The Em Rusciano Cheer Squad

My favourite people.

Last week Woiyne Toiyme was a roaring success. I did it as a test to see if anyone would be interested and thousands of you were. So I’m going to do it again this Friday night, and I promise it will be a little less of a hot mess with better lighting and sound! There will also be something new, a tip jar! What now Em?! How can we throw money at you through the screen? Are you going to be taking your pants off?!

You can’t and no, no-one deserves that, we’re all suffering enough.

Think of it as a TOTALLY VOLUNTARY virtual ticket to Woiyne Toiyme.

 I want to be easily accessible to you ALL, and to continue to provide entertainment and escapism. I also need to be able to generate an income to support my family and the people who work for me. As I am a live performer, I can’t do that at the moment. Performing, singing and comedy is my job and I think it’s worth something.

I also want to be sensitive to the current climate and the financial pressures some of you may be under, the tip jar idea felt like the best way to do that. Those of you who can spare the money can choose to pay what you think it’s worth, and those who can’t, don’t have to.

So just to be clear, Woiyne Toiyme will be totally available to you all, regardless of if you choose to get a virtual ticket or not. No-one will miss out, pinkie swear!

See you Friday night for more hot mess madness, 8pm (Vic time) on Facebook (if you miss it live remember it will be saved straight after I’m finished on my page.)

You can give your virtual tip either through Paypal or on the form below.

I love you all, you sexy jerks.

Em X


Top supporter rewards:

The highest contributor will get a Skype call with Em! It will be wild, sparkly, and organised at a time suitable to you.*

First 50 contributions over $100 will receive an Em Rusciano Showgirl Bag.*

All supporters who select an ongoing payment will get a personal thank you e-note from Em.

*We will get in touch via email.


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