Em Rusciano: Live in your Lounge Room

FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 8pm AEST.

The blurb:

Business are slowly returning to business-y things, but live performers are still out in the cold for the foreseeable future. So where does that leave professional show-offs like Em?

Right here. Em is coming directly at you the only way she knows how: with full force, sequins and spectacle, live in your very own lounge room. And just like a real gig, you gotta have a ticket to watch.

There’ll be no 2020 tour (thanks, Covid-19). This is it. This is your chance to see Em do her thang this year. So don’t miss it. And if you can’t make the date/time, buy a ticket anyway, and watch it whenever you want. Again and again and again.

Hang out on your couch, wearing party on the top, pyjamas on the bottom. Join Em and her band (Liv, Peron, and everyone’s favourite, her dad Vincie) on Friday, June 26th at 8pm AEST for a serious party.


The tickets:

Watch the show from the comfort of your living room. Tickets are AU$10 (what a bargain!) and available from anywhere in the world. And if the 8pm AEST time slot doesn’t work for you, buy a ticket anyway and watch the show at a later date whenever it suits you.

The streaming service is Crowdcast, a fabulous platform that you should NOT be afraid of. Watch on your laptop in a browser window, or download the app from the App Store. During the show, you can participate in the live chat, ask questions, or just sit back and enjoy.

Book your ticket now and have a play.

Click here for online tickets.


How to use Crowdcast:

It’s easy! You can do this! It should be as easy as clicking on the ticket link above, and following the prompts. But if you need more help, see below.

For a handy user guide from the Crowdcast (how to use it, FAQ’s, etc), click here.

Below are a few videos we’ve put together of exactly how to view the show on Friday night. You can watch it on a laptop (in a browser window) or from a phone (if you download the app).

Watch it on a laptop:


Watch it on a phone:


And if you’re a fancy tech-head and want to Chromecast it to your Google chromecast device so you can watch it on TV, we’ve even shown how you can do that.

Cast it to Chromecast: (ONLY for those who have a Chromecast device!)
For more help with Google Chromecast, read the ‘Cast your computer screen’ segment of this guide.