve got this! Xx

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